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19 hours ago, Stevemmg said:

I finished up scanning the front, back and grading about 45 duplicate Skywalds if there's interest.  It would be a one night listing party if anyone's up for it.  I haven't seen a Bounty Halloween thread yet, so there might be room for it.

Don’t wait for me my man. The world needs your sweet goodies. I’ve been buried in the last few months and am quite unsure if I’m going to find the energy to get my annual sale going this year. Even if I do there is always room :foryou: there was last year! I think we had similarly timed sales. Do it. Do it. Do it. :headbang:

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17 hours ago, Jordysnordy said:

You can be sure Aaron is lurking so you better get your sales thread started ASAP.

😂 I’ve been buried and it is looking unlikely this year unless I get some real motivation going. Either way there is always room for both. :banana: Either way, yes. Steve needs to get it started ASAP :insane:

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