Art for Sale: Dillin, Guice, Collins, Jusko, Enrich, Foster, Kaluta

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New Artwork:

Dillin - Justice League of America #147 page 17
Mike Collins - X-Men #264 page 9
Butch Guice  - X-Factor #3 page 22 (1st post furry Beast appearance)
             - X-Factor #2 page 11


Plus art by:


Joe Jusko - Warlord of Mars #16 cover

Mike Kaluta - The Shadow

Hal Foster - Prince Valant


Ray Lago - Little Annie Fannie prelims


Mike Allred - Metal Men

Adam Kubert - Uncanny X-Men

Enrich - Warren Vampirella #110 cover

Bernie Wrightson - Bewitched page 2 (National Lampoon #1982-01)

AH! - Legends of the Stargrazers #1 wraparound cover (LARGE ART!)


Earl Norem - Savage Sword of Conan #86 cover prelim


Abhishek Malsuni - John Carter of Mars #1 splash




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