Who's Who In The DC Universe #17 - fourth version

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I mentioned this in a thread about Alpha Flight and it's curious Barcode usage - but as this is a DC and I have found the fourth version I thought I'd give it it's own thread so DC fans didn't miss it - although I know with a title like this it's a real niche curio but some people like this kind of trivia , me included

There are 4 versions of Who's Who The Defiinitive Directory Of The DC Universe # 17 - I have recently got a copy of the Canadian newsstand edition so I can now present them all  - Direct, US newsstand, Canadian newsstand and what appears to be an error edition with Direct Market triple currency pricing but also a barcode; I don't know of any other DC issue from the period of separate US/Can newsstands with this later configuration so I can only assume it's not deliberate 

dc who's who 17 D.jpg

dc who's who 17 N correct price.jpg


dc who's who 17 N incorrect price.jpg

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