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4 hours ago, DavidTheDavid said:

Jim, these are the nicest magazines I've owned since I started collecting a few here and there. Stunning white interiors!

Thanks, David.  :foryou:

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2 hours ago, geoffdude said:

Here's a literal accurate way (if it helps).


Thanks, Geoff.  @Flee-Marquette was kind enough to let me in on that secret.  At least, it was a secret to me and I've been on the board ten years.  Gladly, it didn't change the outcome of who the winners were.  I had correctly identified them with my "unscientific method".

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Doctor Strange (1974) mini-run

Doctor Strange (1974) 1-8 $40

Doctor Strange 01 GD/VG cover detached from top staple
Doctor Strange 02 - 08  FN or better



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Some early issues of Thor
Thor 137 FR/GD  $4.00  cvr detached; 2" spine split bottom; 1st Ulik the Troll        
Thor 139 GD-  $4.50  back cvr has a few tears        
Thor 144 GD  $4.00  tape pull front cover        
Thor 146 GD  $4.50  liquid stains front/back cvr        


Thor 150 GD  $4.50        
Thor 152 GD  $4.50  tape residue, liquid stain back cvr        
Thor 154 GD  $3.50  tape pull front/back cvr, foxing back cvr        
Thor 156 GD-  $3.50  triangle missing from tape pull back cvr        


Thor 158 GD/VG $8.00  origin Dr. Blake        
Thor 162 GD/VG  $5.50  SOLD Galactus cvr
Thor 168 GD/VG  $4.50  SOLD
Thor 180 GD  $3.50  minor tears bottom edge back cvr; Neal Adams        


Thor 181 GD/VG  $5.50  Neal Adams        
Thor 184 VG  $4.50        
Thor 185 GD/VG  $3.50  cvr detached bottom staple


The back covers are generally consistent with the grade although I have noted some defects.  If more information or scans are wanted, let me know although I will be out of town most of the day.


Edited by Jim Corrigan

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Auction!  Why should San Diego have all of the fun this weekend?

Hammer drops at 10 pm EDT, tonight, Sunday Jul 21; board time will decide the winner.  Unless otherwise excepted, all normal thread rules apply.

Bid increments of $5

Lot 1  an incomplete set of Kirby's Eternals 1976 series; 14 of the 20 books available

Buy it now price: $600

Eternals 01 VF+  Origin & 1st app Ikaris and the Eternals
Eternals 02 FN/VF some foxing on back; 1st app Ajak & the Celestials
Eternals 03 VF/NM 1st  app Sersi
Eternals 04 VF/NM
Eternals 05 FN/VF 1st app Makari, Domo, Zuras & Thena        
Eternals 07 VF/NM
Eternals 08 VF+
Eternals 09 VF+
Eternals 10 VF+
Eternals 12 VF
Eternals 13 VF+
Eternals 14 VF+ some foxing on back; cosmic powered Hulk c/story 
Eternals 18 VF
Eternals 19 VF-






Lot 2:  Amazing Spider-Man lot of various issues between 100 and 150

Doing a little thread cleaning.... Buy it now $201

ASM 107 VF+
ASM 127 NM-
ASM 138 VF+
ASM 139 VF
ASM 140 FN- slight tears on the opening edge fc, water stain corner bc, corners show some abrading
ASM 145 VF- military base exchange name neatly stamped on back
ASM 146 VF+
ASM 150 FN+ slight smudge lower fc in the black




Edited by Jim Corrigan

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4 minutes ago, Readcomix said:


Got an opening bid amount and bid increments for your auction? Or do we just go?

Let's say bid increments of $5 but no opening amount.  Start the bidding wherever you want.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I had intended to add the bid increments after the last auction.

Edited by Jim Corrigan

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6 hours ago, herc2000 said:

$50 on the spideys

$125 on the eternals 

Two hours until auction close and Herc2000 is high bidder on both lots.

Edited by Jim Corrigan

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