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:takeit: ASM 97 and 250 sold via PM :banana: 

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On 6/8/2019 at 4:47 PM, lizards2 said:

Fear 17 9.0/9.2 white pages, $18.  Man-Thing – Origin and first appearance of Wundarr.  Nice, clean and glossy copy, with nice whites.  My original newsstand copy.  Production roller marks on covers.

I will take your wundarrful Man-Thing

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27 minutes ago, Jeffro™ said:
On ‎6‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 1:47 PM, lizards2 said:

Fear 17 9.0/9.2 white pages, $18.  Man-Thing – Origin and first appearance of Wundarr.  Nice, clean and glossy copy, with nice whites.  My original newsstand copy.  Production roller marks on covers.

I will take your wundarrful Man-Thing

OK (thumbsu

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Ghost Rider 3,6 (4.5),7

All western gunfighters 


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1 hour ago, Nuttzo said:

Ghost Rider 3,6 (4.5),7

All western gunfighters 


Done (thumbsu

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Posted (edited)

th_Action290.jpg th_Action290bc.jpg th_Action352raw.jpg th_Action352rawbc.jpg th_Action360.jpg th_Action360bc.jpg
Acton 290 6.0 ow pages $20.  Diagonal crease on FC, from Lois’ finger to top edge.
Action 352 8.5 OW/W pages $22.  Spine wear hidden by white bar.  :news:SOLD!!!:news:
Acton 360 6.5 slightly ow pages $12.  Rubbing/dirt wear to covers. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 

th_Action363.jpg th_Action363bc.jpg th_Action393a.jpg th_Action393abc.jpg th_Action393b.jpg th_Action393bbc.jpg
Acton 363 7.5 ow pages $10. Nice appearance, but foxing and creasing at LRFC.  Spine is near perfect. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Action 393 copy a 9.0 OW/W pages $22.  Very nice copy – parachute cover!
Action 393 copy b 8.5 W pages $15.  Very nice copy – parachute cover!

th_Action406.jpg th_Action406bc.jpg th_Action410.jpg th_Action410bc.jpg th_Action414b.jpg th_Action414bbc.jpg
Action 406 8.0 crow pages $8.    Chip by upper staple and top spine.
Action 410 OW 9.0 $12.  Production raker marks @ lower edge FC. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Action 414 6.5 OW pages FREE with purchase!

th_Action423.jpg th_Action423bc.jpg th_Action433.jpg th_Action433bc.jpg th_action518.jpg th_action518bc.jpg
Action 423 9.4 OW pages $28.  Fresh from a Multi-Pack!  Pretty darn nice!  Origin Human Target. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Action 433 9.2 OW pages $10.
Action 518 9.4 white pages $4.  Slight curl to LRFC.

th_Action658.jpg th_Action658bc.jpg th_Action677.jpg th_Action677bc.jpg
Action 658 9.0 W pages $2, extra newsstand purchase.
Action 677 9.2 W pages $2, extra newsstand purchase.

th_Adv301.jpg th_Adv301bc.jpg th_advent304.jpg th_advent304bc.jpg th_advent313.jpg th_advent313bc.jpg
Adventure 301 5.0 OW $20. Cover detach @ lower staple, sunfade.
Adventure 304 6.5 white pages $20.  Creasing and light stains FC, big rumple along open edge BC.  Early Legion of Superheroes!
Adventure 313 6.5 slightly OW pages $25.  Nice appearing and glossy FC, hard creases LL BC.

th_Adv344.jpg th_Adv344bc.jpg th_advent346.jpg th_advent346bc.jpg th_advent357.jpg th_advent357bc.jpg
Adventure 344 6.0 ow pages $10.  Nice presenting copy, but off center sub-like NCB crease thru book – runs through “T” in Adventure.
Adventure 346 8.0 OW pages $120.  This book is apparently really on the move!  Spine tics.  Nice presenting copy of this tough to find in HG issue.
Adventure 357 apparent 8.0/8.5 OW pages $2.  Missing one of the eyes on BC.

th_Adv360.jpg th_Adv360bc.jpg th_Adv377.jpg th_Adv377bc.jpg
Adventure 360 copy a 7.5 OW pages $15, foxing –mostly BC, small stain at top FC.
Adventure 377 copy a 7.0 OW $12.  Adams cover ‘W’ in ink above ‘A’ in ‘Adventure’

th_Adv384.jpg th_Adv384bc.jpg th_Adv386.jpg th_Adv386bc.jpg th_Adv393.jpg th_Adv393bc.jpg
Adventure 384 8.5 $20. OW/W pages – nice copy.
Adventure 386 8.0 pages more W than OW $13, wear at LRFC.
Adventure 393 8.5 pages more W than OW $15, some printer’s rumpling at LRFC.

th_Adv404.jpg th_Adv404bc.jpg th_Adv406.jpg th_Adv406bc.jpg th_Adv406bc2.jpg th_Adv406b.jpg th_Adv406bbc.jpg
Adventure 404 8.0 white pages $10
Adventure 406a 8.0 OW pages affecting covers $8, printer miscut at LLBC.
Adventure 406b 9.0 white pages, $18.  Pressed – some loss of gloss.

th_advent420.jpg th_advent420bc.jpg th_advent421.jpg th_advent421bc.jpg th_advent422.jpg th_advent422bc.jpg
Adventure 420 8.5/9.0 OW pages $20.  Raker tears (production) at bottom edges, dints @ ULFC/URBC. Famous “Flying Junk” cover, according to Freud.  Nice clean copy.
Adventure 421 9.2 OW pages $30.  These later Supergirl issues are tough to find in HG. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
Adventure 422 8.0 OW pages $7.  Spinner rack bends FC, deep bends lower spine BC, dint @ LLBC, dint @ URFC/ULBC.

th_advent434.jpg th_advent434bc.jpg
Adventure 434 9.0 OW pages $15.  Spine stresses, printer’s creases.

Edited by lizards2

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Posted (edited)

th_AllStarSq1.jpg th_AllStarSq1bc.jpg th_AAA1.jpg th_AAA1bc.jpg th_AAA2.jpg th_AAA2bc.jpg
All Star Squadron 1 9.0 white pages, $9.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages – URFC/LRFC slightly blunted.
Angel and the Ape 1 9.0 OW/W pages $55.  Some light wear @ LLFC.  Nice copy with purple colors, Go-Go dresses and an Ape!
Angel and the Ape 2 7.5 slightly OW pages $13.  Spider-web creasing at LRFC, ruffling at top edges, light moisture stain (1” x ½”) at bottom edge BC.

th_AAA4.jpg th_AAA4bc.jpg th_AAA5.jpg th_AAA5bc.jpg th_Anthro1.jpg th_Anthro1bc.jpg
Angel and the Ape 4 9.0 white pages $35.  Light wear FC upper spine, bottom staple detached at centerfold.
Angel and the Ape 5 8.5 slightly OW pages $18.  Spine wear & dints URFC/LLFC.  Classic DC Monster cover!
Anthro 1 8.5/9.0 white pages $30.  Some dirt BC.

th_Aquaman15.jpg th_Aquaman15bc.jpg th_AquaM41.jpg th_AquaM41bc.jpg th_Aquaman44b.jpg th_Aquaman44bbc.jpg
Aquaman 15 7.5 CROW pages $33.  Chips @ right edge FC, small stains @ lower left BC.
Aquaman 41 8.0/8.5 OW pages $28.  Spine tics, wear at bottom edge FC and corners FC.  Slight dirt/rubbing BC.
Aquaman 44 copy b 8.0 OW pages $20.  Rubbing along spine, date stamp front cover.

th_Aquaman1.jpg th_Aquaman1bc.jpg th_Aquaman2.jpg th_Aquaman2bc.jpg th_Aquaman6m.jpg th_Aquaman6mbc.jpg
Aquaman 1 9.2/9.4 $4. White pages, constipated Aquaman cover.
Aquaman 2 9.4 $3. White pages, getting some relief Aquaman cover.
Aquaman 6 9.4, $1

th_Aquaman21.jpg th_Aquaman21bc.jpg th_arak1.jpg th_arak1bc.jpg
Aquaman 21 9.8,  $2. What I got instead of the Aquaman t-shirt from my subscription company.
Arak 1 9.4 white pages $10.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages.

th_atom8.jpg th_atom8bc.jpg th_atom9.jpg th_atom9bc.jpg th_atom10.jpg th_atom10bc.jpg
Atom 8 4.0 OW pages $15.  Justice League, Dr. Light appearance.
Atom 9 4.0 OW pages $12.  :news:SOLD!!!:news:
Atom 10 5.5 OW pages $15.

th_atom12.jpg th_atom12bc.jpg th_atom13.jpg th_atom13bc.jpg th_atom13b.jpg th_atom13bbc.jpg
Atom 12 5.5 OW pages $12.Atom 13 5.5 OW pages $13.  Spine wear, dust shadow BC. :news:SOLD!!!:news:
Atom 13 copy a 5.5 OW pages $13.  Spine wear, dust shadow BC. :news:SOLD!!!:news:
Atom 13 copy b 7.0 OW/W pages $32.  Creases @ LRFC.  Glossy purple cover.

