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Hi everyone,

  I have been writing a monthly column on Comic Book Daily called "Forgotten Silver" for a few months now. The focus is based on research that I have been conducting with a couple of other boardies regarding the Canadian Silver Age (which is not the same as that found in the USA). Longtime followers of the work of Ivan Kocmarek know that the ebbs and flows of Canadian comic production during the Golden Age also does not jive with the dates of American releases because of a widely different context. We have taken the definition that John Bell uses to describe the Canadian Silver Age from approximately 1974/75 to 1988 and have expanded it to include the era from 1960-1989/90. For more information about how we delineate this era of Canadian comics, please see my inaugural post about the topic: https://www.comicbookdaily.com/columns/forgotten-silver/introduction-to-the-canadian-silver-age/

This thread is for all things Canadian Silver Age related. I would love to learn whether or not there are people on the boards who are interested in collection these books (some of which are incredibly rare) and if anyone has any of this stuff in their collections it would be great to see it.

That said, the one thing that really does not fit in here are Canadian Price variants of non-Canadian comics. The singular research focus has been about comics made by Canadian creators and published in Canada.

Here are a few beauties that I have in my collection, including Captain Newfoundland # 1 (which is the focus of my most recent column: https://www.comicbookdaily.com/columns/forgotten-silver/a-tale-of-two-captain-newfoundlands/).

Cheers, brian

Captain Newfoundland Cover.jpeg

Bazooka Comiks 2.jpg

Crap Caper, The (Samuel Strong).jpg

Fuddle Duddle 1.jpg

Knockout 1.jpg

Heroes and Rubber Cop 4.jpg

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