*FOUND* WTB Mystic Comics #5 (1941, Low grade, can be incomplete/coverless)

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I'm looking for a super low grade raw copy of Mystic Comics #5 (March 1941) - It can be coverless, and I am also fine with it being incomplete (Just let me know exactly what is missing from it) or restored, or whatever! :D
Something in GOOD condition at most, ideally less than that since this to be my reader copy - so as long as it isn't disintegrating into a million pieces of dust i'll be fine with it.

Looking to spend up to $500us for it (not including shipping to Canada) depending on condition (and that isn't set in stone, so i'm flexible)

Got one! Thanks you to bluechip!

Edited by Sauce Dog
item has been found and purchased from another board member.

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