Todd McFarlane CGC Private Signing December 2019
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On 11/8/2019 at 6:45 PM, Fazzyfaz said:

I asked and they said it is 5$ additional to “crack out” the book. My question is if i send in my ASM 298,299,300 9.8’s will they guarantee they will be SS 9.8’s?. The 89$ is for signing and GRADING. Do they “regrade” my book or is it a given that it’s already a 9.8 by them and will be granted the same grade after Todd signs it....anybody? 

As a guy who's cracked 2 9.8 Batman #423's for Todd to sign...and had both come back 9.6 - no.  LOL - everything gets re-graded, so cracking a current Blue 9.8 is a risky proposition.

That said, I've also cracked 2 or 3 9.6 books for SS and had them come back 9.8 - so it's a dice roll regardless.

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