th_atom16.jpg th_atom16bc.jpg th_atom16b.jpg th_atom16bbc.jpg th_atom23.jpg th_atom23bc.jpg
Atom 16 copy a 6.5 OW pages, $15. Nice presenting copy, stress @ spine, creasing @ LRFC, 1/8” tear with some creasing on BC, left edge. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Atom 16 copy b 8.0+ OW pages $35.  Spine wear upper staple and above.  Dint @ URFC/ULBC, slight sun shadow BC.
Atom 23 8.5 OW pages $32.  Spine tics upper staple & mid-spine, soft LRFC, date stamp FC.

th_atom26.jpg th_atom26bc.jpg th_atom26b.jpg th_atom26bbc.jpg th_atom27.jpg th_atom27bc.jpg
Atom 26 copy a 7.0 CROW pages $12.
Atom 26 copy b 5.5 OW pages $5.  Looks better at first glance, but crunch along bottom edge.
Atom 27 7.5 CROW pages $15.

th_atom35.jpg th_atom35bc.jpg th_atom37.jpg th_atom37bc.jpg th_atom37b.jpg th_atom37bbc.jpg
Atom 35 7.0 CROW pages $12.
Atom 37 copy a 8.5 ow pages $25.
Atom 37 copy b 7.5 OW/W pages $15.

th_atom38.jpg th_atom38bc.jpg th_atom38b.jpg th_atom38bbc.jpg th_batlash4.jpg th_batlash4bc.jpg
Atom 38 copy a 7.5+ white pages $15.
Atom 38 copy b 8.0 OW/W pages $20.
Batlash 4 9.0 CROW pages $25.

Edited by lizards2

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Posted (edited)

th_batman240.jpg th_batman240bc.jpg th_batman337.jpg th_batman337bc.jpg th_batman360.jpg th_batman360bc.jpg
Batman 240 9.0 slightly OW pages $60.  Date written on back cover, teensy dint @ LRFC corner, small chip @ lower staple.
Batman 337 9.0 slightly OW pages $9.  Soft outside corners.
Batman 360 8.5/9.0 OW pages $6.  Spine bends @ top staple and below bottom staple.  Clean, white covers.

th_batman364.jpg th_batman364bc.jpg th_batman376.jpg th_batman376bc.jpg th_batman380.jpg th_batman380bc.jpg
Batman 364 8.5 slightly OW pages $5.  Looks better, but dent @ LLFC/LRBC.  Clean, white covers.
Batman 376 9.2 white pages $10.  Rumple at top edge, and few spine tics.  Blazing white, clean covers.
Batman 380 9.0 white pages $5.  Spine tics.  Nice, clean copy.

th_Batman418b.jpg th_Batman418bbc.jpg th_Batman419.jpg th_Batman419bc.jpg
Batman 418 copy b 9.2 white pages, $12.  Very clean and white, extra newsstand copy.
Batman 419 9.0 white pages, $9.  Very clean and white, extra newsstand copy.

th_BatmanUE1.jpg th_BatmanUE1bc.jpg th_BatmanUE2.jpg th_BatmanUE2bc.jpg
Batman Ultimate Evil 1-2 Set 9.2/9.4 white pages , $8.

th_LODK155.jpg th_LODK155bc.jpg th_LODKannual5.jpg th_LODKannual5bc.jpg th_BandR8.jpg th_BandR8bc.jpg
Batman:  Legend of the Dark Knight 155 9.2 white pages, $1
Batman:  LODK Annual 5 9.2 white pages, $4.
Batman Robin 8 9.4 $1.

th_ShofBat2.jpg th_ShofBat2bc.jpg th_ShofBat7.jpg th_ShofBat7bc.jpg th_BBlitho.jpg
Batman: Shadow of the Bat 2 8.5 white pages $1
Batman: Shadow of the Bat 7 9.4 white pages $3
Batman Begins Litho  $3.  No idea what this is, why it was made, or why someone would buy it.

th_Creeper2.jpg th_Creeper2bc.jpg th_blackcondor1.jpg th_blackcondor1bc.jpg th_bn1.jpg th_bn1bc.jpg
Beware the Creeper 2 7.5  white pages $13.  Spine tics, tiny crease at LRFC, grease pencil ‘R’ at URFC, fingerprint BC.
Black Condor 1 9.2 OW pages $2. 
Blackest Night 1 9.2 white pages $2.

th_BL1.jpg th_BL1bc.jpg th_BL2.jpg th_BL2bc.jpg
th_BL3.jpg th_BL3bc.jpg th_BL4.jpg th_BL4bc.jpg
Black Lightning set 1-4 9.2/9.4 white pages $15. Extra newsstand, original owner copies, with white pages of this sought after series.

th_bomba4.jpg th_bomba4bc.jpg th_bb44.jpg th_bb44bc.jpg
Bomba 4 9.0 $12.  OW pages, minor foxing BC, date stamp FC.
Brave and the Bold 44 4.0 OW pages $25.  Bottom staple detached from cover, date stamp FC.  Beautiful gray tone cover!

th_bab57.jpg th_bab57bc.jpg th_bab58.jpg th_bab58bc.jpg th_bab59.jpg th_bab59bc.jpg
Brave and the Bold 57 8.0/8.5 OW pages $225.  Small nick @ Metamorpho’s arm at middle right edge, light crease @ LRFC.  Very bright, white and clean front cover.
Brave and the Bold 58 8.5 OW pages $55.  Wear @ lower staple, faint crease @ LRFC, minor sun shadow BC, and mini tears along top edge BC from production.  Very bright, white and clean front cover.
Brave and the Bold 59 9.0 slightly OW pages $195.  Mild spinner rack bends, rub @ spine by DC Logo, ¼” tear @ center top BC.  Nice, clean copy.

th_bab84.jpg th_bab84bc.jpg th_bab91.jpg th_bab91bc.jpg th_bab93.jpg th_bab93bc.jpg
Brave and the Bold 84 8.5 slightly ow pages $40.  Spinner rack bends @ upper staple area, oxidation to lower staple, dints @ URFC.  Very nice, white and clean copy!  Sgt. Rock appears, and a Neal Adams cover!!!  Bane Karmic foreshadowing, as Batman breaks the Rock’s back????
Brave and the Bold 91 8.0 white pages $15.  Spine bends, rumple @ URFC, schmutz @ URBC.  Black Canary!
Brave and the Bold 93 9.0 OW pages $150.  Minor stress @ bottom staple, ¼” hard crease @ ULBC.  Signed by Neal Adams – from board member High Voltage.  ON HOLD!

th_BB94.jpg th_BB94bc.jpg th_bab108.jpg th_bab108bc.jpg th_bptg2.jpg th_bptg2bc.jpg
Brave and the Bold 94 9.2 white pages $85.  Teen Titans!!!  Nice copy! :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
Brave and the Bold 108 8.5 OW pages $15.  Bought from boardie as 9.2 – could press to that, however, stacking indent along FC spine.
Brother Power the Geek 2 9.0 slightly ow pages $20.  Light halo to inside covers, dint @ ULBC, three spine tics.


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Posted (edited)

 th_cam3k1.jpg th_cam3k1bc.jpg th_capact2.jpg th_capact2bc.jpg
Camelot 3000 1 9.6/9.8 white pages, $8.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages, with a beautiful Bolland cover!
Captain Action 2 9.0/9.2 $25.  OW pages.

th_Challs42.jpg th_Challs42bc.jpg th_Challs48.jpg  th_Challs48bc.jpg th_Challs63.jpg th_Challs63bc.jpg
Challengers of the Unknown 42 6.0 OW/W pages $9.  Light stain @ ULFC that transfers into a couple interior pages, centerfold completely detached, dints @ corners and other NCBs, but nice HG appearing book. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 
Challengers of the Unknown 48 7.0 OW pages $12.  Date stamp FC.
Challengers of the Unknown 63 9.0/9.2 slightly OW pages $32.  Small, light crease @ LRFC, slight wear at spine corners.  Very, very nice HG book.

th_challengers60.jpg th_challengers60bc.jpg th_Challs66.jpg th_Challs66bc.jpg th_Challs66cgc9.2.jpg th_Challs69.jpg th_Challs69bc.jpg
Challengers 60 8.5/9.0, OW, $25.
Challengers of the Unknown 66 9.2 CROW pages $40.  Joe Kubert cover!! :news:SOLD!!! :news:
Challengers of the Unknown 66 CGC 9.2 OW/W pages $55. Joe Kubert cover – CGC old label!!  :news:  SOLD!!!  :news: 
Challengers of the Unknown 69 7.0  OW pages $8.  Looks way better but chippy spine, and dents at URFC and BC.

th_Challs75.jpg th_Challs75bc.jpg th_challengers75a.jpg th_challengers75abc.jpg th_challengers75b.jpg th_challengers75bbc.jpg
Challengers of the Unknown 75 7.0 OW pages, $7.
Challengers of the Unknown 75 copy a copy a 8.5+ OW pages $10.
Challengers of the Unknown 75 copy b 7.0/7.5 OW pages $8.

