Biggest price increase with common book
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6 minutes ago, oakman29 said:

How about Devil Dinosaur #1 ?

Sure they could tie in the movie with Jurassic park.  Win-win.


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On 6/25/2019 at 10:29 AM, Aweandlorder said:

What was the biggest price increase any one common book experienced in recent times?

In order to apply, said book has to be common and readily available (i.e. Not low print or ratio variant), and gain value all across the board in all grades (not just 9.8) and consistently sold at elevated prices. 

Highest spike and volume of books sold determine the winner 

I nominate Special Marvel Edition #15

for years low grade copies sold for anywhere between 10-30$ Where they are now selling btw 80-150

9.0 were 100-150 and are now 600+ 

9.8 were 500-1000 where they are now 3500-4000


It certainly seems like the winner in the contest so far, if not a well distanced front runner



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