[CLOSED] Transformers: Masterpiece Bumblebee with PreOrder Incentives and Add Ons
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First thing, the rules... 

  1. No probies, no HOS, no drama llamas.  Settle your drama before I even consider your money to be green. 
  2. I ship worldwide.  US Shipping goes out via Priority. Worldwide - check before you commit.  
  3. Payment Options: PayPal 
  4. Returns accepted at buyer's expense.  You must notify me within three days of receipt.   
  5. I go by timestamp.  I receive notifications in this thread and whenever I get a PM.  
  6. Taking in the thread gets it but if you MUST make me an offer I reserve the right to take 48hrs to consider it.  In that time someone can come and grab it.  I hate negotiations.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Threadcrapping allowed and encouraged. It amuses me. 

And of course, a tune. 




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27,203 posts

Masterpiece Bumblebee and Spike

Mint in unsealed box.

Never even displayed, I opened it up to make sure I received the correct version from BBTS.  The side view mirrors have never been taken off the trees or attached and all paperwork is still sealed. I have included a screenshot from my BBTS order to show provenance since so many of the MP Transformers have been copied and bootlegged. 

So what do you get? 


  • Pistol
  • 2 Side Mirrors
  • Exosuit Spike
  • Spare Tire Cover
  • License Plate
  • 2 Face Plates (Smiling and Neutral)
  • This version comes with the Battle Mask Face Plate and an exclusive Collector Coin

Original Retail was $92  -  My price: $80

You have the exclusive preorder - Amazon - BBTS battle mask and the collector coin which were add ons from the original model.  You have the paperwork but most importantly you have the fact that I have provenance of it being an original Takara Tomy Hasbro product and NOT a knock off which many on eBay are. 









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27,203 posts

One bump and then it's to eBay at some point. 

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