NORTH HALL - VCC XLIV (December 7-8, 2019)
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Dealer Setup - Friday, December 6, 2019
(North Hall will unlock automatically at 8pm (ET) for sellers to begin their booth setup)
Saturday, December 7, 2019, 10am (ET) - 10pm (ET) - soft close
Sunday, December 8, 2019, 12pm (ET) - 8pm (ET)


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Shipping: I try to get you postage as reasonable as possible while protecting the merchandise.  But, you still need to pay for it.   Postage is what it is, and it ain’t cheap.  I am totally up for whatever makes it cheap – removing backboards, outer wells and inner wells.  I just can’t ship media mail.   

I can usually send a single book or two boxed first class for a reasonable rate, if desired.  My zip is 97630, so if you’re in the West Coast postal zone, stuff ships cheaper.   I also ship to frostbacks, ‘roids, jimmers and elsewhere in the world. 

Payment: Checks & M.O.s are accepted.  Paypal begrudgingly accepted.  Trades considered - link me to your books!  I’ve recently completed several successful trades!!   :banana: Time payments are usually fine.

Minimum Merchandise Order - $20 - More than kind of arrogant. :cool: 

Agreements:   (tsk)  No H.O.S. members, card-carrying P.O.S., H.O.C. occupants, puppy-kickers, butt-lickers, etc.  Secret hand-shakers OK on a case-by-case basis. 

Grading: I have been in the hobby over 45 years.  If you see any glaring grading errors, please inform me via PM.  I try to be conservative, and have cracked about 400++ slabs.  However, I am not perfect..., but working on it.  :D

Return Policy: yep!  However, please don't try to return something because you failed to read the detailed description.

Caveats: I can’t seem to run a large thread like this without including a book I either previously sold or can no longer find – I apologize in advance for my lack thoroughness in this respect.  And sorry for the PhotoPhucket spamming off the thumbnail images.  I can pm you the full-size scans if you are interested in a particular book.  For some reason, my scanner seems to “add dirt” or “add foxing” to some of the back cover images – you can always ask what’s real and what’s scanner effect.  If a book has foxing, I usually point that fact out.

:takeit:  GET SOME!!!!  :headbang:

th_tarzan60.jpg th_tarzan60bc.jpg th_tarzan63.jpg th_tarzan63bc.jpg th_tarzan64.jpg th_tarzan64bc.jpg th_tarzan68.jpg th_tarzan68bc.jpg
Tarzan 60 7.5/8.0 ow pages $30.  Tanning halo top edge inside covers. Crease @ URFC and slight travel thru pages to BC.  Store stamp BC.
Tarzan 63 8.0+ ow pages $40.  Russ Manning art on one story. Slight dint @ URFC, pencil mark @ ULBC, sunshadow top edge BC.
Tarzan 64 8.0 ow pages $30.  Dints @ URFC/ULBC and bottom edge of book.  Sunshadow top edge BC, and store stamp BC.  Couple small pencil “X”s in margins at centerfold.
Tarzan 68 7.0/7.5 slightly ow pages $22.  Rumples @ ULFC, URFC and mid-spine.  Store stamp & slight sunshadow BC.

th_tarzan69.jpg th_tarzan69bc.jpg th_tarzan77.jpg th_tarzan77bc.jpg th_tarzan84.jpg th_tarzan84bc.jpg th_tarzan85.jpg th_tarzan85bc.jpg
Tarzan 69a 7.0 slightly ow pages $16.  Chip @ LLFC, horizontal printer’s dent mid-FC.  Store stamp BC.
Tarzan 77 8.5 slightly ow pages $35.  Slight rub upper staple FC, tanning halo top edges inside covers, sunshadow BC edges.
Tarzan 84 7.5/8.0 slightly ow pages $23.  Dint @ URFC/ULBC & LRFC/LLBC.
Tarzan 85 8.0/8.5 slightly ow pages $28.  Slight stacking indent along spine FC, dint @ ULFC/URBC.

