REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN animated movie (2019)
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Anyone check this DCAU film out yet?


Superman - Jerry O'Connell

Superboy - Cameron Monaghan

Steel - Cress Williams (Black Lightning)

Hank Henshaw - Patrick Fabian

Lex Luthor - Rainn Wilson

Lois Lane - Rebecca Romijn

Green Lantern - Nathan Fillion

Director - Sam Liu

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I definitely enjoyed this in conjunction with the Death of Superman animated movie. 

I have been waiting to see the other Supermen in a movie, since they did teh original Superman: Doomsday in 2007.

They did change the story a bit which I think was okay, as to condense the film. If they actually did the whole Reign of the Supermen story, they could have been another movie and titled it "World Without a Superman" to include the Funeral for a Friend comics. I also really liked the little homages to the original comic books, such as the covers and pages straight from the original comic books. 

I definiltely give it a 8/10. Worth a watch. It is a good and well balanced story. 


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