Keys This Week June 26

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Key Issues Arriving At Your LCS This Week


The Crow Hack/Slash #1

1st appearance of a new Crow



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40

1st appearance of a new Power Rangers team



Transformers Ghostbusters #1 

1st crossover Transformers and Ghostbusters (aside from the Ashcan preview)

1st appearance of Ectotron, an autobot version of Ecto-1



Justice League Dark #12

1st appearance of the JLD as the Lords of Chaos (cameo in #11)


bamazing_spiderma_24_2019.jpg Fantastic Four #11

Both issues are this week's "secret variant" Absolute Carnage tie-in 

Series premieres, finales, speculative keys and additional variants omitted from this post



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