What comic would you consider spending a small fortune for?
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Maybe i would consider this comic for a fortune....There were only 10 copies of this sketch cover ever produced....and the artist got 9....I got the ONLY  1 sketch cover available to the public...I had someone familiar on these boards do a pre code piece for me....PRICELESS........especially if Lady Death ever takes off....


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On 8/8/2019 at 12:36 PM, marvelmaniac said:

In the past it would have been Rawhide Kid #1, Kid Colt Outlaw #1 or any of the JIM/ST 1-20 issues I need, however...

As I have gotten older I no longer have the desire to spend money on comic books, it just does not excite me as it used to and I feel the prices have become outrageous (is it because I became "that old guy"?), at this point I cannot even see myself spending $25.00 for any book.

Feel exactly the same here, though I'd pay $25 for a $100+ book ;)

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