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Up for sale is my 9.6 copy of Hulk 181. I was fortunate enough to track down a 9.8 copy recently, so this book is going to a new home.  

The last few private sales I have seen have been pushing the $14k mark, so I tried to price this accordingly. 

1) Acceptable forms of payment include PayPal (willing to discount for F&F due to fees saved), Checks, MOs

2) Shipping is included in the price 

3) Returns are not accepted unless the books arrives damaged

4) No Bad Listers

5) The :takeit: or a typed I'll take it, take it or clearly understood version MUST BE POSTED IN THE THREAD! If we agree on something via PM, and someone else takes it in the thread before you or I post the :takeit: , that person gets the book. 




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