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Lets get the RULES out of the way :rulez:

1. No HOS members or those I elect not to do business with, which includes those I block or ignore posts from

2. First :takeit: in thread means you claim the book and trumps all PM's

3. Sorry NO international Buyers

4. Payment due within 4 Days of claiming via The following METHODS: Cash, US Postal Money Order, Chase Zelle pay, Cash App, Apple Pay, or Payment due within 24 hrs of claiming via Paypal

(Time-payments is an option, just send PM to discuss plan)

5. Return Policy: Sorry No returns and no time limit (If you don't like what you see.... do not claim it!)

6. Shipping w/ full insurance is $15.00 for books priced $0-$250, $20 for books priced $251-$500, $25 flat rate for anything $501 and above

7. Offers welcome - I am very easy to work with especially multiple book transactions, worst I can do is counter

Thanks for considering :foryou:


Kudos Link- Haven't really needed to keep up with this, literally have done multiple hundreds of transactions on boards but for those who need:


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