How do they actually Press a Book?
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1 minute ago, William-James88 said:

But isn't this the newbie thread? Where else would one ask questions like such?

I think its a fair argument you're making that this is a better venue to ask than most others.

But I think it's an even more fair argument that with the entire expanse of the internet literally at one's fingertips, it makes more sense to make very very little effort and find out something on one's own, rather than go out of their way to have strangers spoonfeed them information.  I would argue that even finding a website LIKE THIS and CREATING an account would mean they are savvy enough to use the internet to search for some information, BUT HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO DO SO.  Personally, I would like to discourage that behavior and encourage people to ask better, more informed, thoughtful, less entitled questions.  Not just as it relates to comics, but as it relates to life in general.  If it takes a bit of sarcasm or mild harshness from an internet stranger like myself to nudge someone (not just the OP, but other participants in the thread), I'm certainly ok with that.

I believe that when you ask people for help (which is what's happening in this thread) especially for free, you should make it easier for people to help you, and also if possible try to help yourself a bit first.  I don't think that happened in the case of the OP and this question, and I don't understand why. 


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