How to get a Book witnessed if CGC aren't at a Con

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Hey all.

Im new to getting books witnessed, so I need help with understanding on how to get books witnessed.

Im from South Africa. We have one big con a year called Comic Con Africa, were we get writers and artists from around the world attending. But CGC have never participated.

Is there a way to get books witnessed without CGC attending. My LCS has done witnessed signings at there store before, could I ask them to witnesses?

Any info that could help with this would be appreciated.

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typically, it is possible that a CGC SS authorized facilitator (not a CGC employee) will be able to witness or accept books from customers to get signed, usually for an additional fee above and beyond artist fees and CGC fees.  This assumes the facilitator is going to a given convention or show, which certainly is not the case for every single convention or show on the face of the earth.

There is a Signature Subforum on these very forums where there is general and occasionally specific information about that process.  Generally, you should contact a given facilitator who is attending the convention you hope to get signatures from.  Generally, facilitators are there to make money, so they need to have a minimum number of signatures they plan to get both for CGC's minimum and/or their profit margins. 

But specifically for South Africa, I would contact your LCS and see what options they have available if any, in addition to scouring the Signature Subforum to see if any facilitators are going.  And it might be difficult for any American or European or even Australian facilitators to go to this show based on time and cost. 

Additionally, just about anyone can be a CGC facilitator if they meet the requirements, for which I do not know the requirements.  You can contact CGC and see if you or someone you know can become a facilitator (note that there may be some amount of training, education, 'internship', fees, documentation, background checks, etc) in time for the show.

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