WTB: ASM #20 CGC 7.5 - 8.0
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I am in the market for an ASM #20 in CGC 7.5 or 8.0, with OW-W or White pages (a nice copy with OW pages will not be a deal breaker though!).

Searching for a nicely centered copy with good colours, no rust on staples, marvel chipping or writing. A neatly placed and clean date stamp would not be a problem. CGC case should not have cracks since its a real hustle to reholder books from Europe.

Shipping will be to Sweden, preferably with FedEx International Priority or USPS International Priority Express. I have a kudos thread (check my profile page) and I have purchased much bigger books from the boards and can provide references.

Prices! I am not a dealer or a flipper nor the kind of collector who is only looking for (or is used to lol) "bargains". Looking to GPA, 12-month avg for 7.5 is $980. I would pay up to $1050 for the right copy. 12-month avg for 8.0 is $1174 and I wouldn't mind paying up to $1250, again for the right copy. Send me a message if you are looking to sell and we will probably work out a price that feels fair for both of us. I suppose PayPal would be the best payment option, but if we have dealt previously I would consider wire payment.

I will prefer a seller with some selling history on the boards. 


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