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7 minutes ago, BorderlineHoarder said:

:takeit:  teen titans 25

to me, this is one of the top books offered in the thread!  Congrats and thank you!  :banana:

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On ‎6‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 4:48 PM, lizards2 said:

Tales of Suspense 43 solid 6.0 ow pages $200.  Marvel overhang wear, and chip at right edge FC.  Actually, this is a pretty nice copy - the early TOSs are usually beat to carp. It has the purchase date written in ink at top of first interior page.  Age discoloration along spine. Fifth appearance of Iron Man.



-jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

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6 hours ago, jimjum12 said:



-jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu


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Atom 9, 12, 13a, 16a, Hawkman 11, and House of Mystery 147  

Sold :takeit: via pm

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Posted (edited)


th_MarvPrem4b.jpg th_MarvPrem4bbc.jpg th_TTA41.jpg th_TTA41bc.jpg
Marvel Premiere 4 9.0 ow/w pages $20.  Spine tics for grade.  Stamp and distributor overspray at top edge BC.  FC is bright, clean and very glossy. :news:SOLD!!!:news: 
Tales to Astonish 41 6.5, maybe better, ow/w pages $120.  Antman #8. Very nice, clean copy with spine stresses, ½” and ¼” creases at LLBC, light ¼” fold at ULBC.  Date stamp BC. 


th_action458.jpg th_action458bc.jpg th_bab153.jpg th_bab153bc.jpg th_Challs74.jpg th_Challs74bc.jpg
Action 458  7.5 slightly ow pages, FREE with purchase.  Creases @ LRFC, rust top staple.
Brave and the Bold 153 8.0/8.5 white pages $15.   Rare, low print run Whitman Variant, with no issue number on cover!  Some spine bends and cover overhang ruffling at open edge.  Pretty nice white and clean.  Could probably be squarshed to higher grade, if you swing that way.
Challengers of the Unknown 74 8.5 slightly w/ow pages $25. Deadman – Neal Adams cover!  Couple spine stresses. There is a slight ½” crease @ LRFC, one that in my slab cracking experience, CGC would ignore – I had to use the jeweler’s loupe on it to make sure it was there.  Slight bend back half of book, resulting is a 2 ½” bend @ LLBC.  This book could probably be squarshed to a very HG. 

th_demon4.jpg th_demon4bc.jpg th_tec333.jpg th_tec333bc.jpg th_tec383.jpg th_tec383bc.jpg
Demon 4 8.5 white pages $20. Couple spine tics, ¼” tear at top edge FC, teensy chip @ middle R FC with ¾” thumbnail right below it.  Clean, glossy and white – my original newsstand copy.
Detective 333 8.0/8.5 ow/w pages $50.  Wear upper staple area / spine, hard ½” crease @ ULBC.  Bright, clean and white copy with very little rubbing/dirt @ BC.  Beautiful colors that just pop on this copy!
Detective 383 9.0 cream to white pages $50.  Couple spine tics and some small, light creases @ URFC.  Discolored BC, and tanning halos to inside covers – this issue seems to be very prone to this.  Just popped a CGC 9.4 to replace this copy, and it looked pretty similar.

th_Hawk1.jpg th_Hawk1bc.jpg th_Hawk9.jpg th_Hawk9bc.jpg th_Hawk14.jpg th_Hawk14bc.jpg
Hawkman 1   Apparent 8.0/8.5 with slight color touch, white pages $125.  Bought this book in 1986/1987 from ER Stockton – CT undisclosed.  1” thumbnail @ ULFC blended in with some blue, and at least 5 or more dots of black ink along black spine bar.  Not that easy to see, unless your used to picking up book-monkeying.  A beautiful copy with tremendous eye appeal for a fraction of the price.  Extra white, clean and glossy.
Hawkman 9 8.5 white pages $40. Clean glossy and white.  Spine tics and barely noticeable/visible dints to FC – teensy pockmarks that don’t break color.
Hawkman 14 8.0 white pages $20. Spinner rack stress @ upper staple, and “c” cut to bottom staple, which is still firmly attached to book.  Covers are clean, glossy and white.

th_JL86.jpg th_JL86bc.jpg th_jo119.jpg th_jo119bc.jpg
Jerry Lewis 86 6.0 ow/w pages $15. FC white and clean, BC has some dust shadows.  Spine stressed, and some chips @ top edge FC.  Light bend thru book from URFC to ULBC.  ½” crease at ULBC, bend with partial crease @ LLBC.
Jimmy Olsen 119 8.0 white pages $10.  Looks 9.2, but pressure dent @ middle top edge with small tears.  Fairly clean and glossy.

th_jla4.jpg th_jla4bc.jpg th_jla9.jpg th_jla9bc.jpg th_jla21.jpg th_jla21bc.jpg
Justice League of America 4 3.5/4.0 crow pages $95.  Green Arrow joins JLA.  Chipping @ edges, 1 ½” split at top spine, ½” split above bottom staple.  Everything attached inside and out.  Nicer eye appeal for grade.  Bought as Fine or better off boards.
Justice League of America 9 4.0/4.5 slightly crow pages $120.  Origin of JLA.  Creasing along spine, small bit of moisture damage @ LRFC, 2 ½” crease by Wonder Woman.  Small stain top of BC.  Everything attached inside and out. Bought as Fine or better off boards.  Books has recently gotten hawt.
Justice League of America 21 4.0/4.5 ow/w pages $65.  Deep creases @ bottom of spine, light moisture stains resulting in loss of gloss top open edge BC.  Everything attached inside and out. Crisis on Earth One storyline!  Bought as Fine or better off boards. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 

th_LL71.jpg th_LL71bc.jpg th_ll106b.jpg th_ll106bbc.jpg th_LLan1.jpg th_LLan1bc.jpg
Lois Lane 71 8.0/8.5 ow pages $50. Spine stress with thumbnail at mid-spine FC, intact chip @ LRFC.  Second Catwoman appearance.
Lois Lane 106 copy b 5.5 ow pages $70. 1/8” tear below bottom staple, and right edge FC.  Rounded corners, stain & foxing BC.  Impact dint LLFC/LRBC.  Affordable copy of the classic, “I Am Curious (Black)”!!!  :news:  SOLD!!!  :news: 
Lois Lane Annual 1 7.0 ow/w pages $40.  Big ol’ impact dent at LLFC/LRBC.  Tip chip @ LRFC.  Still a nice book.

th_show53.jpg th_show53bc.jpg th_show54.jpg th_show54bc.jpg th_Show67cgc9.2.jpg
Showcase 53 8.5 white pages $58.  GI Joe by Kubert! A couple of mid-spine cracks FC, and @ bottom spine BC.  Bundle tie dint at center bottom bc. Rub on tip of LRFC.  Very nice, white and clean copy!
Showcase 54 7.5/8.0 ow pages $38. GI Joe by Kubert!  Spine cracks for wear, sun(?) discoloration @ ULBC.  Fairly nice, white and clean FC.
Showcase 67 CGC 9.2 ow pages $75.  B’wana Beast – an easy target if you wish to collect them all!

th_supes237.jpg th_supes237bc.jpg th_SupFam169.jpg th_SupFam169bc.jpg
Superman 237 9.0 ow/w pages /$15.  Age toning @ cover edges.  Neal Adams cover.
Superman Family 169 7.5 white pages $9. Light ¾” diagonal thumbnail @ URFC, light bends @ ULBC, cover overhang ruffling elsewhere. Very white and clean.  That isn’t a stain on FC to the right of “Family” – many copies seem to have a printing anomaly in that area.

th_TT47.jpg th_TT47bc.jpg th_tomahawk134.jpg th_tomahawk134bc.jpg
Teen Titans 47 9.0 white pages $18. 1/3” diagonal thumbnail at LLFC, and corner wear @ LLFC spine tip.
Tomahawk 134 9.0 white pages $15. Couple spine stresses @ mid-spine, and soft corner @ LRFC.  Kubert cover! :news:SOLD!!!:news: 

th_ww214.jpg th_ww214bc.jpg th_ww285.jpg th_ww285bc.jpg th_wf239.jpg th_wf239bc.jpg
Wonder Woman 214 8.0+ ow pages $40. ½” split @ bottom spine FC.  Front cover clean and white.  Tough black cover / Tough 100 Page Giant!!!
Wonder Woman 285 8.5 ow pages $3. Micro creases @ URFC and LRFC, light thumbnail @ ULFC.  Spine is perfect
World’s Finest 239 6.5ish ow/w pages – FREE with purchase.  Foxing FC.

