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Hell, new to this site - new to grading.  Hoping for clarification on the affect on grade of a single defect in a book.  Assume a book would be considered 9.8 - except there is a 1” non-color breaking crease On the bottom corner of the back page.  The comic is completely flat so the crease is hardly noticeable.  With this type of defect what should I expect the grade to be? Thanks for any input.

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According to the grading standards VF 8.0 allows for an "unnoticeable 1/4" crease if color is not broken."

How would CGC grade your book with the crease being 1" and on the back cover assuming the rest of the book actually is a NM/MT 9.8...


9.8 NEAR MINT/MINT (NM/MT):  Back to Top
Nearly perfect in every way with only minor imperfections that keep it from the next higher grade. Only subtle bindery or printing defects are allowed. Cover is flat with no surface wear. Inks are bright with high reflectivity and minimal fading. Corners are cut square and sharp. Small, inconspicuous, lightly penciled, stamped or inked arrival dates are acceptable as long as they are in an unobtrusive location. Spine is tight and flat. Staples must be original, generally centered and clean with no rust. Paper is white, supple and fresh. Only the slightest interior tears are allowed.

8.0 VERY FINE (VF):  Back to Top
An excellent copy with outstanding eye appeal. A limited accumulation of minor bindery/printing defects is allowed. Cover is relatively flat with minimal surface wear beginning to show, possibly including some minute wear at corners. Inks are generally bright with moderate to high reflectivity. An unnoticeable 1/4" crease is acceptable if color is not broken. Stamped or inked arrival dates may be present. Minor foxing. Spine is almost completely flat with a possible minor color break. Staples may show some discoloration. Very slight staple tears and a few almost insignificant stress lines may be present. Paper is cream to tan and supple. Centerfold is mostly secure. Minor interior tears at the margin may be present.

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