th_dcspec13.jpg th_dbdetec1.jpg th_dbdetec1bc.jpg
DC Special 13 3.5, slight OW pages, FREE with purchase.  Grease pencil price FC.  Strangest Sports Stories Ever Told!
Dead Boy Detectives 1 9.0 W $1.  Slight crease at URFC.

th_demon1.jpg th_demon1bc.jpg th_demon3b.jpg th_demon3bbc.jpg th_demon8.jpg th_demon8bc.jpg
Demon 1 4.5 white pages $22.  My original newsstand copy – clean, white and glossy.  Slight ink transfer on covers.
Demon 3 copy b 9.0 slightly OW pages $19.
Demon 8 7.0 white pages $8.  My original newsstand copy – clean, white and glossy.  Spine wear & NCBs.  :news:SOLD!!! :news: 

th_demon10.jpg th_demon10bc.jpg th_demon11.jpg th_demon11bc.jpg th_demon13.jpg th_demon13bc.jpg
Demon 10 7.0 OW pages $8.  Looks higher grade, but foxing on covers.
Demon 11 7.5 white pages $8.  Spine cracks and some thumb creases at right edge front cover near “N” of Demon.
Demon 13 8.5+ white pages $20.  My original newsstand copy – clean, white and glossy.  Spinner rack bends, slight dirt rubbing on BC.

Edited by lizards2

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Posted (edited)

th_tec291.jpg th_tec291bc.jpg th_Tec344.jpg th_Tec344bc.jpg th_tec346.jpg th_tec346bc.jpg th_tec346label.jpg
Detective 291 7.0 CROW pages $55.  1” spine split @ top, hard ¼” creases @ BC corners.  Date stamp & “44” written in pencil at bottom of first interior page.  Bought off boards as a 7.5.
Detective 344 6.0 crow pages $9.  Crease at URFC, stacking indent RE FC, foxing.
Detective 346 CGC 346 8.5 OW pages cracked out of slab $58.  Scratches (not tears) by machine-gunners leg, and thumbnail in sweater.

th_tec348.jpg th_tec348bc.jpg th_tec351.jpg th_tec351bc.jpg th_Tec376.jpg th_Tec376bc.jpg
Detective 348 9.0/9.2 OW pages $90.  Spine wear in Batman’s cape, slight wear @ LLFC.  Date stamp FC.
Detective 351 9.0 slightly OW pages $80.  Micro-crease @ LRFC, spine tics, loss of gloss to FC, slight dirt/rubbing BC.  Date stamp FC.
Detective 376 9.0 OW/W pages $60. Stacking indent at spine.  “Midd Penn” stamp on back cover.

th_Tec378.jpg th_Tec378bc.jpg th_Tec381.jpg th_Tec381bc.jpg th_tec392.jpg th_tec392bc.jpg
Detective 378 9.2 OW/W pages $70.  But upper staple with “C” cut – so partially detached, but still hanging on.  “6.00” written on back cover.
Detective 381 8.5/9.0 white pages $50.  Some schmutz on back cover over UFO.
Detective 392 8.5 slightly OW pages $33.  Spine wear & printer’s crease FC, bend ULBC, teensy chip LLBC, couple tiny production tears top edge BC.

th_tec397.jpg th_tec397bc.jpg th_Tec429b.jpg th_Tec429bbc.jpg th_tec433.jpg th_tec433bc.jpg
Detective 397 7.0 white pages $35.  Some spine tics FC, but bends along spine BC, and small tear on bottom staple BC. Lil schmutz @ ULBC, dint at LLBC thru to LRFC – much worse on BC.  Very nice purple cover – looks great in mylar:news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Detective 429 6.5/7.0 OW pages $10.  Crease @ URFC and spine cracks.
Detective 433 6.5 OW pages $15.  This books appears much better – it was liberated from a 3-pack that ad a tiny pebble in it, so lots of little dents, plus a 1 ½” x 1” stain @ LRFC.  Looks awesome in mylar.

th_tec438cgc9.0.jpg th_tec438cgc9.0bc.jpg th_tec449.jpg th_tec449bc.jpg th_tec459.jpg th_tec459bc.jpg
Detective 438 CGC 9.0 OW/W pages $50.  Old Label CGC!  Cracks on back of well, but does not affect grade.  I can't find this book. :sorry: 
Detective 449 9.0 OW pages $20.  Ruffling along top edge FC, minor creasing at LRFC, otherwise, book is nice & straight & glossy.
Detective 459 8.5 white pages $15.  Micro-crease @ URFC, spine tics. :news:  SOLD!!! :news: 

th_tec469.jpg th_tec469bc.jpg th_Tec570.jpg th_Tec570bc.jpg th_Tec599.jpg th_Tec599bc.jpg
Detective 469 8.5 OW pages $20.  Spine tics & NCB dints. Intro and origin of Dr. Phosphorus.
Detective 570 9.0 white pages $10.  Nice, clean and white.  Joker cover!
Detective 599 9.0/9.2 white pages $3.

th_Tec618.jpg th_Tec618bc.jpg th_tec627.jpg th_tec627bc.jpg
Detective 618 8.0 OW pages - free with purchase.  Teensy chip @ LLFC & LLBC.
Detective 627 9.4 white pages $5.

th_dp86a.jpg th_dp86abc.jpg th_dp86b.jpg th_dp86bbc.jpg
Doom Patrol 86 copy a 6.5 slightly OW pages $200.  Wear along spine & @ outside corners, small stain @ center right BC.  Nice, glossy and white FC.  First issue of Doom Patrol in own series, first Brotherhood of Evil – Hawt!!!
Doom Patrol 86 copy b 6.5 CROW pages $200.  Wear to spine @ chips at LRFC, LLBC, ULBC.  Writing @ top of first interior page.   Nice, glossy and white FC.  First issue of Doom Patrol in own series, first Brotherhood of Evil – Hawt!!!  Bought as an 8.0 off eBay…., it seemed plausible at the time…,

th_dp103.jpg th_dp103bc.jpg th_dp118.jpg th_dp118bc.jpg th_DP119.jpg th_DP119bc.jpg
Doom Patrol 103 8.0 OW pages $22.  Mid-spine bends, wear @ LRFC, small tear @ LLBC. 
Doom Patrol 118 8.0/8.5 OW pages $22.  Slight tanning halo to inside covers.  Slight sunshadow BC .
Doom Patrol 119 7.5 crow pages $16  :news:SOLD!! :news: 

th_DP1b.jpg th_DP1bbc.jpg th_DP1c.jpg th_DP1cbc.jpg th_DP4b.jpg th_DP4bbc.jpg
Doom Patrol Fecal Age (1987) extra newsstand copies # 1 9.4/9.6 (2 copies) white pages, $6 each      # 4 9.4/9.6 white pages, $3

th_DP19a.jpg th_DP19abc.jpg th_DP20c.jpg th_DP20cbc.jpg
Doom Patrol Grant Morrison Age:  Set # 19-20 9.4 white pages, $16. Extra newsstand copies I purchased at the time. :news:  SOLD!!!  :news: 

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Posted (edited)

th_52a1.jpg th_52a1bc.jpg th_52a2.jpg th_52a2bc.jpg th_flash134.jpg th_flash134bc.jpg
52 Aftermath Crime Bible 1 & 2 1 in 9.0. #2 is 7.0 due to wet stack printing color loss @ spine.  FREE with purchase.
Flash 134 4.5 white pages $20.  Nice clean, white 4.5.  Dint @ LRFC, crease at LLBC, ½” tear at URBC

th_Flash143.jpg th_Flash143bc.jpg th_FLASH162.jpg th_FLASH162bc.jpg th_FLASH222.jpg th_FLASH222bc.jpg
Flash 143 6.5?  Cream pages $28.  Production rips and chips @ top & bottom edges BC. Front cover presents nicely.  Green Lantern appears – purple cover!!
Flash 162 3.0 OW pages $5.
Flash 222 8.5 white pages $10.  Crunch @ LLFC thru to LRBC kills grade.  Nice book. 

th_FLASH296b.jpg th_FLASH296bbc.jpg th_FLASH296d.jpg th_FLASH296dbc.jpg th_FLASH296e.jpg th_FLASH296ebc.jpg
Flash 296 copy b 9.2 white pages $8 - Extra newsstand copy, whitey-white all over.
Flash 296 copy d 9.2 white pages $8 - Extra newsstand copy, whitey-white all over.
Flash 296 copy e 8.5/9.0 white pages $3 - Extra newsstand copy, whitey-white all over.

th_FLASH62.jpg th_FLASH62bc.jpg th_girlsRomances152.jpg th_girlsRomances152bc.jpg th_GirlsLove157.jpg th_GirlsLove157bc.jpg
Flash 62 9.4/9.6 white pages $4 – Extra newsstand copy.
Girl’s Romances 152 6.5 CROW pages $10.  Creases @ URFC/LRFC.
Girls’ Love Stories 157 9.0 OW/W pages $35.  Spine tics below bottom staple, some very light foxing to covers.  One of my favorite risqué DC Romance covers!!

