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21 hours ago, drwente said:


Is this evidence of at least 1 comic book that was represented by 2 copies in the Cookeville pedigree?  Thoughts?

Golden Age (1938-1955):Superhero, Captain Marvel Jr. #1 (Fawcett Publications, 1942) CGC VG 4.0 Cream to off-white pages....s-l1600.jpg

When the Cookeville collection came to market, there wasn’t a master list (or if there was, it is long lost).  That makes it hard to know if there were any duplicates in the collection.  No question that the 4.0 has the classic initials, but it is possible that the 5.5 could be a Cookeville copy, too.  I have a couple of Adventure Comics with initials similar to the 5.5.

Both the Mackie brothers were buying comics.  It’s possible that they each bought a copy.

May just be me, but I think the 4.0 presents better than the 5.5.

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From seeing some of these Cookville books in this thread plus ones I have seen in the past from other threads, it really makes me wonder how watered down the definition of "pedigree" is going to be with CGC making their "not so impartial" decisions as to what qualifies as a pedigree or not?  :p

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