CLOSED--TRADE ONLY--Classic Backstage Passes for your low to mid-grade ASMs
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DO YOU WANT TO TRADE your low to mid-grade ASMs for some music history?
I have a whole shoebox full of authentic backstage passes from the years 1989-2003.  I want to trade them, either individually or in groups, for raw, low to mid-grade ASMs, several issues from 120-134.  I'm trying to complete my run of ASM 100-200, and I'm not after high-grade stuff--I want copies I can handle, read, and ENJOY.
The passes are 100% authentic.  They were given to me as a Christmas present in 2004 by my late friend, who founded the company that printed most of them.  They are from his private collection.  Most are the peel-off satin fabric type (unused); a few are the laminated "hard card". 
I'll post photos of the passes in this post, after that an alphabetical list of what's up for grabs and the list the ASMs I'm looking for.  I'm only looking to make swaps--selling these just wouldn't feel right.  However, I know my late friend liked comics too, and I think he'd like the idea of helping me complete my run!  Anybody out there interested?  I will consider any reasonable offers, please PM.  If anyone wants better photos or a scan of any specific passes, please let me know.  Also, this is a partial list--I only posted the passes I thought would be the most sought after.  If you're looking for a pass from an artist not listed, try a PM because I might have it!
Mods: I'm new here, and I've never sold or swapped, only bought.  I read through the rules carefully but please let me know if I need to change anything, and please remove this if it's not appropriate!  Thanks!
PIC 1--Aerosmith through Don Henley
PIC 2--Whitney Houston through Queensryche
PIC 3--Bonnie Raitt through Yes




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ARTIST               # OF PASSES        TOUR(S)                            YEAR(S)
(Photo 1)
Aerosmith                     1                 Girls of Summer                2002
Bon Jovi                        1                Triumph the Earth              2000
Black Crowes                3                High As The Moon            1992-1993
Boston                           2                --unspecified--                    ?
Jimmy Buffett                2                Off to See The Lizard        1989
                                      3                Jimmy's Jump Up              1990
                                      3                Recession Recess            1992
                                      1                  Far Side Of the World        2002
Crosby Stills & Nash     5                 Summer Tour 1988            1988
                                      1                Live It Up                            1990
The Cult                        3                Ceremonial Stomp             1991-1992
Deep Purple                 3                World Tour                           2001
Def Leppard                  1                --unspecified--                    ?
Doobie Brothers            4                Brotherhood                        1991
Eagles                            1               Hell Freezes Over              1994-1996
Eazy-E & NWA              2                Eazy Duz It                        1989
ELO II                            5                World Tour                          1991
GoGos                           1                God Bless the GoGos        2001
Don Henley                    3                I Will Not Go Quietly          1989
(Photo 2)
Whitney Houston            4                World Tour Japan              1990
Billy Joel                          1               River Of Dreams                1993-1994
Korn                                3               Tour With No Name            2002
Little Feat                        5               Shake Me Up                      1991
Madonna                         4              Blond Ambition                    1990
Metallica                         1                Poor RETouring Me           1997-1999
Megadeth                        1              --unspecified--                        ?
Stevie Nicks                    4                Other Side of the Mirror     1989
                                        1               Whole Lotta Trouble            1991
NSYNC                            1              --unspecified--                       ?
Ozzy Ozborne                 1                No Rest For the Wicked       1988
                                         3                No More Tours Tour            1992
Ozzy & Rob Zombie        2                Merry Meyhem                    2001
Pantera/Slayer/etc            1              Extreme Steel Tour             2001
Pearl Jam                        1                Binaural Tour                     2000
Tom Petty                         1                Strange Behavior              1989
Queensryche                    5                World Tour                        1990-1991
(Photo 3)
Bonnie Raitt                    4                Luck of the Draw                 1991-1993
                                        1                Fundamental                      1998
Red Hot Chili Peppers     2                BloodSugarSexMagic        1991-1993
REO Speedwagon           1                Keep On Rollin'                  2002
Kid Rock                          1                World Tour                           2002-2003
Rolling Stones                  9               Urban Jungle/Europe           1990
                                        2                Licks Tour (private show!)      11/16/2002
Santana                           4                Spirits Dancing in the Flesh    1990
                                        2                Milagro                                    1992
                                        1                 Shaman                                2003
Lynrd Skynrd                    1                1991 Tour                            1991
Slayer                              1                 God Hates the World          2001
Ringo Starr                      3                Tour #1                                  1989
Sting                                1                World Tour                            1991
Styx                                 1                Styxworld                                2002
                                        1                Cyclo                                    2003
Geoff Tate                        2                --unspecified--                        ?
Tesla                                5                Psychotic Supper                1991-1993
Wallflowers                      1                Red Letter Days                    2003
Weezer                            1                --unspecified--                        ?
Yes                                  1                Full Circle                                2002
120-123, 134, 136
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Updated need list

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