Set of Five (5) ASM #365's in 9.0-9.4

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Hello everybody,

What's For Sale:

Recently bought a Copper/Modern collection containing multiples of many keys/semi-keys, and have ended up with a surplus of ASM #365's, hence the reason I'm offering them in bulk. These are going to be 9.0-9.4 copies, and I will post some scans that are representative of the books you will receive. Please note, I don't think any of these will hit 9.8, so don't buy with that intention in mind, I don't want you to be disappointed. However, they are solid NM copies and might be nice to have for your next show. As stated in the title, I will be selling in sets of five for $50, plus USPS Priority Shipping ($10 US/$30 Canada/$50 Worldwide for unlimited number of sets). Books will be sent out 1 business day after payment. I have enough for at least 5 sets to start, but probably have more depending on interest. I will keep this thread open until 5PM EST 02/25/19.


-No HoS

-PayPal is fine, if you would like to pay another way PM me and I can probably make it work

-Payment due two days after the close of the thread (payment before then is of course acceptable)

-14 day return available from date of receipt of the books if you don't like them for whatever reason


Alright, that should be it! Scans representative of books incoming.


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