[CLOSED] Auction! Coverless Golden Age Lot!
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Hello Boardieland,

In my recent sales thread, I offered several coverless GA books. I am now listing those unsold as a lot and adding two more -- two early issues of Magic Comics -- one I have determined is #7, but I cannot figure out the other. I'm also not sure they are complete (other than the covers, obviously) but both have 60 pages if I counted correctly, so they may be near-complete interiors. Hard to tell with these early strip compilations. But I am getting ahead of myself....


Auction will offer an opening bid (which includes U.S. shipping via medium flat rate priority box).

Auction closes at 11 pm EST this coming Thursday, April 18. (10:59 PM time stamps can win; 11 p.m. Too late).

:takeit: at BIN price is also an option, which concludes the auction. 

Payment via check or money order; I do not have PayPal.

U.S. and Canada only please. A winning Canadian bidder is asked to pay actual shipping minus $15USD that is built into the opening bid price.

Bidding is in whole dollar increments.

No listy sorts (tsk) including the little one in my head.

Returns: Yeah, but on your dime with notification within three days of receipt. And I'll look at ya funny; after all you are bidding on coverless books, some of which are stated incomplete. 

Next three posts get us going: 1) list of books, coverless complete except when noted; 2) a few pix; 3) opening bid and BIN prices revealed...the it's go time! 

Good luck!

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Winning Bidder Receives:

Magic Comics #7 & ? -- both seem to be near-complete interiors but I suspect just short.

Captain Marvel Adventures #10 complete but 1st wrap split

Captain Marvel Adventures #30

Captain Midnight #40

Courage Comics #2

Sergeant Barney Barker #'s 2&3

World's Finest Comics #5 (1st page missing)

Jumbo Comics #'s 26 & 91 (#91 missing part of last page)

Jungle Comics #79 (partial cover)

Perfect Crime #6

Spy Cases #27

Miss America v.7 #39

Katy Keene #47

All True Romance #4 (Comic Media 1951; Iger Shop art - loaded!)

Romantic Story #24 (Charlton 1954)

True Love Confessions #5 (Premier Magazines 1955)

Diary Loves #6 (Quality Comics 1950)

Girls' Love Stories #26 (Signal 1953)

Picture Stories from the Bible Old Testament issue #3 (Story of Creation; 1st appearance of Everything!) 

Coo Coo Comics #17 (May 1945)

Leading Comics #16

Gabby Hayes Western #5

Undetermined Andy Panda or New Funnies issue (woody woodpecker, Little Eightball, Oswald the Rabbit stories too)

Our Gang with Tom & Jerry #57 (1949 - covers present but split and detached)

27 books in total

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37 minutes ago, Readcomix said:

Opening bid is $20 shipped within U.S. :whatthe:


(BIN is $300 shipped within U.S.)


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Not 24 hours in yet and we've got five esteemed boardies in a barroom brawl...thank you all, esteemed and discerning bidders! (thumbsu


Comtemplating a bargain basement thread in Mixed, including "Dollar Box" posts (yep, $1 each) if I can muster the strength...will,post in announcements if I do it....

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T minus 2 and a half hours, and counting....nine bids from seven boardies....thank you all....someone is going to grab a whole stack of fun(thumbsu

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