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Posted (edited)

th_BA29.jpg th_BA29bc.jpg th_BA30.jpg th_BA30bc.jpg
Bizarre Adventures 29 $14 NM- or better.  Original newsstand purchase, white pages. Stephen King’s The Lawnmower Man.  
Bizarre Adventures 30 $14 NM- or better.  Original newsstand purchase, white pages. Paradox.

th_TCJ142.jpg th_TCJ142bc.jpg th_TCJ147.jpg th_TCJ147bc.jpg
Comics Journal 142 Front looks 8.0ish, but water drops on BC – 7.0? $3.  CR/OW pages.
Comics Journal 147 9.0 CR/OW pages $10.

th_crazy5.jpg th_crazy5bc.jpg th_crazy6.jpg th_crazy6bc.jpg th_crazy14.jpg th_crazy14bc.jpg
Crazy 5 $12  Original newsstand purchase.  White pages.  I'll go a straight 8.0 on these for fingerprints, front and back.
Crazy 6 $4 - original newsstand purchase, white pages, about a 6.5 for dirt rubs and some light creases on the FC.
Crazy 14 $4 - original newsstand purchase, nice gloss, white pages and all that jazz, but has that unfortunate crease at the URFC.  Famous "Revenge in Peoria" back cover.  I'll go a 7.0 with some redeeming qualities.

th_DHKF24a.jpg th_DHKF24abc.jpg th_DHKF24b.jpg th_DHKF24bbc.jpg th_DHKF27.jpg th_DHKF27bc.jpg
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 24 copy a 9.0/9.2 OW pages $30.  Light spine cracks at mid-spine.
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 24 copy b 9.0 CROW pages $24.  Spine cracks mid-spine and top spine.
Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 27 6.0 slightly OW pages $6.  Crushing top edge, moisture puckering open edge.  :news:  SOLD!!!  :news: 

th_DracLives1.jpg th_DracLives1bc.jpg   th_DLSA1.jpg th_DLSA1bc.jpg th_foom3.jpg th_foom3bc.jpg th_foom3int.jpg
Dracula Lives 1 6.0 $9.  1” spine split below middle staple, CROWing pages, NCB stuff.  Boris cover.
Dracula Lives Super Annual 1 9.2 OW pages $45.  Some minor finger dents – pretty dang nice copy.
FOOM! 3 8.0/8.5 white pages $35.  Intact chip @URFC, small bum @ ULFC, small stains above Thor’s hammer on BC.  Five interior puzzles are filled in with pen and pencil.  My original copy, so very clean and white.  Infinity cover!  Collect them all!!

th_foom4b.jpg th_foom4bbc.jpg th_foom5.jpg th_foom5bc.jpg th_foom13.jpg th_foom13bc.jpg
FOOM!  4 copy b About 5.5/6.0 in appearance, but coupon clipped back cover.  Steranko Biography.  One back issue coupon completed inside, but no other coupons/puzzles filled in.  $5.  :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
FOOM!  5  $15 6.5/7.0. Minute spine roll, clean, sub label on BC. Writing in pencil on the two "The Irving Awards 1973" pages. I would call this copy a keeper, if you collect fanzine material.
FOOM! 13 7.0 white pages, $12.  Pencil mark front cover, small stain on back cover.  My buddy from high school, Joe’s copy.   Dint @ URFC/ULBC.  No interior writing or coupons clipped.

th_heritage1.jpg th_heritage1bc.jpg th_heritage2.jpg th_heritage2bc.jpg
Heritage Catalog Feb 24-25, 2011 a 9.0 white pages $10.
Heritage Catalog Feb 24-25, 2011 b 9.2 white pages $10. 

th_Heri5620111a.jpg th_Heri5620111abc.jpg th_Heri5620111b.jpg th_Heri5620111bbc.jpg
Heritage Catalog May 5-6, 2011 Twin Cities 9.2 white pages $10.  Small dint @ URFC.
Heritage Catalog May 5-6, 2011 9.0 white pages $10.  Dint at URFC/ULBC.

th_MSSMag11.jpg th_MSSMag11bc.jpg th_MSSMag12.jpg th_MSSMag12bc.jpg th_MSSMag13.jpg th_MSSMag13bc.jpg
Marvel Comics Super Special 11/12/13 set.   $35  11/12 9.4/9.6, 13 9.2. White pages, original newsstand purchases, that absolutely no one wants.  Weirdworld / Warriors of the Shadow Realm – awesome art.

th_MMP1.jpg th_MMP1bc.jpg th_MPre24.jpg th_MPre24bc.jpg
Marvel Movie Premiere 1 $6  7.0, Land That Time Forgot, original newsstand purchase, white pages. Grade due to spine cracks – very nice copy.
Marvel Preview 24 $16 9.4/9.6 white pages.

th_MonU5.jpg th_MonU5bc.jpgth_MU11b.jpg th_MU11bbc.jpg
Monsters Unleashed 5 9.2 OW pages $44.  Man-Thing – really nice 9.2 –dint at LRFC, slight stacking dent at BC spine.
Monsters Unleashed 11 9.0 OW pages $22.

th_POA8.jpg th_POA8bc.jpg th_POA10.jpg th_POA10bc.jpg
Planet of the Apes 9 7.0 crow pages $7. Glue rumpling along spine on FC, thumbnail creases FC bottom and right edge.
Planet of the Apes 10 7.5 crow pages $10.  Looks 8.5 from FC, but scrapes at LLBC.

th_POA18.jpg th_POA18bc.jpgth_POA18_1.jpg th_POA18bc_1.jpg
Planet of the Apes 18 copy a 8.0 OW pages $14.  Small tear @ LLFC, puckering along tope edge FC, small partial crease @ LRFC.
Planet of the Apes 18 copy b 9.0 OW pages $22.  Dint @ URFC that barely travels through to back.  Little bit of stacking indent along spine.

th_POA19.jpg th_POA19bc.jpg th_POA23.jpg th_POA23bc.jpg th_POA27.jpg th_POA27bc.jpg
Planet of the Apes 19 8.0+ crow pages $15.  Dints @ URFC/LLFC/LRFC, foxing top edge BC, tiny thumbnail at Ape’s right thumb.
Planet of the Apes 23 8.5 OW/W pages $18.  Crease @ URFC and a few finger dents BC.  Very clean w/ straight spine.
Planet of the Apes 27 4.0 (?) crow pages $5.  Small piece of tape at LRFC and almost every LR interior page holding corner chips or siamese folds in place – really bizarre.  Book would be about 6.0 without this monkey business.

th_PFaPS25.jpg th_PFaPS25bc.jpg th_sscan1.jpg th_sscan1bc.jpg
Plastic Figure & Play Set Collector 25 9.2 white pages $25.  Original newsstand purchase by me.
Savage Sword of Conan Super Annual 1 9.2 crow pages $28.  Slight wear at open edge corner tips.  Discoloration @ top edge BC is from interior pages.

th_smilined1.jpg th_smilined1bc.jpg th_smilined2.jpg th_smilined2bc.jpg th_strip20.jpg th_strip20bc.jpg
Smilin’ Ed Comics Set 1 & 2 $10  – Fred Hembeck – 1 9.0 and 2 9.2, clean and white.  Something Mike Richardson convinced me to buy when he was my local neighborhood comic dealer.
Strip 20 $8  9.0, white pages, corner bump at LLBC, and bend at top of spine from being to #%@$ big to fit into any standard storage arrangement, although the book does lay flat.  Marvel Comics. Apparently a Walt Simonson cover. There is all that rubbing scut at the corners of the front cover, but it appears to be purposeful as part of the art as far as I can tell – call it a VF or VF+ if you want.

th_toz2.jpg th_toz2bc.jpg th_toz2.jpg th_toz2bc.jpg th_toz3.jpg th_toz3bc.jpg th_toz3tape.jpg
Tales of the Zombie 2 copy a 7.0 OW pages $20.  Nips @ upper center FC, URFC/LRFC, spine tips.  2nd appearance of Brother Voodoo.
Tales of the Zombie 2 copy b 9.0 slightly ow pages $42.  2nd appearance of Brother Voodoo. Bounty Coder 9.0 which I agree with. Light dint @ LRFC, “#2” impression on FC where someone marked the issue # on the bag at one time, and the pressure transferred to the book. Pretty nice copy of a hard to find in HG magazine.
Tales of the Zombie 3 7.0/7.5??  OW/W pages $12.  I think this was sold to me as an 8.5/9.0 off the boards, but had that small piece of undisclosed tape on the BC.  Loss of color/gloss @ LRFC, some foxing to interior covers.  Date stamp on FC, “SEP 20 1973”.  Nice appearing copy if you keep it in mylar with a backing board.

th_TODrac6.jpg th_TODrac6bc.jpg th_USF4.jpg th_USF4bc.jpg th_Xena1.jpg th_Xena1bc.jpg
Tomb of Dracula 6 7.5/8.0 slightly OW pages $6.  Mid-spine cracks, dint w/ light crease URFC, light residue/indents @ URFC/ULFC.
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction 4 9.0 OW pages, $20.  Nice, clean and white covers.  Just a beautiful Brunner cover!   Very minor dint @ URFC/ULBC, dint @ LRFC/LLBC.
Xena Magazine 1 9.6 white pages $40.  One production dint near bottom spine BC. Original newsstand purchase by me.