th_Tarzan91.jpg th_Tarzan91bc.jpg th_tarzan92.jpg th_tarzan92bc.jpg th_tarzan93.jpg th_tarzan93bc.jpg
Tarzan 91 2.0 white pages $3.  Detached cover.
Tarzan 92 7.0 ow pages $15.  SEXY duck taillights on BC!!!! Dint @ URFC, thumbnail creases along right edge FC – one travels thru book to BC.
Tarzan 93 7.5/8.0 ow pages $20.  Horizontal production dent thru FC at Tarzan’s eye level, tanning halo top edge inside covers, chip @ top edge BC, sunshadows BC.

th_Tarzan107.jpg th_Tarzan107bc.jpg th_Tarzan108.jpg th_Tarzan108bc.jpg th_Tarzan116.jpg th_Tarzan116bc.jpg
Tarzan 107 4.0 white pages $5.  Spine roll.
Tarzan 108 4.0 OW/W pages $5.  Spine roll.
Tarzan 116 4.5 OW/W pages $8.

th_Tarzan117.jpg th_Tarzan117bc.jpg th_Tarzan118.jpg th_Tarzan118bc.jpg th_tarzanAN4.jpg th_tarzanAN4bc.jpg
Tarzan 117 4.5 OW/W pages $7.  Centerfold detached.
Tarzan 118 4.5 OW/W pages $8.
Tarzan Jungle Annual 4 8.5+ ow pages $70.  Super glossy – superb 100 page specimen.  Teensy crease at LRFC, & top corners BC.  Pencil mark and store stamp BC.  Tanning halo top edges inside covers.

th_Tarzan132.jpg th_Tarzan132bc.jpg th_tarzan140.jpg th_tarzan140bc.jpg th_tarzan148.jpg th_tarzan148bc.jpg
Tarzan 132 4.5 W pages $5.  Spine roll.  First Gold Key Issue.
Tarzan 140 7.5 + white pages $12.  Beautiful painted cover.  NCB rumple @ LLBC & thumbprint.  Stain @ LLFC/LRBC kills grade.  FC looks 9.4.
Tarzan 148 9.4 white pages $35.  Very slight dirt/rubbing to covers.
 th_tarzan163a.jpg th_tarzan163abc.jpg th_tarzan163b.jpg th_tarzan163bbc.jpg
Tarzan 163a 9.2+ ow pages $40.  Classic & awesome Tarzan with machine gun cover!  Dint @ LRFC, grease pencil date stamp FC.
Tarzan 163b 9.2+ white pages.  Classic & awesome Tarzan with machine gun cover!  NOT FOR SALE!

th_tarzan173.jpg th_tarzan173bc.jpg th_tarzan175.jpg th_tarzan175bc.jpg th_tarzan176.jpg th_tarzan176bc.jpg
Tarzan 173 9.2+ ow pages $22. Dint @ LLFC.  Slight stack indent along FC spine, vertical production dent FC, grease pencil arrival date on FC (on tree).
Tarzan 175 9.4 ow pages $27.  Grease pencil arrival date above Tarzan’s left shoulder.
Tarzan 176 9.2+ ow pages $22.  Very slight dint @ ULFC/LRFC, production dint @ lower staple FC.  Grease pencil arrival date FC.

th_tarzan180.jpg th_tarzan180bc.jpg th_tarzan181.jpg th_tarzan181bc.jpg th_tarzan183.jpg th_tarzan183bc.jpg
Tarzan 180 9.4 slightly ow pages $27.  Grease pencil arrival date FC.
Tarzan 181 9.4 ow pages $27.  Grease pencil arrival date FC.
Tarzan 183 9.2/9.4 slightly ow to w pages $25.  Pretty much perfect but for slight sun shadows lower and upper edge FC.

