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No probies or HOSers.  First  :takeit:in thread wins over any PM discussions or takes.  US only (no international), PayPal only.  No returns.

Scanned using CamScanner App on phone.

Used GPAnalysis to base my prices, flat rate of 10$ for shipping and appropriate protection unless you buy multiple slabs, then i'll figure it out and message you.

Don't know if these books were pressed or not when they were submitted.

Amazing Spider-man 300 6.0 210$ First Appearance of Venom


Nailbiter 1 9.8 SS 60$


Red Lanterns 1 9.6 35$


Silver Surfer 44 7.5 SS 125$ First Appearance of Infinity Gauntlet


Thanos Quest 1 9.8 SS 160$


Thanos Quest 2 9.6 SS 120 $


Venom 4 9.8 60$ First appearance of Knull


Wonder Woman 7 9.8 260$ First appearance of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva


Wonder Woman 7 9.6 100$ First appearance of Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva



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