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deadly hands kung fu 27


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Lois Lane 106, JLA 21

take per pm

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13 hours ago, Nuttzo said:

deadly hands kung fu 27



12 hours ago, Nuttzo said:

Lois Lane 106, JLA 21

take per pm

Thanks for your repeat business!  :banana: 

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Posted (edited)

th_airboy5.jpg th_airboy5bc.jpg th_ArmyOD2.jpg th_ArmyOD2bc.jpg th_astroC9.jpg th_astroC9bc.jpg
Airboy 5 9.2 white pages $8.
Army of Darkness 2 8.5/9.0 white pages $7. Bend @ upper staple on FC, dint @ URBC.  Bolton art!!!
Astro City 9 9.0/9.2 white pages $1.  Some spine ticks.

th_toh13.jpg th_toh13bc.jpg th_BeagleBoys10.jpg th_BeagleBoys10bc.jpg
Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror 13 9.0 white pages $2.  Light thumbnail at mid-right edge FC & couple of spine ticks.  Fun series!
Beagle Boys 10 7.5 CROW $6.  Issue # written below logo box in pen.

th_BeagleBoys19.jpg th_BeagleBoys19bc.jpg th_BeagleBoys20.jpg th_BeagleBoys20bc.jpg th_BeagleBoys21.jpg th_BeagleBoys21bc.jpg
Beagle Boys 19 8.0 OW $5.  NCB wear, issue # written in ink of FC.
Beagle Boys 20 8.5 W $8.
Beagle Boys 21 7.0/7.5 W $4.  NCB wear.

th_BeagleBoys22b.jpg th_BeagleBoys22bbc.jpg th_BeagleBoys23b.jpg th_BeagleBoys23bbc.jpg th_BeagleBoys24.jpg th_BeagleBoys24bc.jpg
Beagle Boys 22 6.5 W $3.  Bottom staple ½ attached.
Beagle Boys 23 8.0/8.5 W $5.
Beagle Boys 24 8.5/9.0 W $6.  NCB wear.

th_BeagleBoys27a.jpg th_BeagleBoys27abc.jpg th_BeagleBoys27b.jpg th_BeagleBoys27bbc.jpg th_BeagleBoys28.jpg th_BeagleBoys28bc.jpg
Beagle Boys 27 copy a 7.5 W $4.  Looks like someone attempted to press?  Gloss is funky on FC, stacking indent along length of spine.
Beagle Boys 27 copy b 9.0/9.2 OW $7.
Beagle Boys 28 9.0 OW pages $7.  Light indents on FC from someone using as writing pad, otherwise NM.

th_BeagleBoys30.jpg th_BeagleBoys30bc.jpg th_BeagleBoys31.jpg th_BeagleBoys31bc.jpg th_BeagleBoys44.jpg th_BeagleBoys44bc.jpg
Beagle Boys 30 9.0 W $6.  Whitman.
Beagle Boys 31 8.5 W $4.  Whitman.
Beagle Boys 44 8.5/9.0 W $6.  File copy.

th_BeagleBoys47.jpg th_BeagleBoys47bc.jpg th_BeagleBoys47b.jpg th_BeagleBoys47bbc.jpg th_BBVSUS3b.jpg th_BBVSUS3bbc.jpg th_BBVSUS5.jpg th_BBVSUS5bc.jpg
Beagle Boys 47 copy a 8.0 W $4.
Beagle Boys 47 copy b 9.0+ OW pages $6  
Beagle Boys vs. Uncle Scrooge 3 copy b 9.0 W $4.
Beagle Boys vs. Uncle Scrooge 5 9.0/9.2 W $6.

th_blho1.jpg th_blho2.jpg th_blho3.jpg
Black Hole set 1-3 6.0 white pages $9.

th_BB50.jpg th_BB58bc.jpg th_BBV2-2.jpg th_BBV2-2bc.jpg th_BBV2-4.jpg th_BBV2-4bc.jpg
Blue Beetle 50 6.5 CROW pages $12.
Blue Beetle V2 #2 (1964) 4.0 CROW pages $3.  BF crease @ LRFC, Typing on cover. :news:  SOLD!!! :news: 
Blue Beetle 4 (1965) 4.5 CROW pages $3.  BF crease @ LRFC, Bert and Ernie smear BC. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 

th_beetle74.jpg th_beetle74bc.jpg th_boy73.jpg th_boy73bc.jpg
Beetle Bailey 74 3.5 white pages $1. Very well read and loved book – centerfold detached.
Boy 73 4.0 CROW pages $15.  A few chips missing.  Iron Jaw cover and story. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 

th_BugsBVacationF9.jpg th_BugsBVacationF9bc.jpg th_bugs209.jpg th_bugs209bc.jpg
Bugs Bunnet Vacation Funnies 9 1.0 OW $1.  BC neatly severed. :news:  SOLD!!!!  :news: 
Bugs Bunny 209 8.5 white pages $4.  NCB stuff, mostly @ spine.  Super clean and white.  Whitman version.  Recently released from multi-pack.

Edited by lizards2

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th_captatom88.jpg th_captatom88bc.jpg th_capcan3.jpg th_capcan3bc.jpg th_capcan11.jpg th_capcan11bc.jpg
Captain Atom 88 9.2 structure, but browning inside covers, miscut, OW pages, $22.   Ditko!  Nightshade!
Captain Canuck 3 9.2 white pages $6.  Extra newsstand copy.
Captain Canuck 11 9.2 OW/W pages $6.  Extra newsstand copy.

th_captV1.jpg th_captV1bc.jpg th_ccHerc1.jpg th_ccHerc1bc.jpg th_ci1.jpg th_ci1bc.jpg
Captain Victory 1 9.4 white pages $10.  Extra newsstand copy.  King Kirby!
Charlton Classics Presents Hercules 1 9.6 white pages $10.  Extra newsstand copy.  Glanzman art.
Classics Illustrated 1 7.0/7.5 white pages $5. The Three Musketeers.  HRN = 169.  If I had a last name like Dumas, I would probably change it….,

th_ci2.jpg th_ci2bc.jpg th_ComcsInt32.jpg th_ComcsInt32bc.jpg th_TCR177.jpg th_TCR177bc.jpg
Classics Illustrated 2 7.0 white pages $4. Ivanhoe.  HRN = 169.
Comics Interview 32 9.0 white pages $3.  Spine ticks.
Comic Reader 177 9.2 white to cream pages $10. Catwoman / Batwoman sexy cover, with bare…, nevermind.

th_daisyanddon4.jpg th_daisyanddon4bc.jpg th_daisyanddon4b.jpg th_daisyanddon4bbc.jpg th_daisyanddon7.jpg th_daisyanddon7bc.jpg
Daisy and Donald 4 copy a 8.5+ whitey white pages $10 - My original newsstand copy!
Daisy and Donald 4 copy b 9.0 white pages $12.  Barks.
Daisy and Donald 7 6.0 white pages $3.  Water stain BC.

th_daisyanddon9.jpg th_daisyanddon9bc.jpg th_daisyanddon10.jpg th_daisyanddon10bc.jpg th_DandD50.jpg th_DandD50bc.jpg
Daisy and Donald 9 8.0/8.5 white pages $7.
Daisy and Donald 10 9.2/9.4 white pages $15.  Micor-chad @ LRFC.
Daisy and Donald 50 8.5/9.0 slightly OW pages $7.

th_defiance1.jpg th_defiance1bc.jpg
Defiance 1 9.6 white pages $5.

th_DTM33.jpg th_DTM33bc.jpg th_dtm51.jpg th_dtm51bc.jpg th_DTM54.jpg th_DTM54bc.jpg
Dennis the Menace 33 4.5 ow pages $10. Age toned inside covers.  Actually a pretty nice copy of an early Dennis.
Dennis the Menace 51 6.0 OW pages $5.  Chip at top edge of FC, issue # written on BC.
Dennis the Menace 54 4.0 ow pages $3. Some abrasive wipes to FC, big crease across BC which goes into some interior pages. Tanning halo inside covers.

th_dtm85.jpg th_dtm85bc.jpg th_DTM87.jpg th_DTM87bc.jpg
Dennis the Menace 85 6.5 OW pages $5.  
Dennis the Menace 87 2.5 ow pages $1.

th_DTM90.jpg th_DTM90bc.jpg th_DTM99.jpg th_DTM99bc.jpg th_DTM100.jpg th_DTM100bc.jpg
Dennis the Menace 90 3.0 ow pages $1. Heavy spine roll.
Dennis the Menace 99 7.0 ow pages $6.  2 ½” crease LLBC, “99” written in ink on BC.
Dennis the Menace 100 3.0 white pages $1.  Chew to ULFC/URBC.

th_DTM110.jpg th_DTM110bc.jpg th_DTM114.jpg th_DTM114bc.jpg th_DTM116.jpg th_DTM116bc.jpg
Dennis the Menace 110 3.5 white pages $1. Spine roll.  My name written in marker on top margin of first inside page.  I’m not sure what insufficiently_thoughtful_person did that…,
Dennis the Menace 114 6.0 white pages $3.
Dennis the Menace 116 6.5 ow pages $3. Indented lower staple, with small tear just above that on spine. “#116” written in ink on BC.

th_DTM117.jpg th_DTM117bc.jpg th_DTM122.jpg th_DTM122bc.jpg th_DTM81BS.jpg th_DTM81BSbc.jpg
Dennis the Menace 117 6.5 ow pages $3. “#117” written in ink on BC.
Dennis the Menace 122 3.5 ow pages $1. Two creases down center of FC, “#122” written in ink on BC.
Dennis the Menace Bonus Special 81 4.5 white pages $2.

th_DTM90BS.jpg th_DTM90BSbc.jpg th_DTM93BS.jpg th_DTM93BSbc.jpg th_DTM94BS.jpg th_DTM94BSbc.jpg
Dennis the Menace Bonus Special 90 3.5 white pages $1. Spine roll.
Dennis the Menace Bonus Special 93 4.0 white pages $1.
Dennis the Menace Bonus Special 94 6.0 slightly ow pages $3. Some foxing to covers.


