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Hi everyone, I'm helping a friend who finds himself needing to sell some other pages of art.

By posting this here I want to make it clear I am not making a cent from this sale, just trying to help out a friend, and would happily put anyone interested in contact directly with him. He is someone I have known for many years in another area of collecting, very reputable, and gets my highest recommendation.

The art is on 16" x 12" illustration board. The artist Jon Miller did animation work and the artwork has a storyboard look and feel to it. The art was published in a book called Janines Genie (based on an episode in the animated carton), by Knights Books, 1989.

Pictured are 3 Villain illustrations,  2 Group illustrations, 1 Janine's Genie printer proof of the book, and 3 artist unread copies of the book. 

The entire lot as shown in the photos is priced at USD $500

While he'd prefer selling it all at once, if there are individual pieces you are interested in, PM me and I'll put you in direct contact with him to work out the details.









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