WTT your ASM 14 for my TOD 1-70 collection
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as the title says I am looking to trade issue #14 (graded preferably but raw with no cutouts, writing, marvel chipping) for   MY  near complete run of Tomb of Dracula 1-70 and giant size 2-5 in high grade condition (missing from my collection are books 57 and 69 and in need of upgrade 11 and 21.   I am missing 5 books from a complete run of 1-700  (1,2,3,4   & 14) figured I'd focus on them one at a time  starting with issue #14.

I placed scans of the key books in this lot of issue #1 and 10 and consensus on grading  is issue #1 is somewhere around an 8 and issue #10 is 8.5  and possibly as high as a 9.0 scans are repeated below for you to take a look at the majority were purchased off the rack by me personally and I really took great care of my books. 

I am trying to rid myself of books which I have less interest in and complete my ASM collection and am really looking for graded books of equal value. I believe my books to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000, so this is what I am looking for in trade. The issue #10 routinely sells graded at close to 1k and with a movie on the horizon wont be going down anytime soon and has plenty of room to grow at thjis point. 

here is a copy of the link where people gave opinions of grades. really interested in trading one of the coolest marvel series that I collected a long time ago...……….
























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686 posts

bump for issue focus change.......... and if this deal works out and you have more of the remaining books I need I would be glad to continue dealing on my 50year old collection.......

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