th_GL5.jpg th_GL5bc.jpg th_GL11.jpg th_GL11bc.jpg
Green Lantern 5 3.0/3.5 OW pages $48.  Stains top, bottom & right edge FC, tear top, bottom edge FC & at cars right edge, dark stain at top edge BC.
Green Lantern 11 6.5? OW pages $60.  Light foxing FC, dark foxing BC, light bend @ LRFC.  Very nice presenting copy in mylar.  First Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro appearance.

th_GL43b.jpg th_GL43bbc.jpg th_GL48.jpg th_GL48bc.jpg th_GL57.jpg th_GL57bc.jpg
Green Lantern 43 9.0 OW pages $90. Clean, white & glossy copy.
Green Lantern 48 5.5 OW pages $12.  Spine wear including pulls @ bottom spine, chip @ right edge FC.
Green Lantern 57 6.0 slightly OW pages $14.  Stain & intact chip BC, crease @ spine FC.

th_gl58.jpg th_gl58bc.jpg th_GL77.jpg th_GL77bc.jpg th_GL77label.jpg th_GL113.jpg th_GL113bc.jpg
Green Lantern 58  9.4 crow pages $75.  Dust shadow top edge of book covers/interiors, least evident on FC.  Tough black cover.
Green Lantern 77 8.5 white pages $75.  From The Flaming Sociopath’s Lord Mouldybutt Collection. Soft outside corners, micro-crease @ ULFC, some NCBs.  More like a CGC 9.0, and certainly if pressed.  Glossy, clean and white!  Neal Adams art!!
Green Lantern 113 9.0 white pages $5. Indents @upper staple front and back cover.

th_GL1a.jpg th_GL1abc.jpg th_GL2.jpg th_GL2bc.jpg th_GL9.jpg th_GL9bc.jpg
Green Lantern 1 9.4 white pages $6.
Green Lantern 2 9.2/9.4 white pages $4
Green Lantern 9 9.0 $1

th_GL55.jpg th_GL55bc.jpg th_GL59current.jpg th_GL59currentbc.jpg th_HQ7.jpg th_HQ7bc.jpg
Green Lantern 55 9.0 white pages $1
Green Lantern 59 9.2 white pages $2. 
Harley Quinn 7 9.2 white pages $5.

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th_Hawk11.jpg th_Hawk11bc.jpg th_Hawk20.jpg th_Hawk20bc.jpg th_Hawkworld1b.jpg th_Hawkworld1bbc.jpg
Hawkman 11 7.0+ OW pages $15.  Wear @ corners. :news:  SOLD!!!  :news:
Hawkman 20 6.5 OW pages $8.  Spine cracks.  Dust shadow and writing BC.  Dint @ top edge.
Hawkworld 1 9.4 $4.  White pages.  Extra newsstand purchase.

th_hellblazer48.jpg th_hellblazer48.jpg th_hellblazeran1.jpg
Hellblazer 43 FREE with purchase.  Moisture damage.
Hellblazer 48 FREE with purchase.  Moisture rumple URFC/ULBC and intor book.
Hellblazer Annual 1 8.0/8.5 OW pages $1. Binding chips top/bottom spine.

th_HOM143.jpg th_HOM143bc.jpg
House of Mystery 143 6.5 OW pages $85.  Light 1” fold @ center through giant’s cowlick, spine stresses, swear @ LLFC, crease & thumbnails @ URFC.  Light creasing, thumbtack hole & rubbing @ ULBC.  The big one!  Martian Manhunter begins!  Very nice presenting book!!

th_HOM147.jpg th_HOM147bc.jpg th_HOM159.jpg th_HOM159bc.jpg th_HOM161.jpg th_HOM161bc.jpg
House of Mystery 147 4.5 slightly OW pages, $8. Date on BC. :news:  SOLD!!!  :news:
House of Mystery 159 8.0 white pages $15.  Nice white cover!
House of Mystery 161 7.0/7.5 white pages $10.  Thumbnail crease @ right edge front cover.  Very bright cover whites!

th_HOM162.jpg th_HOM162bc.jpg th_HOM162b.jpg th_HOM162bbc.jpg th_HOM164.jpg th_HOM164bc.jpg
House of Mystery 162 copy a 7.0 OW pages $10.  Dint at LLFC/LRBC, looks about 8.5, but water stain on tip of ULBC.
House of Mystery 162 copy b 9.0 OW pages $25.  Nice white cover!  Overspray at top.
House of Mystery 164 8.5 OW pages $15.

th_HOM166.jpg th_HOM166bc.jpg th_HOM167.jpg th_HOM167bc.jpg
House of Mystery 166 7.5 CR/OW pages $11.  LRFC for grade, + ¼” cut @ top edge through entire book.
House of Mystery 167 8.0 white pages $15.  Looks nicer but large thumbnail crease along RE.

th_HOM168.jpg th_HOM168bc.jpg th_HOM171.jpg th_HOM171bc.jpg th_HOS75.jpg th_HOS75bc.jpg
House of Mystery 168 7.5 slightly OW pages $12.  Stress at upper staple.  Very bright cover whites!
House of Mystery 170 7.5/8.0 OW pages $15.  Nice copy!  Very bright cover whites!
House of Secrets 75 3.5 CROW pages, $5.  Centerfold is detached, but complete.

th_huntress1.jpg th_huntress1bc.jpg th_huntress2.jpg th_huntress2bc.jpg
Huntress set 1-2 9.6/9.8 white pages $25.  Extra newsstand, original owner copies, white pages.

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th_Inferior58.jpg th_Inferior58bc.jpg th_invisibles9.jpg th_invisibles9bc.jpg th_jaguar1.jpg th_jaguar1bc.jpg
Inferior Five 8 9.0 OW pages $10, with some foxing
Invisibles 9 9.6 white pages $2. Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages.
Jaguar 1 9.4 white pages $5.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages.

th_JL5.jpg th_JL5bc.jpg th_JL97.jpg th_JL97bc.jpg
Jerry Lewis 5 (Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis) 3.0 OW pages $42.  Assortment of chips & tears, detached lower staple, creasing to center of book (NOT a sub-crease), schmutz between Dean & Jerry.  Another DC gorilla cover that completists cannot go without!
Jerry Lewis 97 6.0 OW pages $13.  Centerfold loose @ top staple, minor foxing FC, Batman/Robin/Joker cover!

th_JL85a.jpg th_JL85abc.jpg th_JL85b.jpg th_JL85bbc.jpg th_JL104.jpg th_JL104bc.jpg
Jerry Lewis 85a 3.0 free w/puchase.  CROW pages, extra chunky style.
Jerry Lewis 85b 7.0 $12. OW pages.
Jerry Lewis 104 6.5 $18.  Pages more W than OW. Adams c/a.

th_jo50.jpg th_jo50bc.jpg th_jo55.jpg th_jo55bc.jpg
Jimmy Olsen 50 6.5 OW pages $25.  Light foxing FC/BC, ½” hard crease @ ULBC, “X” in pencil above “y” in “Jimmy” FC, date stamp BC.
Jimmy Olsen 55 6.5 OW pages $20.  Creasing/folds in yellow area of LRFC, tears/creasing BC along open edge & corners.

th_JL66.jpg th_JL66bc.jpg th_JO81.jpg th_JO81bc.jpg th_JO89.jpg th_JO89bc.jpg
Jimmy Olsen 66 6.5 OW pages $13.  Stamp on front cover.
Jimmy Olsen 81 Appears 8.0 with OW pages, but lower staple pull $6.  2.50 in pencil on first interior page.
Jimmy Olsen 89 8.0 OW pages $28.  Parachute cover, dent @ ULBC, beautiful and glossy!

th_jo90.jpg th_jo90bc.jpg th_JO118.jpg th_JO118bc.jpg th_JO128.jpg th_JO128bc.jpg
Jimmy Olsen 90 8.0 OW pages $13.  Nice clean white book, but foxing.  Cauliflower Ear Cover – collect them all!!
Jimmy Olsen 118 9.0+++ $35.  Slightly OW pages, impact at URBC, some feathering at lower edge of FC. Neal Adams cover art.
Jimmy Olsen 128 8.5 OW/W pages $15.  Bump at LRFC/LLBC, otherwise, looks pretty nice.

th_JO131.jpg th_JO131bc.jpg th_JO146.jpg th_JO146bc.jpg th_JO149b.jpg th_JO149bbc.jpg
Jimmy Olsen 131 9.0 OW pages $35.  Nice appearing copy, but some color transfers (wet stacking?)
Jimmy Olsen 146 8.0 OW pages $9.  Very slight spine roll & thumb pinch @ center spine.
Jimmy Olsen 149 9.0 OW/W pages $15.

