[CLOSED] Fantastic Four 52 F+ to maybe F/VF

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Hello all...

I just recently picked up a small OO collection locally.  Nothing too fantastic but some decent run filler books that are in decent shape outside of a few.

This is the last book from that collection and I'm gonna offer it here before it's off to a plastic tomb.

No HOS or PL or my personal list.  I reserve the right to not sell to you if I so choose.  If you think you're on my personal list, PM first.

This book is unpressed and in hand.

Domestic shipping is included and will be via USPS Priority in a box.

I'll take PayPal on this one.

I'll accept returns but you'll cover shipping both ways.

This book is raw and is unrestored.


This is definitely a gambling man's book....its very solid and has nice paper....if it hits 7.0, then good for you :)  I feel it's a 7.0 after a press but what do I know

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