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I submitted several books On-site last year at ECCC 2018. All the books have the same grading notes entered even though they are in various grades.

Additionally, 1 book - Blackest Night Retailer Sketch Cover - graded at 7.5 - but after inspecting the grading notes don't even match the book.

Grading notes suggest there is a medium, large stain to the center left of the back cover - no such stain exists?

I also have a Blackest Night #1 Red Cover Summit Variant - which came back as a 9.4 and there appears to be no visible difference between the 2.

Just curious what to do in this case.



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I think you've done all you can do.


Step 1:  Order a service from a company.

Step 2:  Pay company for the service.

Step 3:  Receive service provided by the company.

Step 4:  Identify questionable issue related to the service provided by the company.

Step 5:  Google to find website chat room related to the company

Step 6:  Create an account on that chat room.  Look up phone number/email for customer service.

Step 7:  Pose a question to internet strangers about your issue with the company, even though they might not answer and might not answer correctly.  Contact customer service, because any answer internet strangers give will obviously still involve contacting customer service, who are literally paid to help people resolve these types of issues.

Step 8:  Reconsider your life decisions and the way you attempt to resolve issues in general.  Have an ice tea and  watch Season 3 of Ozark on Netflix



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Boardies being a little snarky today....

The back cover of the book posted is both really busy (a lot of characters) and fairly dark in background. It is going to be really difficult to see the stain CGC mentions in the grading notes now that the book is encapsulated. But it is 99.99%  certainly there. If you hold the book at various angles to a light source, you might be able to see a sort of surface roughness where the stain is at. Most likely it is very easy to see the stain from the inside of the back cover. But the book is slabbed. 

7.5 is also consistent with how CGC grades stains.  They are strict on stains and 7.5 is about the best grade you can get on a medium size stain. 

Encapsulating comic books will make some defects very difficult to see. But CGC isn't imagining things and it's extremely unlikely - though not 100% impossible - that your book got some other books grade and grading notes. 

Welcome to the boards...

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