th_JO151.jpg th_JO151bc.jpg th_jo157.jpg th_jo157bc.jpg th_jo161.jpg th_jo161bc.jpg
Jimmy Olsen 151  8.5/9.0 OW pages $12. Grade due to spine nicks and wear at LLFC.
Jimmy Olsen 157 8.0/8.5 OW pages $5.  Larger dint @ cneter spine, and NCB stuff.
Jimmy Olsen 161 8.0 ow pages $4.  Spinner rack creases @ upper staple, & NCB stuff.  Hard creases at LLBC.

th_jo163.jpg th_jo163bc.jpg th_JOepg2.jpg th_JOepg2bc.jpg
Jimmy Olsen 163 8.0 ow pages $4.  Spine tics & NCBs.  Light crease at URFC, rumpling BC edges.
Jimmy Olsen – 80 pg. Giant 2 8.0+ OW pages $95.  NCB indents @ ULFC cover, ¼” hard crease @ LRFC, little bit of ink transfer above “Son of Superman” box, ruffling along open edge BC.  Pretty nice, clean 80 Pg Giant!!

th_JohnnyT1.jpg th_JohnnyT1bc.jpg th_hex15.jpg th_hex15bc.jpg
Johnny Thunder 1 9.0 white pages, $15.  Bundle string dint at center left edge of back cover.
Jonah Hex 15 9.2 OW pages $22.  Clean & white FC.

th_JonahHex18.jpg th_hex19.jpg th_hex19bc.jpg th_hex36.jpg th_hex36bc.jpg
Jonah Hex 18 VG W $1.
Jonah Hex 19 9.2/9.4 white pages $20.  Printer’s creases FC/BC.
Jonah Hex 36 9.0/9.2 white pages $7.  Corner wear on BC.

th_hex50.jpg th_hex50bc.jpg th_hex56.jpg th_hex56bc.jpg th_hex89.jpg th_hex89bc.jpg
Jonah Hex 50 9.4 slightly OW pages $12.
Jonah Hex 56 9.2/9.4 white pages $9.
Jonah Hex 89 9.0/9.2 white pages $4.


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th_jla17.jpg th_jla17bc.jpg th_jla22.jpg th_jla22bc.jpg th_jla28.jpg th_jla28bc.jpg
Justice League of America 17 7.0/7.5 CROW pages $60.  ½ crease @ LRFC, wear @ LLFC, mid-spine crack.  Pretty nice clean and glossy copy.
Justice League of America 22 4.0 OW/W pages $38.  “Crisis on Earth-Two” storyline continues. Fairly nice presenting copy.
Justice League of America 28 3.0 OW pages $5.  Spine roll and ½” split @ bottom. Creasing, writing on cover.

th_jla32.jpg th_jla32bc.jpg th_JLA35.jpg th_JLA35bc.jpg th_jla39.jpg th_jla39bc.jpg
Justice League of America 32 7.0/7.5 OW pages $40.  Small crease @ URFC, light creases at LRFC, some deep spine bends, $1.50 in pencil on BC.
Justice League of America 35 6.0 OW pages $15.  Spine wear, small chip @ bottom spine, and ¾” split.
Justice League of America 39 5.0 OW pages $18.  .15 written in marker FC, stain BC left edge.

th_JLA41.jpg th_JLA41bc.jpg th_JLA42.jpg th_JLA42bc.jpg th_JLA47.jpg th_JLA47bc.jpg
Justice League of America 41 6.5 slightly OW pages $20.  Slight foxing FC spine and top edge, and LLBC.
Justice League of America 42 6.5 OW pages $20.  Small crease @ URFC, spine cracks, date stamp on BC “Dec 9, 1965”.
Justice League of America 47 4.0 slightly OW pages $8.  Subscription crease and spine cracks.

th_jla51b.jpg th_jla51bbc.jpg th_JLA57.jpg th_JLA57bc.jpg th_jla71b.jpg th_jla71bbc.jpg
Justice League of America 51 8.0 OW pages $55.  Spine stresses, dint @ URFC/ULBC resulting in fold BC, wear @ LRFC.  Nice, clean glossy FC. Zatanna cover/appearance!
Justice League of America 57 6.5 OW pages $12.  Wear @ upper staple FC, ½” tear @ “J” in Justice.
Justice League of America 71 7.0 white pages $15.  Spine wear/rubbing FC, chips out @ URBC.

th_JLA76.jpg th_JLA76bc.jpg th_JLA199.jpg th_JLA199bc.jpg th_JLA211.jpg th_JLA211bc.jpg
Justice League of America 76 4.5 slightly OW pages $5.
Justice League 199 9.4/9.6 white pages $15. Extra newsstand copy, whitey-whitey, Christ-All-Mighty!
Justice League 211 9.2/9.4 white pages $10 Small dint @ LLFC only - Extra newsstand copy, whitey-whitey, Christ-All-Mighty!

th_JLan3.jpg th_JLan3bc.jpg th_JLASACBB28.jpg th_JLASACBB28bc.jpg th_jla54.jpg th_jla54bc.jpg
Justice League Annual 3 7.0 white pages $1 – crease @ LRBC
Silver Age Classics JLA B&B 28 9.2 white pages $2
Justice League America 54 9.0 $1.


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 th_kamandi43.jpg th_kamandi43bc.jpg th_kamandi36.jpg th_kamandi36bc.jpg
Kamandi 36 9.2+ white pages $18.  Little bump & crease @ ULFC.  Extra glossy and white!
Kamandi 43 9.2+ OW pages $14.  Clean, white and glossy!

th_korak46.jpg th_korak46bc.jpg th_korak47b.jpg th_korak47bbc.jpg th_korak48.jpg th_korak48bc.jpg
Korak 46 8.5 white pages $10 :news:
SOLD!!! :news: 
Korak 47 4.0 white pages $1, clear moisture stain on bottom spine BC.  :news:SOLD!!! :news:
Korak 48 6.5 white pages $3, NCB stuff and fingerprints

th_korak49.jpg th_korak49bc.jpg th_korak50.jpg th_korak50bc.jpg
Korak 49 6.5 white pages $3
Korak 50 6.5 slightly OW pages $3

th_korak52.jpg th_korak52bc.jpg th_korak53.jpg th_korak53bc.jpg
Korak 52 6.5 white pages $3
Korak 53 6.5 white pages $3

th_LL37.jpg th_LL37bc.jpg th_LL50.jpg th_LL50bc.jpg th_ll68.jpg th_ll68bc.jpg
Lois Lane 37 6.5 CROW pages $15.  Looks better, but cover detached at lower staple.
Lois Lane 50 7.0 ow/w pages $25.  Strategically placed chip at top edge in tree, bump @ mid-spine.  Clean copy.
Lois Lane 68 8.0 OW pages $32.  Spine bends top FC, resulting in tears BC.  Nice presenting 80 Pg Giant!

th_LL69.jpg th_LL69bc.jpg th_Lois69.jpg th_Lois69bc.jpg th_LL87.jpg th_LL87bc.jpg
Lois Lane 69 copy a 7.0 ow/w pages $12.  Tear at upper spine.
Lois Lane 69 copy b 8.0 white pages $17.  Center wear FC, centerfold detach @ bottom staple.  Fairly clean copy.  Recent 8.5 / $26 purchase off Boards.
Lois Lane 87 8.0 OW pages $22.  Front cover looks 9.0/9.2, but back cover wear.  Neal Adams super catfight cover!  Fold and chip @ LLBC, teeny tears @ ULBC w/ thumbnail crease.

th_LL88.jpg th_LL88bc.jpg th_LL96.jpg th_LL96bc.jpg th_Lois106.jpg th_Lois106bc.jpg
Lois Lane 88 8.5 CROW pages $15.  A couple thumbnail crease at right edge FC, and creasing to ULBC.
Lois Lane 96 7.0 slightly OW pages $9.  Centerfold detach @ top staple only.  Groovy cover!
Lois Lane 106 7.5/8.0 white pages $145. Spine tics and dint @ LLFC.  Some NCB stuff in title area of FC. Classic and in demand “I am curious black” story. 

th_LL116.jpg th_LL116bc.jpg th_ll118.jpg th_ll118bc.jpg th_ll123.jpg th_ll123bc.jpg
Lois Lane 116 8.5/9.0 white pages $15.  Nice, fresh, white copy.  Thumbnail @ LLFC and ruffling @ LRFC.  Printer’s creases and stacking indent BC.
Lois Lane 118 9.0+ slightly OW pages $28. Slight bend @ LRFC.
Lois Lane 123 6.0 white pages $4.  Big crease across LRFC.

th_LL127.jpg th_LL127bc.jpg th_Lois134.jpg th_Lois134bc.jpg th_Lois8014.jpg th_Lois8014bc.jpg
Lois Lane 127 $3 – 9.0 structure, but foxing @ lower edges FC/BC 7.5?? OW pages.
Lois Lane 134 8.5 ow/w pages $8.  Light foxing along spine, dint @ ULFC/URBC.
Lois Lane 80 Page Giant 14 8.5 ow pages $75.  Finger print color loss at URFC open edge, stacking/printing indent across top FC.  Very nice HG 80 pager.

