eBay: Hildebrandt, Route666, Sprouse Midnighter, Johnny Craig

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In addition to some signed Stan Lee items ending Thursday, I have some art auctions on eBay ending Saturday (April 6):


Greg Hildebrandt THE JOKER Batman original comic art I’LL DIE LAUGHING


Route 666 #5 original cover art, Cliff Richards, Roland Paris


Authority MIDNIGHTER #7 cover & prelim CHRIS SPROUSE, Karl Story


JOHNNY CRAIG original cover proof EC VAULT OF HORROR #22 (1951)


JOHNNY CRAIG original cover proof EC SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES #11 (1953)


ALAN CLARK cover art for Edward Lee's GOON limited art print

ALAN CLARK cover art for Edward Lee's BIGHEAD limited art print


Hildebrandt_Joker BW.jpg

Route666 BW.jpg

Midnighter art.jpg

EC Shock Suspenstories.jpg

EC Vault Horror.jpg

Alan Clark_Edward Lee Bighead.jpg

Alan Clark_Edward Lee Goon.jpg

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