Here is a rare one: TRUE John Byrne CGC SS - One of only 108!
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(Item ID: 163781709404) - Ebay

Photos are on Ebay

TRUE John Byrne CGC SS – 9.6 Next Men #21 - one of only 108 comics ever CGC Signature Signed signed by him prior to him swearing to never participate in CGC again.  Also signed by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola (Also CGC SS!)

This is one of the 108 CGC SS signatures that John Byrne did on 28 November 2004 at Paradise Comics in Toronto.  It also has a great Mike Mignola SS signature from 25 February 2007 (I believe from the 2007 New York Comic Con).  As many of you know, Mr. John Byrne does not agree with CGC, and this comic comes from his (to my knowledge) only sanctioned CGC or CGC SS sitting.

This really is my crown jewel, I hope the winner enjoys it.  I am transferring duty stations, and unfortunately need to let go of my close collection to support some family stuff, please take a look. This guy has lived in (during my ownership) Idaho, San Diego, Washington, Hawaii, Japan, and currently DC. 

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Sorry, forgot I set it for a release that people would be awake for!

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