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th_mm3.jpg th_mm3bc.jpg th_mm4.jpg th_mm4bc.jpg
Metal Men 3 5.0 ow pages $20.
Metal Men 4 7.5 slightly ow pages $35.  Glossy.

th_mm7.jpg th_mm7bc.jpg th_mm7b.jpg th_mm7bbc.jpg th_mm8.jpg th_mm8bc.jpg
Metal Men 7 copy a 4.0 slightly OW pages $8.
Metal Men 7 copy b 8.0 ow pages $28.  Distributor overspray ULFC/URBC, chips out/chipping BC.
Metal Men 8 6.5 slightly ow pages $15.  ½” tear @ LLFC which goes into first couple interior pages.  Thumbnail creases bottom and right edge FC.

th_MetalMen10.jpg th_MetalMen10bc.jpg th_MetalMen10cert.jpg th_mm10b.jpg th_mm10bbc.jpg
Metal Men 10 7.0 slightly OW pages $25.  Marin County copy – read about it on the certificate.  Very nice copy if you can face job the slight spine roll out.
Metal Men 10 copy b 7.5 ow/w pages $18.  Deep bends center spine and dint @ LLFC thru to LRBC.  Distributor overspray ULFC/URBC.  Very slight warp to BC.

th_mm11.jpg th_mm11bc.jpg th_mm11cert.jpg th_mm15.jpg th_mm15bc.jpg
Metal Men 11 8.0 OW pages, $35.  Marin County Collection! Small crease @ URFC, wear along right edge FC.
Metal Men 15 8.0 ow pages $22.   1/8” tear/crease @ ULFC.  Staples oxidized, dust shadow BC, slight warp to FC.

th_mm20.jpg th_mm20bc.jpg th_mm31.jpg th_mm31bc.jpg
Metal Men 20 5.5 slightly OW pages $5.  Chip @ ULFC.
Metal Men 31 8.5 ow pages $30.  Light rumples below lower staple and above upper staple.  Nice, clean, white front cover.

th_mm32.jpg th_mm32bc.jpg th_MetalMen43.jpg th_MetalMen43bc.jpg th_MetalMen49.jpg th_MetalMen49bc.jpg
Metal Men 32 8.0 ow pages $20.  Tanning halos to inside covers, thumbnail creases along right edge FC, sun shadow on BC.  Nice purple ‘n’ green DC cover!
Metal Men 43 7.5 white pages $4.  Crease @ LRFC kills grade.  My original newsstand copy – whitey
white all over.
Metal Men 49 9.0 white pages $5.

th_mm50.jpg th_mm50bc.jpg th_mm54.jpg th_mm54bc.jpg
Metal Men 50 8.5 white pages $3.  Spine wear and NCB stuff FC/BC.
Metal Men 54 9.0 white pages $7.  Spine cracks for grade.

th_Metamorpho4.jpg th_Metamorpho4bc.jpg th_Meta5.jpg th_Meta5bc.jpg th_Metamorpho7.jpg th_Metamorpho7bc.jpg
Metamorpho 4 6.5/7.0 ow pages $8.
Metamorpho 5 8.0/8.5 white pages $22.  Dint @ URFC thru to ULBC, NCB spine wear.
Metamorpho 7 7.0/7.5 OW/W pages $7.   $3.00 in pencil on BC.

th_mga47.jpg th_mga47bc.jpg th_mga54_1.jpg th_mga54bc_1.jpg
My Greatest Adventure 47 6.0 CROW pages $15. Classic “I Was King of the Underwater Diaper-Babies!”
My Greatest Adventure 54 4.0 ow pages $4.  Water stain to ULFC/URBC and few other drops, rusty staples with no migration. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 

th_MIS45.jpg th_MIS45bc.jpg th_MIS75.jpg th_MIS75bc.jpg th_MIS80.jpg th_MIS80bc.jpg
Mystery in Space 45 3.0 crow pages $10.  Spine roll and chipping at edges.  Staples barely attached, but attached.  Gray tone cover.
Mystery in Space 75 8.5 OW pages, $135.  Justice League cross-over!  Spinner rack bends at top staple, thumbnail creases at top edge BC.  Slight sun shadow at top edge FC.
Mystery in Space 80 7.0 OW pages $25.  Halo to inside covers.  Dint @ ULFC/URBC with 1/3” spine split.  Chip out ULBC and NCB stuff.

th_MIS81.jpg th_MIS81bc.jpg th_MIS83.jpg th_MIS83bc.jpg th_MIS84.jpeg th_MIS84bc.jpeg
Mystery in Space 81 7.5 OW pages $25.  Printer’s creases thru Adam’s head/shoulders, and end of one turns into a ½” split.  Tiny tip off LRFC.  Small ½” x 1/8”  moisture stain seen from inside FC @ LRFC area – not visible from outside FC.
Mystery in Space 83 8.0 ow/w pages $30.  Teensy dint at URFC/ULBC and spine tics.
Mystery in Space 84 8.0/7.5 OW/W pages, $40.  Thumbnail creases at open edge BC for grade.  Front cover looks really nice.

th_MIS85.jpg th_MIS85bc.jpg th_MIS85_1.jpg th_MIS85bc_1.jpg
Mystery in Space 85 copy a 7.0 OW pages $30.
Mystery in Space 85 copy b 6.5+ OW/W pages $22.  Some spine wear, chip out above top staple (1/4”), couple teensy moisture drops FC.  Nice presenting copy for grade.  Neat store stamp BC – Italian?

th_MIS113.jpg th_MIS113bc.jpg th_MIS115.jpg th_MIS115bc.jpg th_MIS116.jpg th_MIS116bc.jpg
Mystery in Space 113 9.0 OW pages $4
Mystery in Space 115 9.0 OW pages $4
Mystery in Space 116 9.0 OW pages $7 Starlin cover

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th_NightForce1.jpg th_NightForce1bc.jpg
Night Force 1 9.4 white pages $12.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages. Gene Colan art!

th_OMAC1a.jpg th_OMAC1abc.jpg th_OMAC%201%20c.jpg th_OMAC%201%20c%20bc.jpg th_OMAC2a.jpg th_OMAC2abc.jpg
Omac 1 copy a 9.0 white pages $12.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.  Small moisture drop @ ‘N’ in ‘Coming’ at bottom.  :news:  SOLD!!!  :news: 
OMAC 1 copy C 6.0 OW pages, $5.  Spine creases and bend, crease @ URFC/ULBC.  Kirby goodness!
Omac 2 copy a 9.0 white pages $8.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.

th_OMAC2b.jpg th_OMAC2bbc.jpg th_OMAC3a.jpg th_OMAC3abc.jpg th_OMAC3b.jpg th_OMAC3bbc.jpg
Omac 2 copy b 7.0 white pages $2.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.  Small stains FC and BC.
Omac 3 copy a 9.2/9.0 white pages $15.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.  One spinner rack bend above top staple.
Omac 3 copy b 8.0 white pages $4.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.  Deep bends @ top staple and LLFC.

th_Phantom1.jpg th_Phantom1bc.jpg th_Phantom2.jpg th_Phantom2bc.jpg th_PhStr31.jpg th_PhStr31bc.jpg
Phantom set 1-2 9.4 W $5.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy, white pages.
Phantom Stranger 31 9.0 OW $13, printer’s crease FC – purchased from mschmidt as a 9.

th_Phantomzone1.jpg th_Phantomzone1bc.jpg th_Phantomzone2.jpg th_Phantomzone2bc.jpg
th_Phantomzone3.jpg th_Phantomzone3bc.jpg th_Phantomzone4.jpg th_Phantomzone4bc.jpg
Phantom Zone set 1-4 9.4 white pages $18.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.  Production chip on #4 @ LRFC.

th_PlasticMan1.jpg th_PlasticMan1bc.jpg th_question16.jpg th_question16bc.jpg
Plastic Man mini 1 9.4 white pages $5.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.
Question 16 9.4 white pages $2.  Extra newsstand, original owner copy.

th_RipH28.jpg th_RipH28bc.jpg th_sandman6b.jpg th_sandman6bbc.jpg
Rip Hunter Time Master 28 8.0 ow/w pages $25.  Nice glossy copy, light crease at LRFC.
Sandman 6 copy b 9.4 white pages, $10.  Extra newsstand copy. :news:  SOLD!!! :news: 

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th_SeaD12.jpg th_SeaD12bc.jpg th_SeaD32.jpg th_SeaD32bc.jpg
Sea Devils 12 6.0+ OW/W pages $15.  Creases and thumbnails @ LRFC/LLFC, small crease @ URFC.  Presents better than grade. :news:SOLDEDED!!! :news: 
Sea Devils 32 4.5 ow pages $2.  Recent VF+ purchase off eBay. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 

th_secretH147.jpg th_secretH147bc.jpg th_SH152.jpg th_SH152bc.jpg
Secret Hearts 147 6.5 ow/w pages $6.  Foxing – probably a 7.5 without that flaw.
Secret Hearts 152 8.0+ ow pages $20.  Spine stress & light foxing.  I just :luhv: these racy DC romance covers!

