4th of July CGC SS slabs for sale [eBay]!!!

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Books up for auction & best offer in my eBay site!

DJMartini_Store eBay link

Since eBay didn't put out a discount coupon for the 4th of July, this is my appreciation to you all, so please check out my items!

If you are part of the CGC community and put in an offer, please let me know, as I will honor a better deal than those that are not.


A list of a few books:

-Teen Titans #12 (1st app of Batman Who Laughs)

-Batman #1 (1:100 sketch variant)

-Kamandi #1 (signed by Mike Royer)

-The Might Thor! #1 (signed by Larry Lieber)

-Spider-Man #12 (rare Spider-Gwen & Miles Morales variant cover)

-Knight Rider #nn (signed by William Daniels, voice of K.I.T.T.)

-New Avengers #11 (1st appearance of Ronin)

-The Weather Man #1 (Heroes Convention variant)

-Locke & Key: Omega #1 (signed by Joe Hill & Rodriguez)

& more!!!

Thanks and happy bidding! 


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317 posts

Items up for Auction listings end tonight!

Happy bidding!!!



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