th_tarzan184.jpg th_tarzan184bc.jpg th_tarzan185.jpg th_tarzan185bc.jpg th_tarzan191.jpg th_tarzan191bc.jpg
Tarzan 184 9.0/9.2 ow pages $22.  Wear @ LRFC and lower edge FC. Grease pencil arrival date FC.
Tarzan 185 9.2+ slightly ow to w pages $25.  Pretty much perfect, but LRFC and ULBC corner tips are a teensy bit smunched but intact.
Tarzan 191 9.4 slightly OW pages $27.

th_tarzan200.jpg th_tarzan200bc.jpg th_Tarzan224.jpg th_Tarzan224bc.jpg th_Tarzandc19.jpg th_Tarzandc19bc.jpg
Tarzan 200 9.4 ow pages $33.  Slight sunshadow BC.
Tarzan 224 6.5 white pages $3
Tarzan – DC 100 Page Super Spectacular DC-19 6.5 white pages $6 – beautiful except for BF crease at LLBC

th_korak21.jpg th_korak21bc.jpg th_korak22.jpg th_korak22bc.jpg th_korak26.jpg th_korak26bc.jpg
Korak 21 9.0 ow pages $25. Russ Manning art. Couple spine tics, slight stacking impression right edge FC & horizontal thru book.
Korak 22 9.0/9.2 white pages $25.
Korak 26 9.2 ow pages $25.  Slight production bend @ LRFC.

th_korak29.jpg th_korak29bc.jpg th_korak35.jpg th_korak35bc.jpg th_korak48.jpg th_korak48bc.jpg
Korak 29 9.2 ow pages $25.  Production dints @ staples FC.  Slight sunshadow left edge top BC.
Korak 35 9.4 slightly ow pages $30.  One spine tic BC in logo area.  Production dints @ lower staple FC
Korak 48 6.5 white pages $3, NCB stuff and fingerprints

th_korak49.jpg th_korak49bc.jpg th_korak50.jpg th_korak50bc.jpg th_korak52.jpg th_korak52bc.jpg th_korak53.jpg th_korak53bc.jpg
Korak 49 6.5 white pages $3
Korak 50 6.5 slightly OW pages $3
Korak 52 6.5 white pages $3
Korak 53 6.5 white pages $3

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Hi everyone! This booth is CLOSED, please PM for availability.

Please click on images to display larger scans. (thumbsu

I will consider reasonable offers on all items BUT an unconditional "I'll take it" in PM trumps. Competing claims will be decided by time stamp.

I will not sell to the probate or the banned.

Payment is by Paypal only.

Shipping to the US and Canada is a flat rate of $10.00 for any number of items. Comics (raw or slabbed), magazines, and books are shipped in a secure box. Prints and portfolios are shipped differently and customarily in stiff flat format packaging. If you have a mixed order of items (eg prints plus comics etc) everything will ship together if possible but if I have to ship separately for the security of the item(s) it will be at no extra charge.

This is my 82nd sales thread on the Boards and my 16th VCC. If anyone has any further concerns please PM me and I am very happy to provide Board “References upon Request”.

Kudos Thread

If for any reason a buyer is unhappy with their purchase I will give a full refund upon notification within 30 days of receiving the item(s) and upon the safe return of the item(s).

Many thanks for looking, and I hope you find something in my carousel of comics. :)





Fantastic Four 1 Golden Record Reprint 6.5 (Bright & glossy; mod spine & edge wear, mainly cb spine stress; cb crse ur crnr fc; cb crse top spine fc; localized stains ur crnr fc; crses ul & bl crnr bc; mod foxing fc & bc & interior cvrs) SOLD

Fantastic Four 59 6.0/6.5 Double Cover (Bright & glossy; 1st & 2nd fc defined by a partial cb sub crse btm half of the covers, slightly less pronounced on 2nd fc; otherwise mod spine & edge wear consistent with a 7.0; sm cb crse bl crnr both bc cvrs; light to mod tanning interior cvrs, more pronounced inside 2nd cvrs; mod foxing & localized ink transfer bc, less pronounced on 1st bc; Additional Interior Pics available upon request!) N/A