th_secret6_1.jpg th_secret6_1bc.jpg th_S61.jpg th_S61bc.jpg th_S6cert.jpg th_S61b.jpg th_S61bbc.jpg
Secret Six 1 copy a 8.0 OW pages, $28.  Spine wear, but no corner creases. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
Secret Six 1 copy b 8.0/8.5 white pages $38. Spine wear and dints @ open corners. Marin County copy w/ certificate.
Secret Six 1 copy c 8.5 crow pages $55.  Thumbnails at top edge FC, light tanning halos to inside covers.

th_secret6_2.jpg th_secret6_2bc.jpg th_S62.jpg th_S62bc.jpg th_S6cert.jpg
Secret Six 2 copy a 7.5 OW pages, $12.  wear @ LRFC. :news: SOLD!!!  :news:  
Secret Six 2 copy b 9.0+ white pages $40. Spine tics for grade. Marin County copy w/ certificate.

th_S63.jpg th_S63bc.jpg th_S6cert.jpg th_S64.jpg th_S64bc.jpg
Secret Six 3 7.5/8.0 white pages $20. Dints @ corners. Marin County copy w/ certificate.
Secret Six 4 9.0 OW pages $35. Dint @ ULFC/URBC, micro-crease at LRFC, slight dirt/rubbing BC.

th_secret6_5.jpg th_secret6_5bc.jpg th_S66a.jpg th_S66abc.jpg th_S66b.jpg th_S66bbc.jpg
Secret Six 5 7.5 ow pages $10.
Secret Six 6 copy a 7.5 ow pages $13.  Wear to bottom edge and corners, light tanning halos to inside covers.
Secret Six 6 copy b 6.5 ow pages $9.  Wear to spine and bottom edge.

th_S67.jpg th_S67bc.jpg th_Legionsecrets1.jpg th_showcase38.jpg th_showcase38bc.jpg
Secret Six 7 8.0 ow pages $16.  Spine tics.
Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes 1 VG+ white pages.  Heavy creasing. Free with purchase.
Showcase 38 7.5 OW/W pages $125.  Spine tics FC, chip @ ULBC.  Nice clean book with white covers.  Second appearance of Metal Men!

th_showcase42.jpg th_showcase42bc.jpg th_showcase46.jpg th_showcase46bc.jpg th_showcase50.jpg th_showcase50bc.jpg
Showcase 42 5.5/6.0 ow pages $22. 
Showcase 46 7.5 ow pages $30. Nice copy!  Light crease at URFC.
Showcase 50 7.0/7.5 crow pages $20.  Light crease at URFC, light foxing on covers.  Parachute Cover!

th_Showcase52.jpg th_Showcase52bc.jpg th_Show57.jpg th_Show57bc.jpg th_showcase58.jpg th_showcase58bc.jpg
Showcase 52 6.5 OW pages $20.  Love the cover on this book – it pops!  Foxing/staining on back cover.
Showcase 57 7.0 OW pages $55.  Fourth Enemy Ace.  Spine tics and thumbnails at outer edge FC. “1965” written in Comics Code stamp.
Showcase 58 2.0, CROW pages $4.  5th Enemy Ace.

th_Showcase61.jpg th_Showcase61bc.jpg th_spectre4.jpg th_spectre4bc.jpg
Showcase 61 8.0 OW pages $50.  Thumb crease at URFC, wear at LRFC, NCB stacking indent at REFC, string bundle dint at middle REFC/LEBC.  Still…., a nice copy.
Spectre 4 9.0 slightly OW pages $66.  Neal Adams.

th_StrAdv117cgc3.jpg th_StrAdv117cgc4.jpg th_StrAdv117cgc2.jpg th_StrAdv117cgc1.jpg th_StrAdv120-1.jpg th_StrAdv120bc-1.jpg
Strange Adventures 117 CGC 4.5 OW pages $95.  Origin and first appearance of Atomic Knights!  Bonus – Gorilla cover!
Strange Adventures 120 6.5 slightly OW pages $50.  2nd Atomic Knights – thumbnail crease at right edge FC, date stamp FC.  Very nice appearing copy for grade.

th_SA126.jpg th_SA126bc.jpg th_SA132.jpg th_SA132bc.jpg th_SA135.jpg th_SA135bc.jpg
Strange Adventures 126 2.0 crow pages $7.  Spine roll, spine split bottom, detached lower staple, spine roll/chipping, few light stains to a couple interior pages.   4th Atomic Knights appearance!
Strange Adventures 132 6.0 OW/W pages $30.  Bottom staple detach, otherwise, much nicer looking.  Tough Atomic Knights appearance!
Strange Adventures 135  5.5 ow pages $25.  Light horizontal bend through book like a sub crease. 2” crease @ URFC.  Awesome presenting copy for the technical grade.  Atomic Knights!

th_SA144.jpg th_SA144bc.jpg th_SA147.jpg th_SA147bc.jpg th_StrAdv160.jpg th_StrAdv160bc.jpg
Strange Adventures 144 6.5 OW/W pages $44. Creasing along right/top edges FC, fingerprints BC, date stamp FC.  Only non-reprint Atomic Knights cover appearance!
Strange Adventures 147 8.0+ ow pages $50.  ¼” spine crack visible mid-BC, teensy intact chip @ mid-spine, and date stamp FC.  Atomic Knights!
Strange Adventures 160 copy a 4.5 white pages $10. Atomic Knights – rubbing wear 2/3 of spine.  Nice copy with no corner creases.

th_SA160.jpg th_SA160bc.jpg th_StrAdv174.jpg th_StrAdv174bc.jpg th_StrAdv181.jpg th_StrAdv181bc.jpg
Strange Adventures 160 copy b  6.5 ow pages $12.  Spine stress, light foxing on BC, rough cut/edge wear BC.  Atomic Knights! Another recent eBay VF+ purchase.
Strange Adventures 174 9.0 OW pages, $35.  Slight foxing on BC.
Strange Adventures 181 6.5 OW pages $10.  Top staple off at centerfold.

th_StrAdv183.jpg th_StrAdv183bc.jpg th_StrAdv185.jpg th_StrAdv185bc.jpg th_StrAdv188.jpg th_StrAdv188bc.jpg
Strange Adventures 183 7.0 OW pages $8.  Nice copy with nice whites on cover.
Strange Adventures 185 9.0 white pages $45.  Couple spine cracks at upper taple & lower spine, rounded LRFC.  Nice, white, fresh and clean copy.  I upgraded to a CGC 9.4, and didn’t gain much.
Strange Adventures 188 6.0 OW pages $6.  Nice cover whites!  :news:SOLD!!! :news: 

th_StrAdv199.jpg th_StrAdv199bc.jpg th_StrAdv212.jpg th_StrAdv212bc.jpg th_StrAdv222.jpg th_StrAdv222bc.jpg
Strange Adventures 199 9.0+, CROW pages, $42.  This is another one of my raw books that was replaced by a CGC 9.4 that was just a hair nicer.
Strange Adventures 212 8.0/8.5 white pages $45.  Sparkle City 8.5/9.0.  Price in pencil on inside front cover.  Much less than what I paid.
Strange Adventures 222 8.5+ slightly crow pages $22.  Spine stress above bottom staple, wear at spine tips.  Super nice FC – clean and glossy.  New Adam Strange Story!!!  Difficult issue to find in high grade.

th_SA223CGC92.jpg th_SA233cgc96.jpg th_SA233cgc96bc.jpg th_sugarspike96.jpg th_sugarspike96bc.jpg
Strange Adventures 223 CGC 9.2 OW pages $42  Atomic Knights Cover!
Strange Adventures 233 CGC 9.6 OW/W pages $70
Sugar and Spike 96 6.0 CROW pages $8.  Rub @ LRFC, moisture marks @ BC open edge.

