Final Price Cut and Bonus: $109- Harbinger #1 CGC 9.2 Valiant 1992 + bonus issues #24, #25, #26, #27 raw + WildC.A.T.S.. #1 (1992)
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First time seller on CGC board, testing the waters. Thanks for viewing!

Final Price Cut and Extra Bonus comic: Image Wild C.A.T.S. #1 (1992) NM raw  

For Sale:  $100 + $9 shipping/handling (domestic)

Harbinger #1 with Coupon by Valiant Comics 1/92 graded CGC 9.2 + 4-BONUS Harbinger issues #24, #25, #26 and #27 at VF/NM raw (not CGC graded or slabbed) + Image Comics WildC.A.T.S. #1 (1992)

Accepting PayPal only. 14-day returns, buyer pays shipping costs.

Msg me or post, first come first serve. Payment due within 48-hours and delivered with tracking upon receipt.






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Final price cut!

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Just to sweeten the pot, adding these two fine gems perfect for bathroom reading (or spare TP if you run out). J/K

EXCALIBUR #9 (2005) Marvel VF

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014) DC VF



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And finally adding ONE MORE bonus comic to the pile to tip the scale...

Bloodshot #1 Chromium Cover (1993) Valiant Comics NM - (I'm the original owner, bought too many copies as a kid)


So the total plunder is 9-comics for $109 total (includes domestic shipping). 

This includes:

Harbinger #1 CGC 9.2

Bloodshot #1 NM (unslabbed)

Harbinger #24, #25, #26, #27  VF/NM (unslabbed) 

Wild C.A.T.S  #1  VF/NM (unslabbed)

Earth 2 Annual #2 VF (unslabbed)

Excalibur #9 VF (unslabbed) 

PayPal only. 14-day returns buyer pays shipping.

Have a nice day :)




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