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I am looking for First printings of Fat Freddy's Cat issue 1 with no creases along the spine (just has "By Gilbert Shelton".... no other names on cover.  Red cover with $.75 cents price)  Willing to pay from $25 to $100 per piece depending on how nice of a copy.

Also, looking for 1st printing of Issue 5 ($1.00 cover price and Purple border) with no spine creases. and issues 6 (yellow theme with $2.00 U.S. price)  and 7 (pied piper theme) 1st prints.  Will pay $15 to $30/each  depending on how nice of a copy. 

If someone has a bead on the Haight-Asbury issue 5 in CGC 9.8, I am willing to pay $750 for that one just to complete my 9.8 run of issues 2 thru 5.  Please send me private messages to discuss.

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