For Sale: Ayers, Carl Burgos, Tom Sutton, Larry Hama, George Perez, Chris Samnee, Howard Chaykin, Sal Buscema
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I hate to do this, but there’s a holy grail in the comiclink auction and I want to take as big a swing at it as I possibly can. So I’m going to offer everything here for what I paid for it. If I do sell awesome, if not, then that’s ok too because I love each of these pieces, but again, I’ve got to go fo the grail!

so first, Ayers George Bell Strange Tales 116 page. Looking for 3,000 but open to offers

Second, Carl Burgos Ayers Tales to Astonish 62 asking 2,400 but open to offers

Third, Tom Sutton Jim Mooney Astonishing Adventures 14 page asking 500 open to offers

Fourth, Larry Hama Giordano Marvel Premiere 19 (first Colleen Wing) asking 500 open to offers 

fifth George Perez Creatures on the Loose 34 asking 325 open to offers

Sixth Chris Samnee Captain America page asking 260 open to offers

Seventh Howard Chaykin New Avengers Page asking 120 open to offers 

 Eighth Sal Buscema Captain America page asking 120 open to offers

PM if interested in anything.  First “I’ll take it” gets it










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