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th_dsolar3.jpg th_dsolar3bc.jpg th_dsolar23.jpg th_dsolar23bc.jpg th_dsolar25.jpg th_dsolar25bc.jpg
Doctor Solar 3 6.5 OW pages $25.  Beautiful painted cover!  Creases at LRFC that are hard to see in scan.  Curl @ URFC/ULBC that ends in chip and crease on BC.  A really nice appearing 6.5.
Doctor Solar 23 8.5 OW pages $20.  Crease and small tear at right edge FC.
Doctor Solar 25 7.5?? $12.  Looks 9.0 but CROW pages, some foxing on inside covers, sticker impression (3/4” – ½”) below Gold Key logo box.

th_DD201.jpg th_DD201bc.jpg th_dd206.jpg th_dd206bc.jpg th_DD208.jpg th_DD208bc.jpg
Donald Duck 201 8.5/9.0 white pages $6.
Donald Duck 206 6.0 white pages $2.  My original newsstand copy.  NCB stuff.
Donald Duck 208 7.5 white pages $3.  Slight spine roll, crease at ULBC.

th_DDADV32.jpg th_DDADV32bc.jpg th_Dopindan2.jpg th_Dopindan2bc.jpg th_dreadstar.5.jpg th_dreadstar.5bc.jpg th_eman3.jpg th_eman3bc.jpg
Donald Duck Adventures 32 white pages 9.0 $2.  Production tear below top staple front and back cover.
Dopin’ Dan 2 8.0/8.5 (?) slightly OW pages $15.  Bought as NM from EggsActly before he passed.  I should have inspected it – light foxing line down open edge FC, small chip at LLFC, rusty staples with virtually no migration to cover/pages.  Parachute cover!  Comes with the little strips of paper he left in the bag, notating the date and the grade he gave it.
Dreadstar 1/2 9.0 white pages FREE with purchase.  Extremely light bend @ center of FC.
E-Man 3 6.5 white pages – FREE with purchase. Cover detached from top staple.

th_FireB1.jpg th_FireB1bc.jpg th_FireB2.jpg th_FireB2bc.jpg th_FireB3.jpg th_FireB3bc.jpg
FireBreather 1-3 set 9.2/9.4 white pages $5.

th_FlashGordon3.jpg th_FlashGordon3bc.jpg th_FlashG3.jpg th_FlashG3bc.jpg th_FlashG4.jpg th_FlashG4bc.jpg
Flash Gordon 3 copy a 7.0/7.5 white pages $10.
Flash Gordon 3 copy b 9.0 ow/w pages $15.  Soft URFC but no crease.  Nice copy with a beautiful cover!  Williamson cover.
Flash Gordon 4 9.0 ow pages $15.  Spine tics FC, crimp on BC upper left edge, teensy crease @ LLBC. Nice copy with a beautiful cover!  Williamson cover and art.

th_FlashG5.jpg th_FlashG5bc.jpg th_FlashG6.jpg th_FlashG6bc.jpg th_flashgordon24.jpg th_flashgordon24bc.jpg
Flash Gordon 5 8.5 ow pages $10.  Dint @ ULFC/URBC, slight NCB fold @ URFC, bends at lower spine BC only. Williamson cover and art.
Flash Gordon 6 9.0+ ow pages $15.  A few spine tics, wrinkles @ lower staple BC only.  Nice copy with a beautiful cover!  Crandall art.
Flash Gordon 24 8.5 white pages $4.  From Whitman 3-pack?

th_RangeR15.jpg th_RangeR15bc.jpg th_fly14.jpg th_fly14bc.jpg th_fly16.jpg th_fly16bc.jpg
The Flying A’s Range Rider 15 5.0 OW pages, $7.  Nice clean white copy.  Small creases @ corners, chip @ LRFC.  
Fly 14 .5/1.0 Chunky, junky, free with purchase.
Fly 16 2.0 or so, free with purchase.

th_FlyMan32.jpg th_FlyMan32bc.jpg th_flyman34.jpg th_flyman34bc.jpg
Fly Man 32 6.0 OW/W pages $5.  Some small chips of interior page corners. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
Fly Man 34 7.0 white pages $5.  Blazing white covers, stacking bend at bottom edge FC. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 

th_flyman37.jpg th_flyman37bc.jpg th_flyman38.jpg th_flyman38bc.jpg th_FlyingNun1.jpg th_FlyingNun1bc.jpg
Fly Man 37 8.5+/9.0 white pages $20.  Beautiful copy with spinner rack bends at upper staple.  Looks fresh off newsstand. :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
Fly Man 38 8.5 slightly OW pages $16.  Spine stress for grade :news: SOLD!!! :news: 
Flying Nun 1 3.5 white pages $7.  Date in ink on cover.

th_FC631.jpg th_FC631bc.jpg th_FC639.jpg th_FC639bc.jpg th_FC895.jpg th_FC895bc.jpg
Four Color 631 2.5 OW/W pages $9.
Four Color 639 4.0 OW pages $15.  
Four Color 895 3.5 OW $9.

th_GhHaunts33.jpg th_GhHaunts33bc.jpg th_GhHaunts42.jpg th_GhHaunts42bc.jpg th_GhManor5.jpg th_GhManor5bc.jpg
Ghostly Haunts 33 4.0 white pages $1.  Browning inside covers and some foxing. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 
Ghostly Haunts 42 4.0 white pages $1.  Tanning inside covers, chip at URFC, some foxing. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 
Ghost Manor 5 4.5 slightly OW pages $1.:news:SOLD!!! :news: 

th_Steady1.jpg th_Steady1bc.jpg th_GGS2.jpg th_GGS2bc.jpg
Going Steady V4 #1 Wall of Heads Cover!  4.0 ow pages $50.  Chips @ lower staple & top/bottom of spine.  Date stamp FC.  Hard to find, gruesome cover, with headlights wrapped in a tight sweater and a pageboy haircut! :news:SOLD!!! :news: 
Grimm’s Ghost Stories 2 9.4 OW pages $20.  Why do I have this?  I’m such a sucker for HG comics.  Teensy, teensy crease at LRFC.

th_harb6.jpg th_harb6bc.jpg th_Herbie18.jpg  th_Herbie18bc.jpg th_HowToDraw.jpg th_HowToDrawbc.jpg
Harbinger 6 9.4 white, except missing Harbinger #0 coupon.  $5.
Herbie 18 FREE with purchase.  Book does not lay flat.  Spine split from bottom lower staple down. :news:FREE!!! :news: 
How to Draw Comics Comic 9.0 white pages $2.  John Byrne.

th_HDL20.jpg th_HDL20bc.jpg th_HDL23.jpg th_HDL23bc.jpg th_HDL25.jpg th_HDL25bc.jpg
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 20 7.0 white pages $4.  NCB wear.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 23 7.0 white pages $4.  NCB wear.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 25 7.0 white pages $5.  Barks.

th_HDL31b.jpg th_HDL31bbc.jpg th_HDL34.jpg th_HDL34bc.jpg th_HDL42.jpg th_HDL42bc.jpg
Huey, Dewey & Louie, Junior Woodchucks 31 8.5 white pages $6.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 34 9.2/9.4 slightly OW pages $12.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 42 8.5+ white pages $5.  Web-creasing at LRFC.

th_HDL43.jpg th_HDL43bc.jpg th_HDL46.jpg th_HDL46bc.jpg th_HDL53b.jpg th_HDL53bbc.jpg
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 43 8.5 white pages $5.  Light crease at middle REFC.  Nice and white all over.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 46 8.5+ white pages $6.  NM FC but 1 ½” crease at LLBC.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 53 7.0 white pages $3.

th_HDL59.jpg th_HDL59bc.jpg th_HDL69.jpg th_HDL69bc.jpg th_HDL76.jpg th_HDL76bc.jpg
Huey, Dewey and Louie, Junior Woodchucks 59 9.0 slightly OW pages $7.
Huey, Dewey & Louie, Jr. Woodchucks 69 9.2 white pages $10.  Whitman.
Huey, Dewey & Louie, Jr. Woodchucks 76 9.2 white pages $16.  Whitman pre-pack only, scarce.

