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I thought I'd try one book for now. Will need to post a few books in the next little while. 

First time stamped :takeit:either in the thread or pm wins the book.

Please no HOSers or probies. 

Please add 20.00 to the order for shipping. Accepting paypal as payment on this/these only for now. 

Please feel free to pm with any questions you may have. 

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15 hours ago, Twistty1 said:

Contact 12 cgc 6.0 Berk Copy :news:THE nicest looking 6.0's I have ever seen. Looks every part an 8.0 to my eye. One of the best Cole sci-fi cover imho, but it's debatable. Asking $3450.00 obo :news: SOLD!




The best Cole Sci Fi cover Adam. Period.

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