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Hello. I’m giving this a shot heee. But looking for someone who might want to “unload” but doesn’t wanna scan or post on the sales thread. I’m tryna “complete” my run of Wonder Woman Adan Hughes run. So if you’ve got extras you wanna sell n stuff at not eBay prices lmk. I’ve got references n stuff so I’m serious I guess hahaha :P and wanna work our a deal. Tnnx a lot :D 

I really only have like 2 or 3 issues from the run. So I basically need the entire run. That’s why I don’t post the “exact” ones I need. As I’m not missing only 3 or 4 issues. Tnx 

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I have a bunch... I’m not sure what “not ebay prices” are though. How much per issue are you thinking of?

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