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th_Invaders4.jpg th_Invaders4bc.jpg th_JaguarGod0.jpg th_JaguarGod0bc.jpg
The Invaders 4 7.0 white pages $15.  Nice appearing book, but NCB surface wear.  Date stamp FC.
Jaguar God 0 9.2 white pages $4.  Blip at LRBC.  Frazetta/Bisley.

th_jetsons3.jpg th_jetsons3bc.jpg th_Jetsons15.jpg th_Jetsons15bc.jpg th_Jetsons18.jpg th_Jetsons18bc.jpg
Jetsons 3 7.0 white pages $15.  Crease at LRFC and left edge BC.  
Jetsons 15 6.5 ow/w pages $10.  Very slight spine roll.
Jetsons 18 6.5 cr/ow pages $8.  Slight spine roll, rust on staples, no gloss.

th_JQ1.jpg th_JQ1bc.jpg th_JH190.jpg th_JH190bc.jpg th_JCP1.jpg th_JCP2.jpg
Jonny Quest 1 8.5 white pages – FREE with purchase. Perfect except for impact bump @ bottom spine.
Jughead 190 2.0 crow Rag – FREE with purchase. Moisture damage.  Classic sexual inuendo cover.
Junior Carrot Patrol 1 & 2 set 8.5/8.5++ white pages $3.   Bob Burden / Rick Geary

th_JPRaptor2.jpg th_JPRaptor2bc.jpg th_KK17.jpg th_KK17bc.jpg
Jurassic Park Raptor 2 $1.  Bagged with cards – appears 9.2 through the wrapper.
Katy Keene 17 9.2 white pages $3.  Spine dint.

th_LegCuster.jpg th_LegCusterbc.jpg th_LooneyTunes26.jpg th_LooneyTunes26bc.jpg th_LoversLane14.jpg th_LoversLane14bc.jpg
Legend of Custer 1 4.0 crow pages.  FREE with purchase.  Foxing, rips, chips, creases.
Looney Tunes 26 9.2 white pages $4.  Whitman, printing ink error line running down FC.
Lovers’ Lane 14 2.0 OW pages $8.  Cover detached from staple.  Erotic, neurotic fiction!

th_Magnus13a.jpg th_Magnus13abc.jpg th_Magnus17cgc9.6s.jpg th_Magnus17cgcbc.jpg th_Magnus19cgc9.4s.jpg th_Magnus19cgcbc.jpg
Magnus Robot Fighter 13 9.2 white pages $65.  A few spine tics, most notable the one at the lower staple.
Magnus Robot Fighter 17 CGC 9.6 OW pages $200.  File Copy.  Beautiful Russ Manning art.
Magnus Robot Fighter 19 CGC 9.4 OW/W pages $125.  Beautiful Russ Manning art.

th_Magnus26.jpg th_Magnus26bc.jpg th_Magnus27.jpg th_Magnus27bc.jpg th_Magnus28.jpg th_Magnus28bc.jpg
Magnus, Robot Fighter 26 8.5+ white pages $24.  Pinch or stacking indent LLFC, barely breaks color.
Magnus, Robot Fighter 27 8.0 white pages $15.  Spine stress, and 1” thumbnail @ URFC.  ¼” pressure dent/tear thru upper margin of several interior pages (not really that much different than raker marks, but I don’t think it is from production.)
Magnus, Robot Fighter 28 7.5 white pages $18. Book looks better in scan, but lots of NCB creasing along spine. Not sure if completely pressable, but it would sure help.  Last issue of series that had original content.

th_magnus29.jpg th_magnus29bc.jpg th_Mandrake1.jpg th_Mandrake1bc.jpg th_Mandrake5.jpg th_Mandrake5bc.jpg
Magnus 29 9.2 white pages $1.
Mandrake the Magician 1 3.5 slightly ow pages $5
Mandrake the Magician 5 8.5 white pages $8.  I think I got this in a 3-pack when I was a kid.

th_marspatrol4.jpg th_marspatrol4bc.jpg th_marsP4.jpg th_marsP4bc.jpg th_marsP5.jpg th_marsP5bc.jpg
M.A.R.S. Patrol, Total War 4 copy a 8.0/8.5, $10.  Pinch at lower spine, one small moisture dot on BC.
M.A.R.S. Patrol 4 copy b 9.0 OW pages $14.  “4” written on front cover.  Light foxing.
M.A.R.S. Patrol 5 6.5 (?) white pages, $5.  Looks real nice, like 9.0, but NCB fold upper 2/3s of front cover, through

M.A.R.S. Patrol on through blue guy on right hand side of front cover.

th_marsP7.jpg th_marsP7bc.jpg th_marspatrol8.jpg th_marspatrol8bc.jpg
M.A.R.S. Patrol 7 9.0 OW pages $14.  Light sticker discoloration below logo box.  Light foxing front cover.
M.A.R.S. Patrol 8 8.5 CROW pages $8.

th_MickeyMouse52.jpg th_MickeyMouse52bc.jpg th_mickey174.jpg th_mickey174bc.jpg th_mickeyenergy.jpg th_mickeyenergybc.jpg
Mickey Mouse 52 3.5 OW pages $4.
Mickey Mouse 174 7.0 white pages $4.  Rubbing wear on FC.
Mickey Mouse and Goofy Explore Energy Conservation 6.5 white pages $4.  NCB war and spine cracks.

th_MightySampson15.jpg th_MightySampson15bc.jpg th_miracleman9.jpg th_miracleman9bc.jpg th_miracleman10.jpg th_miracleman10bc.jpg
Mighty Samson 15 7.5 white pages $7.
Miracleman 9 9.0+ white pages $8.
Miracleman 10 9.0 OW pages $5.

th_mouseg.jpg th_mousegbc.jpg th_NationalVelvet2.jpg th_NationalVelvet2bc.jpg th_phantom23.jpg th_phantom23bc.jpg
Mouse Guard – Legends of the Guard  V3 #4 7.5/8.0??  FREE with purchase. Corner bump at URFC that travels through ½ the book.  Awesome stuff!
National Velvet 2 7.0 OW pages $10.
Phantom 23 8.5/9.0 slightly ow pages $10.  Small crease @ LRFC, intact chips @ bottom spine and LLBC.

th_PinkP65.jpg th_PinkP65bc.jpg th_ptdgkfkangs.jpg th_ptdgkfkangsBC.jpg th_RomStory122.jpg th_RomStory122bc.jpg
Pink Panther 65 9.6 white pages $10.  Printer’s crease FC in green area near tip of tail.  Whitman version.  Recently released from multi-pack.
Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos 2 7.5 OWW pages – FREE with purchase.  NCB stuff for grade.
Romantic Story 122 8.0 CROW to OW pages $8. Bobby Sherman on the cover, girls!  Kind of a rapey cover, and story inside.  Age toning, wear @ URFC/LRFC

th_SecretW1.jpg th_SecretW1bc.jpg th_sgtpreston16.jpg th_sgtpreston16bc.jpg th_solar23.jpg th_solar23bc.jpg
Secret Weapons 1 8.5 white pages FREE with purchase.  Spine crinkles.
Sergeant Preston 16 4.0 OW pages $6.  Teensy rust at bottom staple on the interior.  Forest Fire cover!!!
Solar 23 9.2 whiter pages $1.  Stacking indent along spine FC.

th_StarTrek54.jpg th_StarTrek54bc.jpg th_spirit2.jpg th_spirit2bc.jpg
Star Trek 54 4.0 white pages $2:news:SOLD!!! :news: 
Spirit – The Origin Years 2 9.4 white pages $3.

th_starslayer5.jpg th_starslayer5bc.jpg th_sss77.jpg th_sss77bc.jpg
Starslayer 5  8.5 white pages, $6.  Grade mostly due to wear at top edge BC.   2nd Groo Appearance.
Strange Suspense Stories 77 2.0 $5.  Tear through entire book at center of open edge. Captain Atom by Ditko. :news:SOLD!!  :news: 


th_SuperGoof10.jpg th_SuperGoof10bc.jpg th_SuperGoof12.jpg th_SuperGoof12bc.jpg th_SuperGoof13.jpg th_SuperGoof13bc.jpg
Super Goof 10 7.0 white pages $4.  Crease@ LLFR & NCG stuff.
Super Goof 12 6.5 W/OW pages $3.  3” crease @ URFC, NCBs, String bundle indent @ bottom.
Super Goof 13 7.5 white pages $4.  Parachute cover!


th_SuperGoof14.jpg th_SuperGoof14bc.jpg th_SuperGoof15.jpg th_SuperGoof15bc.jpg th_SupGoof15.jpg  th_SupGoof15bc.jpg
Super Goof 14 8.0 slightly OW pages, $7
Super Goof 15 copy a 6.5 OW pages $4.  Rumpling through book URFC/LLFC.
Super Goof 15 copy b 7.0 ow pages $5.  Stacking indent along spine, bundle tie dints BC, and bottom FC.

th_SuperGoof20.jpg th_SuperGoof20bc.jpg th_SuperGoof21.jpg th_SuperGoof21bc.jpg
Super Goof 20 8.5 OW pages $6.  Dint @ URFC/ULBC.
Super Goof 21 9.0/9.2 white pages $8.  NCB@ LRFC.  Nice and clean and white all over!

th_SuperGoof22a.jpg th_SuperGoof22abc.jpg th_SuperGoof22b.jpg th_SuperGoof22bbc.jpg th_SuperGoof25.jpg th_SuperGoof25bc.jpg
Super Goof 22 copy a 8.5/9.0 OW/W pages $5.  Dint/wear @ lower spine.
Super Goof 22 copy b 9.0 white pages $7.  Nice and clean and white all over! Dint @ LLFC
Super Goof 25 9.2/9.4 white pages $10.  Nice and clean and white all over!  Production roller marks on covers.

th_SuperGoof26a.jpg th_SuperGoof26abc.jpg th_SuperGoof26b.jpg th_SuperGoof26bbc.jpg th_SuperGoof27.jpg th_SuperGoof27bc.jpg
Super Goof 26 copy a 8.5/9.0 white pages $6.  Nice and clean and white all over!  Rub @ LRFC.
Super Goof 26 copy b 9.0 white pages $7.  Nice & clean – stack indent back spine.
Super Goof 27 9.0 OW pages $6.  Nice & clean – stack indent back spine.

th_SuperGoof29.jpg th_SuperGoof29bc.jpg th_SuperGoof30.jpg th_SuperGoof30bc.jpg th_SuperGoof32.jpg th_SuperGoof32bc.jpg
Super Goof 29 9.0/9.2 OW/W pages $8.  Clean copy.
Super Goof 30 8.5 white pages $6.  Nice and clean and white all over!  Spine bends & light crease @ LRFC.
Super Goof 32 9.0 crow pages $3.  Foxing FC & spine BC.

th_SuperGoof42.jpg th_SuperGoof42bc.jpg th_SuperGoof49.jpg th_SuperGoof49bc.jpg th_SuperGoof55.jpg th_SuperGoof55bc.jpg
Super Goof 42 8.5++ ow pages $4.  Dint @ LRFC.
Super Goof 49 8.0 ow pages $3.  NCB stuff.
Super Goof 55 9.0 OW pages $5.  One spine bend & small crease at LRFC.

th_smb4.jpg th_smb4bc.jpg th_talestooffend1.jpg th_talestooffend1bc.jpg
Super Mario Bros. 4 9.2 white pages, $20.  Extremely light stacking indent along parts of spine FC.
Tales to Offend 1 9.2 white pages, $3.  Frank Miller.