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th_SuSq7.jpg th_SuSq7bc.jpg th_SuSq8.jpg th_SuSq8bc.jpg th_SuSq9.jpg th_SuSq9bc.jpg
Suicide Squad 7 9.4 white pages $7.  Extra newsstand original owner copy.
Suicide Squad 8 9.4 white pages $7.  Extra newsstand original owner copy.
Suicide Squad 9 9.6/9.8 white pages $12.  Extra newsstand original owner copy.

th_SuSq11.jpg th_SuSq11bc.jpg th_SuSq12.jpg th_SuSq12bc.jpg th_superboy90cgc7.5.jpg th_superboy90cgc7.5bc.jpg
Suicide Squad 11 9.4 white pages $7.  Extra newsstand original owner copy.
Suicide Squad 12 9.4/9.6 white pages $9.  Extra newsstand original owner copy.
Superboy 90 CGC 7.5 OW/W pages $80. 

th_SB93.jpg th_SB93bc.jpg th_superboy103.jpg th_superboy103bc.jpg th_superboy103ct.jpg th_SB111.jpg th_SB111bc.jpg
Superboy 93 7.0 white pages $55.  Light moisture droplets FC under Krypto – difficult to see without holding book to light.  Edge rumple bottom 1/3 of LRFC – like it was stacked poorly.  Hard thumbnail crease to the right of the date stamp FC.  This book was part of a collection that Flaming Telepath sold about five years ago that had mothball smell – I have had a bunch of microchamber paper in it since purchase, but I don’t know if it helped much. Early Legion of Superheroes – 10th appearance!  Nice appearing book in mylar.
Superboy 103 8.0ish appearing book with amateur color touch, $6.  Green bleed through to inside FC by horse’s tail.  Other dots along black spine bar.
Superboy 111 raggy copy – free with purchase.

th_SB118.jpg th_SB118bc.jpg th_SB138.jpg th_SB138bc.jpg th_SB140.jpg th_SB140bc.jpg
Superboy 118 VG/FN CROW pages $10.
Superboy 138 8.0 OW/W pages $40.  Slight forward cant to the spine, ‘Tom’ on FC.
Superboy 140 8.5 OW pages, $25.  Crease @ LRFC, date stamp FC.

th_SB142b.jpg th_SB142bbc.jpg th_SB156.jpg th_SB156bc.jpg th_SB158.jpg th_SB158bc.jpg
Superboy 142 8.5 white pages $22.  Neal Adams cover.  Super white, clean and glossy copy, but deep bends upper and lower spine – pressing may help.
Superboy 156 7.0 OW pages $9.  Dint @ top of spine with ¼” tear. “#6” written in “S” on “Superboy on FC.
Superboy 158 8.0 white pages $12.  Thumbnails right edge and LRFC, dint above Superboy’s logo head, spine stresses, stacking indent along spine BC.  Nice, clean, glossy copy.

th_SB159.jpg th_SB159bc.jpg th_SB160b.jpg th_SB160bbc.jpg th_SB162a.jpg th_SB162abc.jpg
Superboy 159 8.5+ OW/W pages $20.  Neal Adams.  Spine tics, rub @ LRFC.
Superboy 160 9.0 OW pages $27.  Neal Adams.  Spine tics, teensy crease @ URFC, dirt BC.
Superboy 162 copy a 9.0 with CR/OW pages.  $15. 

th_SB162b.jpg th_SB162bbc.jpg th_SB163a.jpg th_SB163abc.jpg th_SB163b.jpg th_SB163bbc.jpg
Superboy 162 copy b 8.0 $12.  Pages more white than OW.
Superboy 163 copy a 8.0 $20. OW pages, ADAMS.
Superboy 163 copy b 8.0 $20. White pages, ADAMS. Superboy 166 copy a 8.0/8.5 white pages $22.  Thumbnail at center top FC. Neal Adams Cover.

th_SB166.jpg th_SB166bc.jpg th_SB166b.jpg th_SB166bbc.jpg
Superboy 166 copy a 8.0/8.5 white pages $22.  Thumbnail at center top FC. Neal Adams Cover.
Superboy 166 copy b 9.0 white pages $30.  Bought as 9.2 on boards, but dint at LRFC/LLBC.  Neal
Adams.  Could likely be pressed.

th_SB173.jpg th_SB173bc.jpg th_SB174.jpg th_SB174bc.jpg th_SB175.jpg th_SB175bc.jpg
Superboy 173 9.0 with CR/OW pages, $22.  ADAMS and Legion.
Superboy 174 8.0/8.5 CR/OW pages $25.  Nice and glossy Giant!
Superboy 175 8.0 OW pages $15. Neal Adams Cover!

th_SB206.jpg th_SB206bc.jpg th_superboy212.jpg th_superboy212bc.jpg th_SB266.jpg th_SB266bc.jpg
Superboy 206 8.0 ow pages $4.  Spine stress & stacking indent along spine FC.
Superboy 212 8.5 crow pages $4.  Thumbnail & chip at RE FC, dirt/rubbing along spine BC.  Mike Grell cover!
Superboy 266 7.5 white pages, $2.  Chip at LRFC.

th_ADVSB20.jpg th_ADVSB20bc.jpg  th_SBv2_44.jpg th_SBv2_44bc.jpg th_SB80pg10.jpg th_SB80pg10bc.jpg
Adv of Superboy 20 9.0 white pages $1
Superboy V2 44 9.0 slightly OW pages $1.
Superboy 80 pg Giant 10 8.5 OW/W pages $50.  Slight roll to spine, light foxing at top spine & lower FC, light foxing or dust shadow @ right edge.  “70” in pencil on first inside page.  Dirty BC.


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th_superman172.jpg th_superman172bc.jpg th_superman191.jpg th_superman191bc.jpg th_superman209.jpg th_supermanbc.jpg
Superman 172 stainy rag – free with purchase.
Superman 191 8.5+ OW pages $35 :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Superman 209 8.0/8.5 OW pages $20.  Slight spine and edge wear. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 

th_superman213.jpg th_superman213bc.jpg th_superman218.jpg th_superman218bc.jpg th_SM220.jpg th_SM220bc.jpg
Superman 213 8.0/8.5 slightly ow pages $20.  Halo to inside covers.
Superman 218 8.0 white pages $14.  Bump @ LLFC/LRBC, lower staple is attached.
Superman 220 8.5 ow pages $58.  Rub @ LLFC, spine tics, extremely light atypical fold or printer’s crease @LLBC. Flash battle cover!

th_superman235.jpg th_superman235bc.jpg th_superman239.jpg th_superman239bc.jpg th_superman249.jpg th_superman249bc.jpg
Superman 235 8.5, but CROW, $12.   Awkward Neal Adams cover.
Superman 239 9.0 OW pages $45.  Tough giant. Just bought from GACollectibles as 9.0, but found out I already had a copy. Light fold @ LRFC and LLBC, teensy chip off LLBC/ULBC.  White, clean, and very glossy copy.
Superman 249 7.5 white pages $8.  Just bought off boardie as a 9.0, but way too many NCBs – 9.0 might be grade after pressing.  Kneal Atoms art!!!

th_superman251.jpg th_superman251bc.jpg th_SM263.jpg th_SM263bc.jpg th_SM317.jpg th_SM317bc.jpg  
Superman 251 8.0 CROW pages $12.  Neal Adams.  Tanning halo inside covers, centerfold detach @ top staple only.
Superman 263 8.5/9.0 slightly ow pages $13.  Ruffle bend @ URFC, ¼” hard crease/dent @ ULBC, dent under Superman’s blue elbow.  Semi-classic Neal Adams fiery constipation cover.
Superman 317 9.2 slightly ow pages $35.  Couple of spine tics, small patch of ink transfer BC.  Clean and white book.  Classic Neal Adams I’m turning green with constipation cover. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
th_superman321.jpg th_SM357.jpg th_SM357bc.jpg
Superman 321 5.0 white pages – FREE with purchase! 
Superman 357 7.5/8.0? ow pages – Free with purchase.

th_superman471.jpg th_superman471bc.jpg th_superman497.jpg th_superman497bc.jpg th_superman48.jpg th_superman48bc.jpg
Superman 471 9.2 white pages $1
Superman 497 9.2 white pages $2
Superman 48 9.4/9.6 white pages $2

th_superman50.jpg th_superman50bc.jpg th_superman64.jpg th_superman64bc.jpg th_supermanan4.jpg th_supermanan4bc.jpg
Superman 50 9.0 white pages $2, date written in ink on FC
Superman 64 9.6/9.8 white pages $2
Superman Annual 4 9.4 white pages $2

th_SupFam186.jpg th_SupFam186bc.jpg
Superman Family 186 9.0 OW pages $9.  Tearing at bottom staple FC, wear @ LLFC/LRFC.

th_superfam206.jpg th_superfam206bc.jpg th_SupF207b.jpg th_SupF207bbc.jpg th_SupF222a.jpg th_SupF222abc.jpg
Superman Family 206 9.0 OW/W $7 – 9.2/9.4 structure but chip off URBC.
Superman Family 207 9.0+ white and OW pages $7. Different wraps have different PQ – weird.  Production chip at URFC.
Superman Family 222 9.4 off white pages $13.

th_superSL.jpg th_superSLbc.jpg th_supkrypchron1.jpg th_supkrypchron1bc.jpg
Superman – Just Imagine Stan Lee’s Superman 9.4/9.6 white pages $4
Superman – Krypton Chronicles 1 9.4 white pages $4

th_supMOS1b.jpg th_supMOS1bbc.jpg th_supMOS1c.jpg th_supMOS1cbc.jpg th_supMOS1d.jpg th_supMOS1dbc.jpg
Superman – The Man of Steel 1 copy b 9.2 white pages $1
Superman – The Man of Steel 1 copy c 9.2 white pages $1
Superman – The Man of Steel 1 copy d 9.0/9.2 white pages $1

th_supMOSan1.jpg th_supMOSan1bc.jpg th_80pgG11.jpg th_80pgG11bc.jpg
Superman - The Man of Steel Annual 1 9.2/9.4 white pages $2 – printer’s creases FC.
Superman / Eighty Page Giant 11 7.5 CROW pages, $40.  Dint & small stain @ LRFC.

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