Fantastic Four 84 5.0/6.5 Double Cover (Bright & glossy; mod spine & edge wear, mainly top edge bc; mod cb spine stress; colour loss top spine fc; cb crses br crnr both front covers define grades; major defect is stain center left edge outer bc, with much lighter but still visible impact 2nd bc within; light foxing & ink transfer interior cvrs, most pronounced outer bc- Additional Interior Pics available upon request!) N/A


Thor 155 9.0 John G. Fantucchio Pedigree (Cracked out CGC 9.0 White, label incl; light cb spine stress; sm cb wear ur crnr fc; soft br crnr fc; sm cb impact btm spine bc; light foxing & ink transfer bc) N/A

Thor 193 9.0 (Cracked out CGC 9.0 OW-W, label incl; light to mod spine & edge wear, incl slight staple "push" typical of square bounds, soft br crnr fc with light crses; sm dent with cb crse top left edge bc; sm abrasion top spine visible bc; green dstrbtr spray top edge fc; light foxing & localized ink transfer bc) SOLD 

Eternals 1 7.5 (Bright & glossy; light spine & edge wear; presents closer to an 8.5-9.0 but has 2 defining defects, first is mod stacking transfer visible btm 1/3rd of fc just above and to right of bar code, and same area bc;  second defining defect is a 3/4" x 1/4" stain upper left edge bc, visible interior of the cvr but does not impact interior pages; otherwise only light cb spine stress; slight crnr blunting; shallow diagnonal ncb fold center btm edge bc) N/A


Chamber of Chills 1 9.0 (Bright & glossy; light spine & edge wear, mainly cb spine stress fc & bc and slight staple stress keeps it from 9.2, note 3 printer's crses bc) N/A

Marvel's Greatest Comics 34 8.5 (Bright & glossy; light spine & edge wear, light staple "push" typical of square bounds, mainly visible bc; sm cb crse br crnr fc; sm cb crse bl crnr bc; main defect is sun fade along the entire length of spine; light to mod localized foxing & ink transfer bc, mainly visible top edge bc) N/A

Where Monsters Dwell 26 9.2 (Bright with strong colours & superior gloss; light spine & edge wear, mainly cb & ncb spine stress/folds including 1 longer mainly ncb fold above top staple; slight staple stress; slight bindery scuffs; light foxing & ink transfer bc) N/A

Giant-Size Marvel Triple Action 2 9.0 (Bright with strong colours & superior gloss; cracked out CGC 9.4 old label with CR-OW pages, problem is a hard impact br crnr producing a 1/2" cb crse bl crnr bc and thru whole book except fc, which is spared. How & when it got there I don't know, but now the book is at best a 9.0; otherwise exceptional copy with only v light edge wear & the usual square bound staple "push" more visible on the bc; light foxing & ink transfer bc; label included, for what its worth...) N/A


:news: 50% OFF listed prices on all Thors below! (Grader's notes available on request)


Thor 145 5.0 N/A

Thor 175 7.5 SOLD 

Thor 178 8.0 SOLD

Thor 180 8.0 SOLD 

Thor 181 7.0 SOLD


Thor 188 7.5 N/A 

Thor 189 8.5 SOLD 

Thor 195 7.5 N/A 

Thor 197 7.5 N/A 

Thor 198 7.5 N/A 


Thor 202 7.5 N/A

Thor 203 7.5 N/A

Thor 211 7.0 N/A

Thor 213 7.5 N/A

Thor 215 8.5 N/A


CGC Table (some Old listings BUT New prices!) 


Ms. Marvel 1 CGC 9.4 W (Pressed) N/A 

Jungle Action 23 CGC 9.4 W (Pressed) N/A

Dell Giant 27 CGC 8.5 W N/A

All Love 32 CGC 5.0 OW N/A

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