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9 hours ago, skypinkblu said:

Ernie, there is a very nice former gentleman who I met a number of times at the Chicago Convention. He wears a flowered dress that I think Donna Reed might have liked in the 50's, it's not flattering and not in great shape. I had thought once or twice about offering to take him shopping, but I didn't really know him well enough.

Part of the problem is, if you don't grow up dressing as one gender, it might not be as simple as you think.  It's also (depending on where you live) not so comfortable for a guy to go into a woman's store and try on clothes. I learned this when I sold some of my high heels on eBay a zillion years ago and it seemed that a lot of men were "buying them for their wives"  and I finally asked one of them...that really was an eye opener for me.

I grew up in NYC, went to an art school with plenty of different types of people, but never really thought about WHERE they would get the clothes they wore (especially if they didn't happen to have a close female friend or relative who would shop with them).


If you are going to dress up, denim doesn't really cut it, so I get the idea and it's fine. Besides if we all liked the same stuff, it would be pretty boring watching every one wearing purple ever day;) As long as he's happy.

The next time Chuck is in Boston for a show he should take a fast ferry over to P-Town(Provincetown).  There are so many types of genders there that I think if he  would feel very comfortable going into any shop buying whatever he wants.  Unless it was comics, I don't believe the Cape has many comic stores.  I think there are places in Orleans, Falmouth and Barnstable.

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