New Kickstarter campaign: The Victor Billetdoux Trilogy
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Hi everybody!

My partner and I've have just launched this Kickstarter campaign about republishing three comics of the renowned French artist, Pierre Wininger (1950-2013). The story is about a reporter, Victor Billetdoux, who by the help of his friend, investigates a strange incident in the Egyptian dessert... This spurs up everything and the two of them are soon intertwined in a deeper conspiracy involving strange shadowlike men, mad scientists, occult Egyptian mysticism and cunning people in search of a secret weapon. The story is great and it will all be featured in a hardcover volume book with English translations (the comics has only been published in France and Europe before). So I hope You will check it out! And please comment with Your thoughts e.g. or any questions you might have :-)!


Lea :-)

Copenhagen, Denmark

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