Jungle Comics 7 (1940)

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Rules First

-First wins either in PM or Thread based on time stamp. yes you have to put "take" or the take it guy ….

-No Bad guys please

-Shipping is from Canada so it make take a little more time .

-Returns allowed for 10 days . Return postage at buyers expense

-Payment Via Paypal in USD as listed. Canadians feel free to pay in CAD equiv, shipping at a discount as well !





This book has been smokin hot Lately ...

Bondage cover

Kiefler , Cardy , Powell etc art !

Book present amazingly ... However ....

Detached CF , Detached cover .

Tape on inside of cover on the length. (amateur)  Spine split on a portion on the cover. (please see pictures)

grade as you please ..

please PM any questions or offers.


$500 shipped in North America






Camilla and Caredodo brave the Cave of Sighs, the entrance to the supernatural underworld. Captured by Satan, Camilla carves a crosses that repulses the monster. The Angel of Faith rescues them and rewards Caredodo by transforming him from an ugly hunchback into a tall, handsome knight. Camilla dubs him "Sir Champion" and makes him her prime minister.

jungle 7 F.jpeg

planet 60 B.jpeg.jpeg

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