WTB: Cooke, Mignola, Al Williamson Art
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I did a post like this a few months ago to test the waters. Figured I’d toss it out there again with some new and different things. Currently looking for:

Darwyn Cooke – Anything (sketches, prelims, pages, commissions). Also open to anything J-Bone inked over Cooke’s pencils. Looking for this in particular:


Mignola – Anything (sketches, pages etc.). Hellboy art does not need to feature or include Hellboy. Also open to pages with landscapes/towns as the focus, his gentleman skeleton drawings etc. Looking for this in particular:

Astronaut Skeleton.jpg

Al Williamson – Sketches, prelims, Flash Gordon stuff. Will look at pages, but that’s not my focus.

Please feel free to respond to the thread or PM. I’ve seen all the things available for these artists under the normal channels, CAF, ComicArtTracker, HA, CL, etc. I have some small things I’d be willing to trade or put towards total cost if applicable.

Thank you!

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