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th_TeenConf84.jpg th_TeenConf84bc.jpg th_TeenAgeConfConf.jpg th_TeenAgeConfConfbc.jpg
Teen Confessions 84 8.0 OW pages $4.  Sunshadow FC.
Teen-Age Confidential Confessions 10 4.5 OW pages $5.  Top staple detached.

th_ThunderAgents2.jpg th_ThunderAgents2bc.jpg th_thundera6.jpg th_thundera6bc.jpg th_TAgents14.jpg th_TAgents14bc.jpg th_TAgents14label.jpg
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents 2 4.0 white pages $8.
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents 6 3.5 OW pages $2.  2” spine split bottom, creasing @ spine, grease pencil arrival date. :news:SOLD!!! :news: 
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents 14 cracked out CGC 8.5 White pages $35. Slight crease @ URFC, and dint at LRFC.

th_TFL38.jpg th_TFL38bc.jpg th_TFL43.jpg th_TFL43bc.jpg th_true69.jpg th_true69bc.jpg
Time for Love 38 9.2 OW pages $12.  Small area of sunshadow LRFC.
Time for Love 43 9.0 OW pages $9.  Wear @ URFC.  Nice, white front cover.
True 69 3.0 tan pages $4.  This copy has it all – tape, chunks, rips, stains, rust.

th_Turok19.jpg th_Turok19bc.jpg th_Turok20.jpg th_Turok20bc.jpg th_turok26.jpg th_turok26bc.jpg
Turok 19 OW/W pages 4.0 $18. Spine roll.  Very sharp appearing copy.
Turok 20 OW/W pages 4.0 $16.  Ink on price and title area.
Turok 26 7.0 OW pages $22.  Writing on FC.

th_Turok27-1.jpg th_Turok27bc.jpg th_turok28.jpg th_turok28bc.jpg th_Turok29.jpg th_Turok29bc.jpg
Turok 27 OW/W pages 5.5 $22.  Looks really nice.
Turok 28 7.5 crow pages $30.
Turok 29 OW/W pages 5.5 $18.

th_Turok63.jpg th_Turok63bc.jpg th_Turok75.jpg th_Turok75bc.jpg th_Turok80b.jpg th_Turok80bbc.jpg
Turok 63 4.0 white pages $5.  Spine roll.
Turok 75 4.0 white pages $5
Turok 80 4.0 OW pages $5.  15 cent edition – schmutz on BC for grade.

th_Turok93.jpg th_Turok93bc.jpg th_Tweety96.jpg th_Tweety96bc.jpg th_Twisttales1.jpg th_Twisttales1bc.jpg
Turok 93 6.5 white pages $7.
Tweety & Sylvester 96 9.2 white pages $5.  Printer’s creases and NCBs.  Whitman version.  Recently released from multi-pack.
Twisted Tales 1 9.8 white pages $20.

th_UK1.jpg th_UK1bc.jpg th_UK2.jpg th_UK2bc.jpg
Ultra Klutz 1-2 set 9.2/9.6 $8.  Extra copies bought from creator Jeff Nicholson.  Whitey white all over.

th_UScrooge151.jpg th_UScrooge151bc.jpg th_UScrooge161.jpg th_UScrooge161bc.jpg th_US156.jpg th_US156bc.jpg
Uncle Scrooge 151 8.0 white pages $5. My original newsstand copy.
Uncle Scrooge 156 8.5 white pages $8.  NCB stuff.  Nice and white all over.
Uncle Scrooge 161 7.5+ white pages $4.  My original newsstand copy.  Very slight spine roll.

th_US167.jpg th_US167bc.jpg th_UAgent3.jpg th_UAgent3bc.jpg
Uncle Scrooge 167 8.0 white pages $5.
Undersea Agent P*X graded 7.5 white page $18. Cracked out but will ship with label.  Slight reader’s crease at center spine FC, rubbing wear to LRFC, date stamp BC.

th_WDCS406.jpg th_WDCS406bc.jpg th_WDCS425.jpg th_WDCS425bc.jpg th_WDCS452.jpg th_WDCS452bc.jpg
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 406 8.5 white pages $6.  Nice and white all over.
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 425 9.0 white pages $10.
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 452 8.0 white pages $3.  Several production tears at top edge right on the FC – from dull cutting blades?  Nice and white all over.

th_WDCS480.jpg th_WDCS480bc.jpg th_wds18.jpg th_wds18bc.jpg
Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 480 9.2/9.4 OW pages $6.
Walt Disney Showcase 18 6.0 white pages $3.  Slight spine roll, NCB stuff.

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Higher graded Baby Hueys

th_BabyHuey41.jpg th_BabyHuey41bc.jpg th_Baby%20Huey%2045.jpg th_BH45bc.jpg th_BabyHuey66b.jpg th_BabyHuey66bbc.jpg
Baby Huey 41 9.2 CROW $25.
Baby Huey 45 9.0+ CROW pages (but not bad at all), $15.  Wear at top and bottom of spine.  Beautiful red cover of the big, bad duck!
Baby Huey 66 copy b 9.0/9.2 OW/W pages $15.
th_BabyHuey72.jpg th_BabyHuey72bc.jpg th_BabyHuey79b.jpg th_BabyHuey79bbc.jpg th_BH97.jpg th_BH97bc.jpg
Baby Huey 72 7.5/8.0 ow pages $7.  Ruffling/creasing along entire RE of FC, but nice appearing book anyway – fooled the guy that sold it to me. 
Baby Huey 79 9.0 ow pages $14. Dint @ LRFC/LLBC, ruffling at top of URFC.
Baby Huey 97 9.0 white pages $12.  Some rumpling @ LRFC.  Very nice, clean copy.

th_BH99.jpg th_BH99bc.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa4.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa4bc.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa9.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa9bc.jpg
Baby Huey 99 8.5 slightly OW pages $3. Mild spine and open edge rumpling FC.
Baby Huey and Papa 4 8.5 W $15.  Dirty BC.
Baby Huey and Papa 9 9.0+ OW $15.  Bump @ LLFC.  File Copy.

th_BabyHueyandPapa12.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa12bc.jpg th_BHP13.jpg th_BHP13bc.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa14.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa14bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 12 9.0 OW $11.  Rumple at LRFC, very nice appearing copy.
Baby Huey and Papa 13 8.0 OW pages $7.  Sunshadow top edge FC/BC.
Baby Huey and Papa 14 8.5/9.0 W $10.  Gloss defect on FC along lower spine.

th_BabyHueyandPapa21.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa21bc.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa24.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa24bc.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa31.jpg th_BabyHueyandPapa31bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 21 9.0+ W $13.  Very tiny crease/bump at LRFC.  File Copy.
Baby Huey and Papa 24 9.0 OW $11.  Wear at bottom edge FC.  Looks better than grade.
Baby Huey and Papa 31 8.5 W $8.  NCB surface wear – looks like small moisture spot at middle FC nest to spine.

th_BabyHueyDL14cgc94.jpg th_BabyHueyDL14cgc94bc.jpg
Baby Huey Duckland 14 CGC 9.4 OW/W $45

Lower and Mid-Grade BABY HUEYs

th_BH1.jpg th_BH1bc.jpg th_BH2.jpg th_BH2bc.jpg th_BH4.jpg th_BH4bc.jpg
Baby Huey 1 4.0 OW pages $40.  Infinity cover. Obvious green color touch @ spine, corner creases and outer edge.
Baby Huey 2 4.0 OW pages $20.  Obvious green/black color touch @ spine, corner creases and outer edge.
Baby Huey 4 4.0  OW pages $10.  Creasing @ spine, small spot below Huey’s foot, schmutz spots @ ULFC, foxing @ spine FC and BC.

th_BH7.jpg th_BH7bc.jpg th_BH9.jpg th_BH9bc.jpg th_BH10.jpg th_BH10bc.jpg
Baby Huey 7 3.5 OW pages $7.  Centerfold detach @ Baby Huey 7 3.5 OW pages $7.  Centerfold detach @ bottom staple.
Baby Huey 9 4.0 CROW pages $8.  Small spine splits top and bottom, small tear and intact chip BC, centerfold detach @ bottom staple.
Baby Huey 10 2.0 CROW pages $3.  Tape, chips, chunks.

