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18 hours ago, dichotomy said:

I’ve seen them before, not too long ago, but don’t remember where exactly, but I believe they were offered in a previous Hakes auction where presumably the reserve was not met. 

I'm not sure if you mean this page (16)? Which as I recall was listed on eBay for months around $3-5k before finally making it's way into a CLink auction where it fetched around ~$1.2k.



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On 9/6/2019 at 8:39 AM, pestonaccio said:

Last time (a couple of months ago) Albert posted a page from issue 1, it was bought in a couple of hours for 7 grands (if my memory helps me); this time, still no buyer. Weird (I doubt the +2K have a big influence).

I will try to upload on CAF a couple of new pieces and then will post them here too. Laziness after summer break.

But I keep wondering: how is it possible that with 75X22 pages being drawn, it's almost impossible to find a good page these days?


Well not sure about "good" but I did get a page recently from The Hunt (Fables & Recollections) for $700.  No main characters.

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