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I am looking to close out 2019 by finishing a few sets I have been working on for awhile. That way I can move to some other sets - it never seems to end. Looking for Blue Label 9.8 or better copies at this time, not really interested in Yellow unless it is just too good of a deal to pass up. Looking to the boards for help in this endeavor and appreciate all help.


All-New Ghost Rider:

#1 Second Print

#2 Second Print

#3 Second Print



Defenders Of The Earth




Ghost Rider v3 (2001)





Ghost Rider (2005)


Ghost Rider (2011)

#1 Variant Edition

#1 Lozzi Variant

Strawberry Shortcake






As you can see it is not a lot of comics. I just would like to finish them off.

Again thanks for any help 

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