th_BH12.jpg th_BH12bc.jpg th_BH17.jpg th_BH17bc.jpg th_BH20.jpg th_BH20bc.jpg
Baby Huey 12 4.0 slightly ow pages $5. Moisture(?) puckering along open edge, scratch at boat FC, pressure dent bottom BC.  Arrival date in pencil FC.
Baby Huey 17 4.0 OW pages $5.  Moisture rumpling along open edge FC/BC.
Baby Huey 20 2.0 OW pages $2.  Moisture stains FC/BC, schmutz on BC.

th_BH21.jpg th_BH21bc.jpg th_BH22.jpg th_BH22bc.jpg
Baby Huey 21 3.5 OW pages $3.  Reverse sub-crease, rubbing on FC/BC like an attempt to clean.
Baby Huey 22 4.0/4.5 OW pages $5.  Spine wear and reader NCBCs

th_BH23.jpg th_BH23bc.jpg th_BH24.jpg th_BH24bc.jpg th_BH27.jpg th_BH27bc.jpg
Baby Huey 23 1.0 OW pages FREE with purchase.  Wrecked. Chunks out of some interior pages. 
Baby Huey 24 3.5 OW pages $2.  Chunk out at URFC.
Baby Huey 27 3.5 CROW pages $3.  Spine roll and moisture spots.

th_BH28.jpg th_BH28bc.jpg th_BH30.jpg th_BH30bc.jpg th_BH31.jpg th_BH31bc.jpg
Baby Huey 28 5.5 slightly OW pages $6.  A bit of foxing @ open edge FC.
Baby Huey 30 3.0 CROW pages $2.  Chips BC, slight split @ top spine, worn and foxing spine, centerfold detach @ bottom staple. 
Baby Huey 31 5.5 OW pages $6. 

th_BH34.jpg th_BH34bc.jpg th_BH36.jpg th_BH36bc.jpg th_BH37.jpg th_BH37bc.jpg
Baby Huey 34 3.5 slightly OW pages $3.  Spine roll and wear at open edge.
Baby Huey 36 3.0 slightly OW pages $2.  Spine roll, edge wear, centerfold detach top staple, slight schmutz on covers.
Baby Huey 37 2.5 CROW pages $1.  Moisture stains.

th_BH38.jpg th_BH38bc.jpg th_BH41.jpg th_BH41bc.jpg th_BH42.jpg th_BH42bc.jpg
Baby Huey 38 3.0 ow pages $2. 1 ½” spine split at bottom.
Baby Huey 41 copy b 4.0 OW pages $3. Spine roll/wear.
Baby Huey 42 3.5 OW pages $2.  Bottom staple partial detach/cut.

th_BH43.jpg th_BH43bc.jpg th_BH44.jpg th_BH44bc.jpg
Baby Huey 43 3.5 CROW pages $2.  Spine wear and roll.
Baby Huey 44 5.5 white pages $5.  Centerfold detach @ bottom staple.

th_BH45b.jpg th_BH45bbc.jpg th_BH46.jpg th_BH46bc.jpg th_BH48.jpg th_BH48bc.jpg
Baby Huey 45 copy b 3.5 OW pages $2.  Tape @ upper spine, chips.
Baby Huey 46 3.0 white pages $1.  Moisture stains, rusty staples, color loss @ center right FC.
Baby Huey 48 4.0 white pages $3.  Spine wear and moisture marks.

th_BH49.jpg th_BH49bc.jpg th_BH51.jpg th_BH51bc.jpg th_BH56.jpg th_BH56bc.jpg
Baby Huey 49 4.0 OW pages $3.  Small moisture spot @ CCA stamp, “Janet Lansinger” written in ink on first interior page.
Baby Huey 51 6.0 OW pages $6.  Chip & dull knife breaks @ top edge FC, “JAN 24” date stamp FC.
Baby Huey 56 5.0 slightly OW pages $4.  1” chip @ right edge FC.  “11 21” dates stamp FC.

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th_BH57.jpg th_BH57bc.jpg th_BH58.jpg th_BH58bc.jpg
Baby Huey 57 3.0 OW pages $1.  Heavy creasing and discoloration FC.  Books does not lay flat.
Baby Huey 58 5.0/5.5 OW pages $5.  Creases @ CCA stamp, thumbnail crease @ right edge FC.

th_BH60.jpg th_BH60bc.jpg th_BH61.jpg th_BH61bc.jpg th_BH63.jpg th_BH63bc.jpg
Baby Huey 60 4.0 OW pages $3.  Gorilla cover!  Spine cracks, thumbnail creases and schmutz on FC/BC. 
Baby Huey 61 4.0 OW pages $2.  Slight spine roll, schmutz rub/spot @ upper staple FC.
Baby Huey 63 6.0 OW pages $4.  Sun shadows FC, Date stamp “Feb 9 REC’D” on FC.

th_BH64.jpg th_BH64bc.jpg th_BH65.jpg th_BH65bc.jpg th_BH66.jpg th_BH66bc.jpg
Baby Huey 64 3.5 white pages $1.  Cover mostly detached @ lower staple, but still hanging on.
Baby Huey 65 4.0/4.5 slightly OW pages $2.  Cuts @ top staple, but firmly attached.  Wear along open edge of FC.
Baby Huey 66 copy c 3.0 slightly OW pages $1.  Heavy spine roll, stains FC.

th_BH67.jpg th_BH67bc.jpg th_BH68.jpg th_BH68bc.jpg th_BH69.jpg th_BH69bc.jpg
Baby Huey 67 3.5 OW pages $1.  Detached centerfold. 
Baby Huey 68 3.5 OW pages $1.  1” split @ bottom spine. 
Baby Huey 69 5.5/6.0 white pages $4.  Slight crease @ LRFC, chipping along left edge of BC.

th_BH70.jpg th_BH70bc.jpg th_BH71.jpg th_BH71bc.jpg th_BH72b.jpg th_BH72bbc.jpg
Baby Huey 70 6.5 slightly OW pages $5.  Slight crease @ LRFC.
Baby Huey 71 7.0 OW pages $6.
Baby Huey 72 copy b 7.0/7.5 OW pages $6.

th_BH73.jpg th_BH73bc.jpg th_BH74.jpg th_BH74bc.jpg
Baby Huey 73 5.5 OW pages $3.  Spine wear and NCBCs.
Baby Huey 74 4.0 OW pages $2. Creasing @ spine, chippy right edge FC, crease @ URFC.

th_BH75.jpg th_BH75bc.jpg th_BH76.jpg th_BH76bc.jpg th_BH77.jpg th_BH77bc.jpg
Baby Huey 75 4.0 CROW pages $2. Spine wear, heavy thumbnail @ LRFC.
Baby Huey 76 5.5/6.0 slightly OW pages $4. Spine cracks and small crease @ URFC, slight foxing upper edge on FC.
Baby Huey 77 4.0 white pages $2.  Spine wear/roll, crease @ LRFC, NCBCs.

th_BH78.jpg th_BH78bc.jpg th_BH79b.jpg th_BH79bbc.jpg th_BH81.jpg th_BH81bc.jpg
Baby Huey 78 3.0 white pages $1. Heavy spine roll, pages feel like moisture damage
Baby Huey 79 copy b 2.5 OW pages FREE with purchase.  Heavy spine roll and moisture staining, “Delra Horn” and other writing FC.
Baby Huey 81 4.0/4.5 OW pages $2.

th_BH82.jpg th_BH82bc.jpg th_BH83.jpg th_BH83bc.jpg th_BH85.jpg th_BH85bc.jpg
Baby Huey 82 4.5 OW pages $2.
Baby Huey 83 4.0 OW pages $2. Writing on FC including “BILL”.
Baby Huey 85 3.0 white pages $1.  3” spine split @ top.

th_BH86.jpg th_BH86bc.jpg th_BH88.jpg th_BH88bc.jpg th_BH89.jpg th_BH89bc.jpg
Baby Huey 86 4.5 white pages $2.
Baby Huey 88 4.0 OW pages $2. Crease along spine FC, ½” split @ bottom spine.
Baby Huey 89 3.5 OW pages $1. Spine wear, heavey creases/sub-crease “MAR 16, 1970” date stamp on FC.

th_BabyHuey90.jpg th_BabyHuey90bc.jpg th_BH90b.jpg th_BH90bbc.jpg
Baby Huey 90 copy a VG white pages, $4.
Baby Huey 90 copy b 3.0 slightly OW pages $1. 2” split and chips @ bottom spine.

th_BH91.jpg th_BH91bc.jpg th_BH92.jpg th_BH92bc.jpg th_BH93.jpg th_BH93bc.jpg
Baby Huey 91 3.5 white pages $1. 4” spluge stain center BC.
Baby Huey 92 1.5 OW pages FREE with purchase. Tape and chunk out URFC.
Baby Huey 93 3.0 OW pages $1. Moisture damage LLFC/LRBC

th_BH94.jpg th_BH94bc.jpg th_BH98.jpg th_BH98bc.jpg
Baby Huey 94 3.5 OW pages $1.  Two small tears FC near fox and lil ducks, stamp FC.
Baby Huey 98 2.5 OW pages FREE with purchase.  Heavy rubbin all over.  “73” stamp on BC.

