BIG Collection Sale - only two pieces left!
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The wife and I are refocusing. So we're bringing out some goodies...


PayPal plus fees or wire transfer for U.S.. Money order or check if you want to wait for clearing. Cash pickup in Manhattan is possible. Wire transfer for international (unless you are a usual suspect, then PayPal is OK).

Signature Required shipping -- USPS Priority or FedEx Home. (Express or Express Saver recommended if you are not in the northeast U.S.)

Ask me questions or for more photos regarding any condition issues, but I've tried to note them in my CAF descriptions.

See my CAF for prices and more details-

***The Sadowski JSAs, one of the Gary Frank Bats, all of the Breyfogle Detectives, and the Swan/Ordway Supes have already SOLD!

***Several of the Batman and Superman Animated drawings have SOLD.

***One of the Bagley USM pages SOLD.

***Davis Batman, other Gary Frank, and one Kewber Baal SOLD.

***The Schultz is now SOLD.

***Two of the Aparos and last of the Batman Animated drawings have SOLD.

***Another Bagley USM page is SOLD.

***The Grell covers and Dazo splash are SOLD.

***Staton World's Finest, Kewber Baal DPS and splash are SOLD.

***One of the Kitson Empire pages has SOLD.

***Truman archer illustration has SOLD.

***Lark Winter Soldier has SOLD.

***Breyfogle Whisper pages have SOLD.

***Luke Ross Samurai pages have SOLD.

***Van Sciver John Stewart half-splash SOLD.

***Last Aparo and Gaydos Alias pages have SOLD.

***Medeiros Zatanna has SOLD.

***Mayhew Star Wars has SOLD.

***Medeiros Catwoman and Swan-Hunt Superman page have SOLD.


Damion Scott Batgirl 1 page 22 (framed)




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