Batman #16 World's Finest Comic #3 read for details!

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Next up - Graded Books Only


Batman #16   5.0 - 7.0 O/W minimum

Note - The Pennyworth TV show has bugger all to do with Alfred in the Batman Universe. The closest it gets is Thomas Wayne as a CIA agent. I'm not paying TV inflated ebay prices which are 5 x GPA

I don't want to buy from ebay at all tbh.

I'd prefer to buy from boardies so they get the $$$, not lose fees to ebay or Auction Houses.

GPA shows a massive hiatus in this book, with pretty much zero activity up until the TV show was announced, then about 4 sales across all grades with decent price rises (relatively speaking).

So I'm looking for that happy place where prices meet in a fair place between the 2017 prices and the 4 outliers.

As always - PM discussions only please.


World's Finest Comic #3   4.0 - 6.0 O/W minimum  GPA prices are fairly consistent  - about $700 - $1000  per point depending on grade.


As always - I'd need the books to be sent to my good friend Joey G at CFP for shipping purposes.


No restoration please. The book must have great eye-appeal for me to buy - I'm after the book not the grade.


I may consider higher graded books, but that may take time payments on my part the higher up in grade we go - if that's your thing, I'm a 25% down man, with balance paid in terms to be agreed (max 6 months) - I default - you keep the 25% and refund the rest. I have done time payments on books up to $26,000 and can supply references should you require them.

Thanks - and yes, if course, there will be a return of the bikini babes with each bump. :x


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6,843 posts

Bump time,so the usual visual 'milkshake to the yard' image will accompany this post so that It will bring more viewers.

And more viewers hopefully = at least one of the books!



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