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th_BHP1.jpg th_BHP1bc.jpg th_BHAP2.jpg th_BHAP2bc.jpg th_BHP3.jpg th_BHP3bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 1 3.0 OW pages $5.
Baby Huey & Papa 2 2.5 ow pages $2. Heavy spine roll and chipping.
Baby Huey and Papa 3 4.0 OW pages $4. Name written on FC and first interior page.

th_BHP4b.jpg th_BHP4bbc.jpg th_BHP5.jpg th_BHP5bc.jpg th_BHP6.jpg th_BHP6bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 4 copy b 2.5 OW pages $1. Top staple cover detach, piece out tope edge FC.
Baby Huey and Papa 5 3.0 OW pages $1. Some small stains LRFC, LLFC and large stains BC.  Bottom staple cover detach.
Baby Huey and Papa 6 4.0 CROW pages $3. Name written on FC and first interior page.

th_BHP7.jpg th_BHP7bc.jpg th_BHP8.jpg th_BHP8bc.jpg th_BHP9b.jpg th_BHP9bbc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 7 3.0/3.5 OW pages $2. Divot @ LLFC through LRBC, big crease and rumpling @ BC.
Baby Huey and Papa 8 3.0 OW pages $2.  Sever spine roll and some moisture staining – mostly to FC.
Baby Huey and Papa 9 copy b 5.0 OW pages $3.  Moisture stains along right edge FC.

th_BHP10.jpg th_BHP10bc.jpg th_BHP11.jpg th_BHP11bc.jpg th_BHP12b.jpg th_BHP12bbc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 10 5.5 OW/W pages $4. Stain near Huey’s belly, creasing @ LRFC, color loss @ logo area of spine.
Baby Huey and Papa 11 2.5 OW/W pages FREE with purchase. Chips, chunks, creases, extra staples.
Baby Huey and Papa 12 copy b 6.5 slightly OW pages $4.  Crease @ LRFC.

th_BHP14b.jpg th_BHP14bbc.jpg th_BHP15.jpg th_BHP15bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 14 copy b 5.0 white pages $3. Tears at bottom edge BC and detached centerfold.
Baby Huey and Papa 15 3.5 white pages $1. Mostly intact chips @ spine, writing on FC.

th_BHP16.jpg th_BHP16bc.jpg th_BHP17.jpg th_BHP17bc.jpg th_BHP19.jpg th_BHP19bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 16 2.5 slightly OW pages FREE with purchase. Stains FC/BC, writing FC, cover detach at top staple.
Baby Huey and Papa 17 6.5 white pages $4. Spine cracks.  Nice, white, clean and glossy copy.
Baby Huey and Papa 19 6.0 slightly OW pages $3.

th_BHP20.jpg th_BHP20bc.jpg th_BHP21b.jpg th_BHP21bbc.jpg th_BHP23.jpg th_BHP23bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 20 6.0 slightly OW pages $3. Minor stains in logo area, crease through “HUEY” FC, slight spine roll.
Baby Huey and Papa 21 copy b 5.5 OW pages $3. Bend through “HUEY” FC and through book to BC.  Stains below football on FC.
Baby Huey and Papa 23 4.5 OW pages $2. Top staple detached from cover.  Clear moisture stains on FC.

th_BHP24b.jpg th_BHP24bbc.jpg th_BHP25.jpg th_BHP25bc.jpg th_BHP26.jpg th_BHP26bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 24 copy b 4.5 OW pages $2. Centerfold detached, spine and edge wear.
Baby Huey and Papa 25 3.5/4.0 OW pages $1. Moisture stains along spine. Centerfold detached at top staple.
Baby Huey and Papa 26 2.0/2.5 OW pages FREE with purchase. Cover completely detached.

th_BHP27.jpg th_BHP27bc.jpg th_BHP28.jpg th_BHP28bc.jpg th_BHP29.jpg th_BHP29bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 27 4.5 OW pages $2. Big crease on FC. Manufactured with only one staple.
Baby Huey and Papa 28 3.5 slightlly OW pages $1. Centerfold detach @ bottom staple.
Baby Huey and Papa 29 FREE with purchase! Missing centerfold -  not sure if any story missing, though.

th_BHP30.jpg th_BHP30bc.jpg th_BHP31b.jpg th_BHP31bbc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 30 3.5 OW pages $1. Stains and tear above shark nose FC.
Baby Huey and Papa 31 copy b 4.5 OW pages $2. Slight spine roll, rumpling on FC.

th_BHP32.jpg th_BHP32bc.jpg th_BHP33.jpg th_BHP33bc.jpg
Baby Huey and Papa 32 6.5 slightly OW pages $4. Slight spine roll.
Baby Huey and Papa 33 3.5 OW pages $1. Bends on FC and one through book ULFC/URBC.


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th_BHD1.jpg th_BHD1bc.jpg th_BHD3.jpg th_BHD3bc.jpg th_BHD6.jpg th_BHD6bc.jpg
Baby Huey Duckland 1 3.5 OW pages $4. Tear on BC, date stamp “AUG 30” on FC.
Baby Huey Duckland 3 4.5 slightly ow pages $3. Foxing top edge FC, date stamp FC.
Baby Huey Duckland 6 4.0 OW pages $2.

th_BHD7a.jpg th_BHD7abc.jpg th_BHD7b.jpg th_BHD7bbc.jpg th_BHD8.jpg th_BHD8bc.jpg    
Baby Huey Duckland 7 copy a 4.0 slightly OW pages $2.
Baby Huey Duckland 7 copy b 4.0 slightly OW pages $2.  Date stamp FC “JUL 8”.
Baby Huey Duckland 8 3.5 OW pages $1.

th_BHD9.jpg th_BHD9bc.jpg th_BHD10.jpg th_BHD10bc.jpg th_BHD11.jpg th_BHD11bc.jpg
Baby Huey Duckland 9 4.5 OW pages $2. Slight spine roll, sunshadow top edge.
Baby Huey Duckland 10 3.5 OW pages $1. Deep cracks @ spine, tear @ LRBC.
Baby Huey Duckland 11 3.5 OW pages $1. Tear @ LRFC, light foxing/stainig, date stamp FC “JUL 20 1965”.

th_BHD13.jpg th_BHD13bc.jpg th_BHD15.jpg th_BHD15bc.jpg
Baby Huey Duckland 13 2.0 FREE with purchase.  Chunks missing FC/BC/Spine.
Baby Huey Duckland 15 2.5 OW pages FREE with purchase.  Creasing, staining, rubbing…, who brought the chips?



th_blondie46.jpg th_blondie46bc.jpg th_Casper2.jpg th_Casper2bc.jpg th_Casper8.jpg th_Casper8bc.jpg
Blondie 46 3.5 slightly OW pages $2. Heavy spine roll, man.
Casper 2 St. John – slightly OW pages $15. Coverless, chippy ULFC/URBC, otherwise, complete!
Casper 8 2.0 CROW pages $3.  Chips, chunks, splits, tape, stains and cover pretty well detached.

th_CasperW2.jpg th_CasperW2bc.jpg th_dagwood29.jpg th_dagwood29bc.jpg th_HCSpotlite2.jpg th_HCSpotlite2bc.jpg
Casper and Wendy 2 FREE with purchase.  Moisture stains, heavy rumpling.
Dagwood 29 2.5 OW pages $2. Heavy spine roll, chip out bottom spine, initials on cover, name on first interior page.
Harvey Comics Spotlight 2 7.0/7.5 white pages $1. Corner dent URFC thru ULBC.

th_HH34.jpg th_HH34bc.jpg th_HH35.jpg th_HH35bc.jpg th_HH40.jpg th_HH40bc.jpg
Harvey Hits 34 5.0 slightly OW pages $2.  Light moisture streak/stain thru Jester on FC.
Harvey Hits 35 2.0 OW pages FREE with purchase. Heavy spine roll, chips missing FC, lower staple pull, stains BC.
Harvey Hits 40 5.0 OW pages $3. Staining/foxing right edge FC, left edge BC – nice otherwise.

th_HH1.jpg th_HH1bc.jpg th_HH2.jpg th_HH2bc.jpg th_HH4.jpg th_HH4bc.jpg
Harvey Hits 1 8.5 white pages $2. Spine dints, rumpling.
Harvey Hits 2 8.5/9.0 white pages $2. Couple spine dints.
Harvey Hits 4 9.2 white pages $4.

th_HotStuffS6.jpg th_HotStuffS6bc.jpg th_Audrey30.jpg th_Audrey30bc.jpg th_Dot36.jpg th_Dot36bc.jpg th_MnJ118.jpg th_MnJ118bc.jpg
Hot Stuff Sizzlers 6 3.0 OW pages $1.
Little Audrey 30 3.0/3.5 slightly OW pages $3.
Little Dot 36 4.0 OW pages $8. Tanning halo inside covers, sunshadow outside covers.
Mutt and Jeff 118 6.0 crow pages $5.  Chip @ bottom spine, foxing @ edges. Richie Rich appearance.

th_tvcasper25.jpg th_tvcasper25bc.jpg th_tvcasper29.jpg th_tvcasper29bc.jpg th_tvcasper32.jpg th_tvcasper32bc.jpg th_tvcasper34.jpg th_tvcasper34bc.jpg
TV Casper 25 9.2 slightly OW pages $12.
TV Casper 29 9.2 slightly OW pages $12.  Stacking indent at spine
TV Casper 32 9.2 slightly OW pages $12.
TV Casper 34 9.4 OW pages $16.

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