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Lot of 15 books. All are pretty nice, close to brand new. Some minor edge wear. You wont be disappointed.

These are the first 15 released I believe. There are 2 more out with another being released around April. This collection will ultimately be all his Duck work as I understand!

Selling as a lot and asking $15 per book shipped, total $225. Price is shipped via media mail.

I have not been super active selling on the boards of late, but had a good record when I did and a long ebay track record(yecul2) so hopefully you can buy with confidence!



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These are books are an incredible bargain. Although Disney Golden & Silver Age comics lack the market interest [and growth] drawn by super hero writers and artists, Carl Barks was an amazing writer, who ALSO drew the brilliant art accompanying his stories. Of course, anyone familiar with Uncle Scrooge probably knows that Barks' stories were inspirational to luminaries like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg [most notably Indiana Jones].

However, Barks also gave Scrooge business and social values that were complex, yet seen today in some of the largest tycoons in the world [ie. Warren Buffett].

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