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I love comic books. Ever since I was a kid, the lure of the hand-drawn art, as well as the adventure to the local comic store alone, was the highlight of a long school week. As I got older, the comics I loved became art and soon I was collecting graded comics to keep forever in perfect (or close to perfect) condition.

The one problem I found was always displaying them. No matter what the product it always seemed flimsy or not “clean” looking enough. I wanted something that could support my habit and also provide a minimal way to showcase them without bulky and expensive covers and matte frames.

So, I began 3D printing, designing, and modeling. After months of trial, I finally had what I wanted. Simple to install bracket that minimally holds the graded comic without sacrificing that perfect cover art.

BEHOLD! The Mountiee!

Mountiees are resin printed brackets that hold just the lip of the graded comic without hiding anything else from that beautiful case. The design also lets you slip your comic in and out at your leisure so your display can change as your mood does. Simply mount the bracket with the included screws and wall anchors and BOOM…its on the wall. We designed the bracket with collectors in mind meaning we used high-quality UV resin to make the bracket stable without worrying about weight or grip. They are light weight but can hold any graded comic from standard case to newsprint.

Mountiees come in 3 colors: Dark Night (Black), Classic Gray, and Semi-Transparent.

No interested in using screws? Renting? Head to your local home improvement store and grab double-sided removable mounting tape. It's that easy!

We want you to start displaying your “preciousnesses” as well, so head on over and grab your brackets today!



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