When you collect but not for the reason everyone else is
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On 6/17/2019 at 7:39 PM, TwoPiece said:

That's an interesting one.

I'm collecting issue #666 of whichever titles exist, because I'm evil. Does that count..?

Could be?


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For me, it was delving into the Kirby 4th World DC books-- which I painfully put together all the series but hit the wall when I simply refused to pay the going rate on the Jimmy Olsen books (I did pick up a copy of #136) that became hot books suddenly. I also cannot part with the cash required to pay for even a half way decent copy of The Demon #1. I have the rest of the all the DC series that Kirby worked on (Kamandi 1-40, OMAC, Forever People, The New Gods, Mister Miracle, The Sandman).

This was quite a departure for me -- though I have had the OMAC since before leaving the hobby the first time around 1978 or so - as I was defiantly against collecting anything DC (short of a Marvel tie in or a good treasury book). At one point, a friend of my dads traded me straight up for all the DCs I had in my collection (well not all of them clearly - hung on to a couple) for all of his Marvel books. I wish I had recorded what I gave away and received in return just for memory sake. I was pretty happy with the trade is all I remember-- the Marvel guy in me felt like I had finally beaten evil DC back out of my collection. They only got in there when I was picking up small collections and taking everything regardless of condition or content.

I have decided to stop pursuing Kirby 4th World any further for now though. Key books defeat another run collector. I might be inclined to go the route I did with the initial 7 books of the Daredevil series and get the reprints (which I did) if available. Even Daredevil confounds me as picking up copies of #131 and #168 seem beyond reasonably priced. Maybe someday-- I have cut back on buying for a while though. It was fun picking up so many books I wanted as a young collector though these past few years (2014-2018).

That is the fun part of collecting comics to me-- the completion aspect even when you know finishing it might never happen. Don't get me started talking about the books I need from my Thor collection (various JIM pre-issue 108 which I mostly covered with a cool TPB with 83-100). I think I enjoy perusing the collection at this point more so than adding to it.

So much to still read!

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