Which one of the forumns is appropriate for selling RBCC
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I picked up a collection of RBCC, ROCKET'S BLAST COMIC COLLECTOR, and
I asked some friends where to sell the copiesI don't want/need and to my surprise
they recommended CGC, so here I am.

I'd like to know which forum would be the appropriate place to post, the related rules,
and possibly suggestions of other places to sell them online.  Yes, I know about
Ebay, thanks.


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there's a "Sales Forum" here on these very boards where you can sell.  But there are rules, which should be read, and are very easy to find.


Additionally, other common places where comics are sold are facebook, instagram, craigslist, mycomicshop.com, and some various auction houses like comiclink, comicconnect, heritage.  Each of those options has their own pros and cons, and of course that list is not exhaustive.  Which one is right for you depends on what you have, the grade, the value, and your own personal preferences for finances (maximize absolute profit? ROI? sell quickly?) and effort (do all pictures, selling, packing, listing yourself?)   and for selling.  Generally you make the best decisions after gaining experience, but if you provide as much specific information about the books and your preferences as you can, you'll likely get a more helpful answer.


Good luck.

Also, there's a zillion threads in the General Discussion forum about various adventures with all types of selling venues.  You can check those out.

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